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Apple Head Chihuahua – All You Need To Know

apple head chihuahua
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It’s just as it sounds. A chihuahua with a head like an apple. If you’ve been into chihuahua then you’d know there are different types. Asides the apple head chihuahua there’s also the deer head chihuahua.

Chihuahua is known for its immense personality crammed into a very tiny body. He’s a favorite when it comes to “purse dogs”.

This post will be about the apple head chihuahua and everything you need to know about it but I’ll throw in some information about other types when needed.

Types Of Chihuahua

Before we get into the apple head chihuahua, let’s throw light on the other types.

Unofficially, the chihuahua is divided into two types; the apple head chihuahua and deer head chihuahua.

The official types are the long coat and smooth coat variety. Although by standard, many authorized bodies state that the chihuahua should have an apple-shaped head.

So how can you tell the difference between an apple head and a deer head? Let’s do it in a tabular form for simplicity.

Apple Head ChihuahuaDeer Head Chihuahua
Has a 90-degree angle where the forehead meets the muzzle. This is known as ”stop”.Has a 45 degree slope where the forehead meets the muzzle.
They have a shorter jawline.They have a longer jawline.
Stout body with short legs.Longer legs and taller body.
Has a shorter neck.Longer neck than the apple head.

These are the easiest ways to differentiate an apple head chihuahua from a deer head. Though the apple head has a lot of other traits going on, we’d dive into that soon. Let’s do some history first.


The origin story of chihuahua is as old as time itself. And with such age comes uncertainty. There are theories trying to explain the origin of the chihuahua and where it came from.

Nevertheless, ancient drawings and artifacts have proven that the chihuahua is a companion to the noble and elites of the ancient civilization.

Though the chihuahua probably the descendants of the Techichi was thought to have been annihilated during the Cortez conquest. Fortunately, they survived in a village in Mexico where they were discovered by Americans during the 1800s.

Therefore the chihuahua as we know it today was discovered in the Mexican state of Chihuahua hence the name.

Due to his toy size and stimulating personality, the chihuahua made people fall in love with him anywhere he goes. He’s a favorite among the celebrities because of his size.

This thousand-year-old breed was first registered in 1908 by the American kennel club and ranks 30 out of 194 for America’s most popular dog breed.

The Apple Head Chihuahua

The apple head is quite unique to look at because of the 90-degree slope between his muzzle and forehead making a perfect ‘L’.

Compared to other types, the apple head chihuahua sort of have shorter legs and are renowned for their wide bulging eyes. Relative to the deer head, the apple head chihuahua has a shorter neck and jawline.

If you’re into showing your dog in the ring then it’s important to know that the apple head chihuahua is the only chihuahua type that is allowed to participate.


apple head chihuahua

Being a chihuahua, the apple head chihuahua is also famed for his very small size that even allows him to fit into a purse. He’ll grow to be 5 – 8 inches tall from paw to shoulder and wouldn’t weigh heavier than 6 pounds. As you can see, a mature apple head chihuahua is a very small dog.

As for the coat, he can have either the smooth (short) or long coat. A smooth coat chihuahua will have a smooth but shiny coat that is short with longer hairs around the neck. A long coat chihuahua has a coat that’s curly and smooth on the body surface. Though the ears, neck, tail, stomach, and feet are covered in much longer hair.

And there’s quite a few color variety the apple head chihuahua can inherit. They are; black, white, cream, chocolate, fawn, and gold.

Other features they possess include protruding dark eyes, expressive face and erect ears.

Lastly, most apple head chihuahua puppies are born with a soft spot on their skull called ‘molera’. Ideally, it closes on its own by the 3rd or 4th month.


The personality of the apple head chihuahua is no different from the deer head chihuahua. In general, the chihuahua is adorable with his massive attitude.

Lovers of the chihuahua breed always say the chihuahua is a cute little dog that knows how to make everyone and anyone love him unconditionally.

If left untrained, the apple head chihuahua is likely to assume the position of boss in your home and keep neglecting you. It’s important to start training and socialization on the first day you bring your puppy home.

The apple head chihuahua doesn’t do well in families with young children because he is fragile due to his small size. On the other hand, he might get defensive when the children play with him roughly and start growling.


The apple head chihuahua would always want to test your limits to see how much you can endure. Even though it might be annoying, always show him you’re the boss using firm but loving and gentle methods.

The best advice would be to start training your puppy immediately you bring him home. As early training and socialization will result in a well mannered and refined dog.

As the standard, positive reinforcement is the best way to training your dog. Reward him positively using treats or toys whenever he does the required or right thing. This makes them link those acts to getting treats and would want to do it again. Never use punishment as a means of training.

The apple head chihuahua always desires to please his owner therefore wouldn’t want to disappoint you. This would make them more responsive to these reward signals. He just wants you to be happy with him.


Do not let the small size of the apple head chihuahua deceive you into thinking he’s docile. The apple head is an active and energetic that’ll require moderate exercise daily. He’ll need about half an hour of exercise to keep him healthy and happy.

His energy can be burnt by taking a brisk walk, jogging, or playing around in a fenced yard.


Good food makes a happy and healthy dog. Your apple head chihuahua should be fed dog food specifically made for small dogs. High-quality dog food that contains all the necessary nutrients is important to help in growth.

The amount of food needed to satisfy your chihuahua for a day is about ¼ cup to ½ cup. Make sure to divide this into two meals to sustain his energy throughout the day.

Being a small dog, he’s prone to being overweight so monitor how much he eats. And avoid giving him too many treats as well.

Just like humans, the amount of food your dog eats depends on his weight, age, metabolism, level of activity, and other factors. So his food requirement will be unique and might be different from other dogs. If you’re confused about how to go about your dog’s nutrition them visit your vet or a pet nutritionist for advice.

Health Problems

The apple head chihuahua is generally a healthy dog that can live for about 14 – 16 years with good care. Nevertheless, the apple head chihuahua still faces some health challenges even more than his counterpart, the deer head chihuahua. Some of which are;

  • Brachycephalic airway syndrome (due to the renowned 90 degree angle between his muzzle and forehead)
  • Heart problems (such as patent ductus arteriosus and mitral valve disease)
  • Eye diseases
  • Patella luxation
  • Idiopathic epilepsy
  • Dental issues

The best practice is to be consistent with regular vet checkups and be on the lookout for any symptoms or abnormal behavior from your dog.


apple head chihuahua

As I said earlier in this post, a chihuahua’s coat can either be smooth or long. Though it doesn’t make much of a difference when grooming. The apple head chihuahua is a wash-and-go pooch. He requires only a few minutes of brushing every week to remove loose and dead hair from his coat.

Though they shed in small amounts ( well, they’re small dogs), regular brushing would prevent fur from falling everywhere on your home and keep the shedding under control.

The apple head chihuahua is prone to dental issues, so it’s important to brush his teeth about 2 – 3 times a week to prevent germ buildup. Clean his ears using a cotton ball and recommended cleanser. Do not let his nails grow too long, trim them regularly but be careful while doing it.

Of course, they’d require bath at intervals. For the apple head chihuahua, it’s okay to bathe them once in a month or two. To prevent dry skin you should use recommended dog shampoo.

As you groom your dog, always check for any abnormalities like signs of infection, bad odor from the ear, sores, rashes, etc. This careful observation will help you detect potential health issues very early.

Getting The Apple Head Chihuahua

If you plan to get an apple head chihuahua, then it’ll cost you anywhere from $500 to over $1000. The pricing usually depends on several factors such as breeder reputation, location, the pedigree of parent dogs, the appearance of the puppy, etc.

When getting a puppy, it’s very important that you deal with a reputable breeder. Ask for health clearance of parent dogs to make sure your puppy will be free from certain health conditions. Interact with the parents and siblings of your puppy to determine the temperament of your puppy.

A reputable breeder would ask you about your home as well, to know where his puppy is going to. And of course, ask a lot of questions about any confusion you might have.

And then there are the extra expected expenses on other things such as collars, leash, toys, food, grooming brush, etc.

Alternatively, if you can’t deal with a puppy, you can adopt a grown apple head chihuahua from a rescue shelter. The adoption fee is usually about $50 – 100. It also saves you a lot of time on activities like vaccinations and first vet visits. This is because the shelters do all these before giving out the dog for adoption.


With the apple head chihuahua, you’re gaining a dog that is friendly, loveable, and willing to reciprocate all the affection you show him. Very eager to please and hates to disappoint you.

With his attitude, he might seem bossy buy with the right training you’d love every bit of this dog and never regret the decision you made to get one.

For ages, he’s been a good companion to humans and it wouldn’t stop now. So with the apple head chihuahua, you can hope to find your soulmate in this dog.