[Top 7] Best Self Defense Knives To Buy in 2021

best self defense knives

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*best self defense knives*

Today, more and more people are coming to terms with the idea that there is more violence in our communities. They are turning to carrying personal weapons in case they need to defend themselves. You may never have to use a weapon to defend yourself, but if you do, a solid quality knife can offer some distinct advantages. The good news is that there are so many on the market from which to choose.

Why Should You Carry a Knife?

If you’re the sort of person who has never before considered carrying a weapon, now is a good time. It seems that every week we are seeing violent incidents on the news, terrorists, and lone shooters. In these situations, carrying a weapon can potentially save your life.

It must be said that even though a good knife is a great personal weapon, it’s not just about self defense. In fact, knives can have other purposes too, such as:

  • On camping trips for cutting twigs for a fire
  • Killing and skinning animals in a survival capacity or on a hunting trip
  • For general use, such as cutting rope

A Few Things to Know About Knives

What you need to understand is that knives are not toys and they are also not weapons. It may seem as though some knives are specifically made to be weapons and carried as weapons, but a knife also has plenty of other uses.

Having said all of that, once you decide to invest in a knife, you should definitely do some research first. A self defense knife is going to look a certain way and will need to be more durable than just any kitchen knife. 

Once you do buy a knife, you should definitely become familiar with it. How does it feel in your hand? How is it balanced? How does it drop? Do you know how to maintain it properly and clean it? Owning a knife is a responsibility, and even more so if you carry it for self-defense reasons as well. 

The other important aspect to knife ownership is to choose one that is a good fit for you. This means picking them up and seeing how they feel in your hand. If they are too heavy or too cumbersome, it’s time to find another knife.

What Kind of Knife Should You Choose?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that a knife is not a weapon. Though it can certainly be used in this capacity, a knife is a tool that has a number of great uses. Once you get past the idea that a knife is just for use as a weapon, you can think about what kind of knife to choose.

So, why should you buy a good quality knife and not the least expensive on the market? The problem with inexpensive products is that you usually get what you pay for. When it comes to an inexpensive knife, you may find that the workmanship is simply not good enough. It may be made of inferior materials that can break or splinter. The blade may also be flimsy or made of a material that’s not rust or corrosion proof.

So, what type of self-defense knife should you invest in? Here is some advice on the different types of self-defense knives available.

1. The Folding Knife

Most people are familiar with the folding pocket knife. This is a kind of personal blade that folds back inside a shell or handle. This is one of the most common knife types and appeals to many people looking for an easy to carry solution that is lightweight and eminently portable.

It’s wise to invest extra in a folding knife because you want the folding mechanism to be smooth and easy to operate, as well as safe to use. 

2. The Fixed Blade

Unlike the folding knife, the fixed blade knife doesn’t fold at all. It is fixed into the handle and is ideal when needing a knife that can be easily concealed and quick to draw and use at a moment’s notice. The real beauty of the fixed blade is that it is stable and strong. It can also be used as a throwing weapon because the knife is balanced for this purpose.

3. A Compliance Tool

You may not have come across compliance tools before, but they are a line of self defense weapons that are not actually engineered to cut like a knife. Typically, they are made of a tough polymer or other lightweight material and are fashioned so that they can strike an opponent, but not cut or be lethal.

These kinds of weapons are often approved by airport security since they are not considered lethal, but they still fall into the self-defense category.

Here are the best Self Defense Knives for 2020

  1. CRKT Shrill Fixed Blade Knife
  2. CRKT M16-13ZLEK EDC Folding Pocket Knife
  3. CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken EDC Folding Pocket Knife
  4. BGT Folding Tactical Knife
  5. Turret 980, EDC Folding Knife
  6. CRKT Ruger 2-Stage EDC Folding Pocket
  7. Aileron 737 Tactical EDC Folding Knife

The Best Knives for Self-Defense

There are plenty of things to know about knives, but what are the 7 best self defense knives? Here are some serious contenders:

1. CRKT Shrill Fixed Blade Knife

This attractive fixed blade tactical knife is intended to be worn in the boot, but it can really be stowed anywhere. It is a dual-edged fixed blade that is so lightweight that it feels amazing in the hand.

Apart from being amazing to look at, the Shrill blade knife also has a resin handle embedded with fibers for extra toughness and durability. The entire knife feels so solid and balanced that it can hardly be felt at all when worn.

The blade is finished in a very attractive and sleek looking titanium nitride. You’ll also get a nice leather sheath for storing it away. Overall, this is one of the 7 best self defense knives around.

2. CRKT M16-13ZLEK EDC Folding Pocket Knife

The M16 folding knife is a classic design from CRKT, who are known for innovation and quality. The Everyday Carry M16 knife is one amazing looking blade.

Featuring the Carson Flipper mechanism, the blade quickly and seamlessly flips out and the mechanism then folds into a finger guard. Inferior mechanisms would be a risk, but the Carson Flipper is a well-thought out design.

The blade features several cutaways. This provides not just a unique look, but also means the knife itself is lighter in weight, more finely balanced, and can be more easily cleaned in the field. It also provides an extra grip finger function for high stress situations.

To finish it off, the serrations at the base of the edge of the blade are great for cutting away at rope and other objects. Overall, this is one fine piece of craftsmanship and blade engineering.

3. CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken EDC Folding Pocket Knife

The Otanashi Noh Ken has been designed by a martial arts expert and renowned knife designer for battle and close combat situations. In this sense, it pulls no punches.

This lightweight folding knife is easy to carry and easy to conceal, yet it features extreme durability and balance. The liner locking mechanism means that you can easily deploy the blade, lock it in place, and then switch it back so that you can easily fold it away and conceal it.

4. BGT Folding Tactical Knife

The BC tactical knife is a folding blade design that not only looks sleek and attractive, but also delivers what you’d expect from a knife of this quality. For the price, you really cannot go wrong with this one.

The handle has anti-skid properties, making it easy to grip and easy to use. A stainless steel design means that it’s rust and corrosion proof, and the sharp and strong knife tip can easily pierce when needed.

5. Turret 980, EDC Folding Knife

This everyday carry folding knife is a heavy duty champion. It has a super strong Axis locking design which means that you can be sure it will be durable and strong in any situation.

The handle is made of fiberglass that has been soaked in resin for a tough, durable, and waterproof finish. This means that the Turret 980 can be taken into any field situation and will come out as good as new.

Made of high-grade steel, the Turret is still lightweight enough to be held in the hand, but will easily resist rust and any corrosion for many years to come. This well-regarded blade makes for a great companion anywhere you need it.

6. CRKT Ruger 2-Stage EDC Folding Pocket

Blades from CRKT keep appearing on “best of” lists and there’s a good reason for that: they make first grade knives for any situation.

The Ruger is a folding tactical knife with a great design. It features a frame lock and a great looking Tanto blade that will withstand any situation with aplomb.

The handle is just as great. It’s made from machined aluminum and steel that has been anodized for a sleek black finish. All of these features make the Ruger one of the 7 best self defense knives on the market today.

7. Aileron 737 Tactical EDC Folding Knife

The Aileron 737 was designed from the get-go for use in the aviation industry so you know that you’re getting a tough and durable blade that will be good for many years of everyday use. The high grade steel manufacture simply reinforces this as a dream blade for anyone looking for a knife that will be great outdoors as well as indoors in any situation.

The thumb hole opener and laser cut textured grip on the handle means that this folding knife will open quickly and surely in the hands. Like other high grade blades, the Axis lock mechanism provides strength and durability just when you need it. 

Make Sure That You’re Comfortable

It cannot be reiterated enough that you must feel completely comfortable with your choice of knife before purchasing it. Ideally, you should hold it in the hand, but reading as many online reviews as possible will also give you some indication of how others are handling the blade and whether it might be a good fit for you.

The truth is that if you feel comfortable with a blade, you’ll get a lot more out of it. A knife is a tool, but a good tool is always a good fit for the wielder. In this sense, choosing the right knife to suit your requirements becomes a matter of highly personal choice and is different for every person.

Choosing the right knife can be summed up as follows:

  • Is it a comfortable fit for you?
  • Does it fit your requirements?
  • Is it well-made and well-engineered?
  • Is it strong and durable?

Should You Seek Training?

Though every single knife is a tool and can be used for a range of indoor and outdoor situations, what about self-defense? 

The truth is that if you’re not familiar with self-defense and you have a knife, you should seek out some training on how best to use it in these situations. Using a knife in self-defense is different from using it as a mere tool to cut rope, so always learn from a well-regarded expert on how to use one, what situations it may be useful in, and how law enforcement might view it.


No one should want to use a knife in a self-defense combat situation, but the world is an increasingly unpredictable place. A person you’d meet in a supermarket would behave completely differently in an emergency situation where food and resources are scarce, for example. Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the worst of situations can help to save your life.

The right knife can be a companion and a tool for life if you choose the right one. With the right training, you can learn how best to use it and how it might be useful in certain types of situations. When choosing a knife, keep in mind your needs and which knife will best serve you in a range of situations.

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