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Bichon Frise Tips for Grooming and Caring In 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Bichon Frise is an eye-catching fluffy attractive dog that is a part of the toy dogs group and is originally very beautiful to look at with its white furry coat and black round eyes. 

They are one of the best small, attractive, tremendously faithful, charming, and loyal companions. 

But it is a high care breed, which means a lot of grooming is needed for this breed. Most of the owners used to rely on professional groomers for the significant bath and haircut required at least once a month. 

Besides this, many duties can be done at home between the visits to the groomers. As per the ESA doctors’ review for healthy pets, it’s essential to do their daily grooming activities. 

So, here we will guide you on how the grooming should be done and the necessary tools Bichon’s owner needs to keep their pet’s coat, teeth, toenails, and pads in good condition. 

Here are a few tips for grooming And Caring In 2020 as follows:

Tip#1: Keep the necessary tools

For the home care, you should always keep a few essential instruments which include,

  • a coarse-medium greyhound-type comb, 
  • Pin brush, 
  • Slicker brush, 
  • hi-velocity blow dryer, 
  • Dog grooming scissors, 
  • Blunt tip tweezers, 
  • Toenail clippers, 
  • Styptic for treating bleeding toenails, 
  • Toothbrush, paste, and scalars.

Tip#2: Don’t overfeed them

The Bichon Frises don’t require much exercise, so it’s good not to feed them unnecessarily. 

Don’t offer those many treats at the same time. But provide them with high-quality, appropriate food at least thrice a day, for up to six months of age, and later on, you can cut short the meal times to twice a day. 

Ensure that some of the Bichon Frise suffering through health issues Like Liver problems, bladder stones, and severe allergies require a special diet. So, please consult your vet and feed them accordingly. 

Tip#3: Don’t Panic

Don’t panic or get frustrated when grooming your pet; it can be time-consuming, but you will ultimately like the results when you’re done. 

Keep on trying things continuously. Maybe your first time grooming was not perfect, don’t fret, you will get better over time if you keep on doing.

Tip#4: Thoroughly brush the body parts

It’s essential to brush the Bichon Frise regularly to keep it tidy and to maintain its cuteness. 

Comb the tail only, because it’s meant to be bushy.

Make sure to trim around the eye portions carefully to avoid the constant hair falling in his/her eyes. 

Use a sanitation trim on your pet’s bottom to prevent the stuck of poop on your dog’s bottom. 

If you do have a Bichon Frise or a puppy, clean and brush them regularly to get them used to being groomed.

Tip#5: Follow professional’s grooming styles

Most adult Bichon Frises are renowned because of their white fur similar to the wool-like coat, but few also have tones of other colors, like grey or brownish in the shade, buff, or apricot in color. 

They have symbolic curls that make them different from other species, but they don’t shed their hair as often as other breeds. 

The Bichon Frise need regular trips to a professional groomer.

A professional groomer can best remove hair from the ears to allow smooth blood circulation and air circulation more spontaneously through the ear’s part. 

It also lessens the risks of health issues such as ear infections, puss, etc. 


Owning a new Bichon Frises is exciting and fun-loving. But to groom, it carefully is a difficult task. 

No doubt, they have a problem with slow housetraining. 

But they love to please you and make their owner happy.

With positive reinforcement methods and attention, you can have a tidy, well-groomed companion of yours.