Blaux Bidet Reviews 2020 – Is This The Best For Your Washroom?

Blaux bidet reviews
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Blaux Bidet Reviews

How many times have you found yourself in a situation in which you are in a public place and use a public washroom only to realize that there is no toilet paper or water source to help you clean yourself?

If you love traveling and find yourself to be out and about a lot, you probably can relate to this statement much more than you should. Especially if you are from parts of the world where using a bidet is super common and a water source for cleaning your private areas is always present in every washroom.

Whether public or in a household, you probably have a lot of trouble adjusting to the West where many countries have no concept of using a bidet in the washroom and only cleaning themselves off using a wipe or toilet paper.

Either way, countries that previously did not have a concept of using bidets, are beginning to learn about the importance of using water to clean your privates. Not only is it very unhygienic to simply wipe yourself with toilet paper or tissue after nature calls, but it also makes you more vulnerable to developing all sorts of infections and diseases concerning your private areas.

However, since many older buildings and institutions were traditionally not built to include a bidet or a water spray in washrooms, many people wishing to clean themselves using water have to seek out innovative ways of doing so and these often include some truly bizarre solutions that you should steer clear of.

Your solution to all of the above is the Blaux Bidet, which is a revolutionary bidet that you can simply carry around with you wherever you go.

What is Blaux Bidet? 

Blaux bidet reviews

A Blaux Bidet is essentially a bidet that is designed to make your washroom experience much easier, convenient, cleaner, and healthier. It is designed to change the way individuals clean themselves after nature’s call. While the product itself has a simple design, it has revolutionary implications and can truly change the lives of the people who use it.

Not only does it help you feel and actually be cleaner after using the washroom, but it is also a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of cleaning yourself. The Blaux Bidet itself is made from high-quality industrial-grade material that can last you a lifetime with proper use and maintenance.

Not only is the Blaux Bidet much better in cleaning than the traditional wipe and throw toilet paper, but it also ensures that your chances of getting an infection in your private parts significantly reduces. It makes sure you are clean from any germs or bacteria in that area.

The Blaux Bidet is much better than a manual bidet as regular bidets aren’t as hygienic as the Blaux Bidet. In addition to that, cleaning yourself using a regular bidet can be a nuisance as you might get water splashed everywhere. Also, a Blaux Bidet is much more compact and easy to carry around as compared to a regular one.

Why Should You Choose Blaux Bidet?

Blaux Bidet is the best portable bidet in the market. If you are an individual who enjoys using bidets and only feels satisfied that they are completely clean after using a bidet in the washroom, then this is the product for them. You should choose Blaux Bidet for a number of distinct reasons.

The main reason behind one choosing a Blaux Bidet is that it is a hygiene optimization device, that can be thought of as a small and compact washing contraption that can be used by an individual to clean their bottoms and their private parts. 

If you don’t choose to use a Blaux Bidet, the consequences could build up to be very severe. Firstly, individuals that do not use water to clean themselves often first themselves more prone to infections in their private areas. 

Not just this, extensive use of toilet paper can cause your private area to get sore with the rough toilet paper constantly being rubbed against their surface multiple times a day. 

Features Of  Blaux Bidet

Blaux bidet reviews

The Blaux Bidet has a number of notable features which include the following:

  • Every Blaux Bidet that is manufactured is a unisex product and has a hygiene system that is suitable for all genders
  • A Blaux Bidet has a  water storage facility of approximately 150 mL, which is enough for you to use the toilet a couple of times if you don’t want to wait for water unnecessarily
  • A Blaux Bidet also has a rotatable head, that rotates up to 180 degrees and hence enables the user to move the bidet’s head in accordance with the area that they wish to clean
  • A Blaux Bidet also has different pressure modes and depending upon the type of pressure the user wants, they can change it.

In addition to the above, it is also important to note that in comparison to regular toilet paper, Blaux Bidet has a great cleaning mechanism. Toilet paper usually doesn’t clean you properly and it isn’t comfortable either.

Moreover, toilet paper also is not environment friendly and also is an added cost. The Blaux Bedit is essentially a one time expense that can last you for a lifetime as opposed to the toilet paper that you spends hundreds of dollar on yearly.

How Does Blaux Bidet Work?

The Blaux Bidet has a very simple working mechanism: it has a nozzle or a head that disperses water and the head is also rotatable at an angle of 180 degrees. In addition, the user can always adjust the water pressure on the nozzle and hence determine how much and how fast the water is to be dispensed from the device.

The Blaux Bidet has a water storage area too where the user can store up to 170 mL of water which can easily be filled from a tap. Any leaks can be avoided by making sure that the water canister is firmly closed and tight. 

The Blaux Bidet is easy to use, compact, and can be held in one hand. It can be used by an individual in their homes, workplaces, in public toilets, and even out in the open when they go camping or hiking and don’t have access to a public restroom or washroom.

The Blaux Bidet works for anyone anywhere, and the only thing one needs to use it is water which can easily be filled into it from a tap, a water cooler, or a water bottle.

The Blaux Bidet is also portable and can be carried around by anyone anywhere very easily in their handbag, purse, backpack, or in their vehicles. One can also store a Blaux Bidet in their desk or workspace to have it readily available for use in their office washroom.

What Makes Blaux Bidet Special?

The Blaux Bidet is a very special device as it addresses a taboo or a very practical problem that hasn’t been addressed so seriously prior to this product. The thing with people who use bidets is that they are often mocked when people don’t understand the importance of cleaning your private area with water after using the restroom.

If an individual doesn’t clean themselves with running water, they make themselves and their privates much more prone to infection and related diseases that could have been avoided if the individuals had just used water in the first place. 

In addition to the above, Blaux Bidet can be thought of as a special product because an individual can create a lot of convenience in their life with just one product. Especially individuals who have hygiene issues or anxiety related to using public washrooms can feel rest assured because they carry a bidet around with them and can be sure that they will be able to keep themselves clean after using a public washroom.

Also, it is important to consider the fact that the Blaux Bidet’s unique and portable design makes it a very special product. The sleek design which enables the product to be held in one hand is as genius as it is simple when you think of it in detail. The Blaux Bidet has also been used by thousands of people worldwide who absolutely cannot stop raging about the product at all.

How To Use Blaux Bidet?

Blaux bidet review

There are three basic steps to using a Blaux Bidet and they are as follows:

Step 1- Fill the reservoir of the Blaux Bidet with clean water from your bathroom or any other water source that has a tap.

Step 2 – Attach the water canister back to the bidet and close it firmly to ensure that no leakage takes place at all.

Step 3 – When you go to use the washroom or to relieve yourself, you use the toggle to either spray water to your private parts with either high pressure or low pressure depending upon your convenience.

The Blaux Bidet is a fairly simple and easy-to-use product and just involves very basic steps. Any individual can use a Blaux Bidet, and they wouldn’t necessarily need to consult a guide to understand how to use a Blaux Bidet.

However, adjusting the water pressure can be a learning experience for some individuals as if you spray on a higher pressure you could probably have water spraying all around you and soak your clothes.

On the other hand, if the pressure is too low you may not be able to get anything cleaned at all. Hence, you may need to get the hang of adjusting the pressure and might experience a learning curve.

Advantages Of Using The Blaux Bidet

The following are the advantages or pros of the Blaux Bidet and its use:

  • The Blaux Bidet is convenient: Not only does the Blaux Bidet bring convenience into your life, but it also makes your life a whole lot easier by helping you in your washroom processes.
  • The Blaux Bidet is portable: You can carry around your Blaux Bidet with your wherever you go without feeling like it is too heavy or is being a hindrance to you moving around. It can easily fit into your handbag or your backpack and you won’t even notice it is there.
  • The Blaux Bidet is compact: The Blaux Bidet is easy to carry around and has a very sleek and compact design. It can fit into your handbag, backpack, or the inside of your jacket too without feeling too bulky.
  • The Blaux Bidet has good storage: The Blaux Bidet can store enough water for you to use the washroom at least multiple times without you running out of water.
  • The Blaux Bidet has multiple pressures: The Blaux Bidet has multiple water pressures for you to adjust the pressure according to your need and that really helps. If you need to clean yourself properly you ought to opt for the high pressure and vice versa. You can also opt for a medium pressure based upon what works for you.
  • The Blaux Bidet is eco-friendly: When an individual uses the Blaux Bidet, their overall use of toilet paper is greatly reduced and hence this makes Blaux Bidet very eco-friendly for your use. Not only does using the Blaux Bidet help you maintain your health by keeping you safe from infections, but it also helps you keep the environment safe.
  • The Blaux Bidet also has a lot of discounts and free returns: The official website of the Blaux Bidet offers discounts anywhere between 35-50% and also gives its customers the added benefit of full returns and refunds for unopened products.

Who Is Blaux Bidet For?

Blaux bidet review

The Blaux Bidet is suitable for all individuals described below:

Individuals who prefer water over toilet paper and wipes to clean themselves after using the washroom should definitely opt for the Blaux Bidet as it would really help them and makes their lives much easier.

Individuals who are prone to getting infections and rashes in their private areas should also use a Bidet to clean themselves after using the washroom

Individuals who love to travel should also be using a Bidet as they would often find themselves using a public toilet, and to properly clean yourself, you should use a Bidet as public toilets are more than often very unhygienic.

Individuals who hike a lot or camp out a lot should also carry a Blaux Bidet with them at all times. This is because while hiking you rarely have access to a toilet or a portable washroom, and you are often found relieving yourself around a bush or a tree. Hence, by carrying a Blaux Bidet with you, you can be sure to keep yourself clean at all times.

Individuals who are used to using a spray or a bidet in their home countries and travel abroad only to find out that there isn’t any concept of using a bidet in the washrooms there should also carry around the Blaux Bidet with them.

Who Is Blaux Bidet Not Suited For?

The Blaux Bidet is not suitable for individuals who are used to using toilet paper and/or wipes to clean themselves after relieving themselves in a washroom.

Some individuals just don’t feel comfortable with using water to clean themselves as they have never done before. There isn’t a right or wrong way to clean yourself, and what matters the most is how you feel comfortable or what way of cleaning satisfies you. 

Additionally, individuals who are not comfortable with the idea of carrying around a bidet are also not suitable for Blaux Bidet.

Customer Reviews Of Blaux Bidet

Any purchase decision shouldn’t be made without first reading reviews from other individuals who have also purchased the product and experienced it. Hence, to make your job easier, we compiled some of the reviews of the Blaux Bidet from all over the internet and they are as follows:

Review #1 from John C. (Richmond, VA)

Not being sarcastic. Never used a bidet before. Wanted something for camping so that I would not need to use so much toilet tissue. Now, I mainly use it at home. Much cleaner than smearing waste around with toilet paper. Also much gentler for those who experience bleeding when wiping with TP. Now, I’m not worried about empty TP store shelves anymore.

Review #2 from Robert T. (Billings, MT)

I spent several years living in Asia and got accustomed to the bidet hose attached to most toilets. It was hard coming back to North America! This has become my alternative! But what’s better is now I can take it with me anywhere. I’m not limited to just home use. I am SUPER happy with this product (and relieved!). Definitely recommend this!

Review #3 from Keiran M. (Boston, MS)

I was a little apprehensive about getting a portable bidet but my friends literally wouldn’t stop talking about them, so I did. Wow. I really regret not doing this before. I feel so much better now. I’m cleaner. It’s way more comfortable. And it’s way better for the environment. I don’t know what took me so long to make the switch. This really is a better way to ‘wipe’.

Review #4 from Robert T. (Phoenix, AZ)

So I’ve tried other portable bidets. They either don’t have the capacity or power. This one takes care of business. It’s perfect for trips, but also great to just carry around locally. Who knows when I’ll get into a public washroom without any toilet paper? Once you go Bidet, it is very hard to go back.

Where To Buy Blaux Bidet And Its Price

You can purchase a Blaux Bidet from the company’s official website.

The Blaux Bidet website offers exclusive discounts if you prefer to purchase more than one Blaux Bidet and also offers discounts on a single order as follows:

  • For instance, if you purchase one Blaux Bidet, you get it for $69.99 at a 35% discount instead of a regular price of $107.68
  • Similarly, when you purchase two Blaux Bidets, you get them for $139.98 at a 35% discount instead of a regular price of $215.35
  • Additionally, if you purchase three Blaux Bidets, you get them for $157.48 at a 51% discount instead of a regular price of $323.03
  • Also, when you purchase four Blaux Bidets, you get them for $192.47 at a 55% discount instead of a regular price of $430.71

The shipping charges would cost you around $10, and overall the deals at their website are pretty good for you to say no. To top all of this off, the Blaux Bidet also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind and want a refund.

In order to claim a refund, all you have to do is send your unused Blaux Bidet back to the company in the mail and then receive a full refund on your purchase.

In order to contact the Blaux Bidet team for any more queries that you may have, you can reach out to them at or call them on the following numbers depending upon your country of residence:

  • For USA & Canada: 855 756 5448
  • For United Kingdom: 033081 80842
  • For Australia: (02) 5133 5672


In conclusion, the Blaux Bidet is an excellent portable bidet that can be used by individuals with the main purpose of cleaning their private parts after using a washroom or loo.

It has a very simple, sleek, easy to carry yet effective design that truly solves an individual’s washroom issues by helping them clean themselves thoroughly after relieving themselves.

Having something that can hold and disperse water to help you clean yourself can sometimes be a real relief, and even a blessing in crisis situations. Overall, the Blaux Bidet is a great product that delivers what it promises in terms of helping you maintain your hygiene and stay clean.