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Chihuahua Husky Mix – Everything You Need To Know About This Fascinating Breed

chihuahua husky mix
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You probably would be confused and curious as to the reason behind the breeding of a chihuahua husky mix. The parents differ in almost all characteristics, so what’s there to gain?

Both the parent breeds have good features to offer though in contrasting ways. The hope here is a hybrid that transcends parent breeds and has the best features from both sides.

Now let’s discuss this unconventional hybrid – the chihuahua husky mix.

Chihuahua Husky Mix

This is a designer dog to start with as it is born from two purebred dogs; the Siberian husky and the chihuahua.

Did I hear you ask for the story behind the husky chihuahua mix?

Well, to get some background on this hybrid we’d have to talk about both parent breeds.

The Siberian husky has existed for ages among the Chuchki people in northern Asia. It was bred to be a sled dog to haul load between places. To that effect, the husky is renowned for his limitless strength and stamina. Its popularity started after it helped in the distribution of antidotes to towns being ravaged by diphtheria. The husky’s popularity peaked when they were imported into Alaska to win sled races.

Even though they are working dogs, they have steadfast loyalty and affection towards their owner and therefore make a good family dog.

As for the chihuahua, there are different theories about its origin but the breed we know today originated from Mexico. It took its name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua and was brought into America by visitors who went to Mexico.

It is the 11th most popular dog breed in the U.S according to the American kennel club. Its alertness also makes it one of the top choices for best watchdogs.

Now for the husky chihuahua mix, little to no information is known about how it came to be. Some believed it to be just sheer luck, others believe it was as a result of stray dogs. Whatever the case is, it doesn’t change the fact that this hybrid has some interesting qualities.

As with humans, we like to give fun names to people or animals and the husky chihuahua mix is no different. This crossbreed is also called husky-chi or huskyhuahua. But these are unofficial names, so both the name and the breed isn’t recognized by any authority body.


Hearing the name, the chihuahua husky mix kinda sound bizarre and your next thought would be how they’ll look. Well, there are no standards on how this crossbreed should look. But the facts still remain that it’ll look anything like the husky, chihuahua, or both.

It’s left to nature to determine which gene is passed down to this chihuahua mix with husky and in what ratio as well. But let’s use the appearance of the parent breeds to predict how this hybrid might look.

The husky grows to be about 20 – 23 inches tall from paw to shoulder while the chihuahua is significantly smaller at 6 – 9 inches. As for weight, the husky weighs 25 – 60 pounds, and the chihuahua just a meager 3 – 6 pounds.

So it’s safe to assume that the chihuahua and husky mix would be bigger than the chihuahua parent but smaller than its husky parent.

The husky mix with chihuahua can either inherit a single coat or double coat which may be long, medium, or short. It could come in different textures. The chihuahua husky mix can come in all the colors exhibited by both parent breeds. The common ones are the black and white of the husky and black and grey of the chihuahua.

He could also have erect ears, large and wide eyes, or the piercing blue eyes of the husky. There’s a lot of variables involved here, just expect anything ranging from chihuahua to husky.


Another tricky and unpredictable area. As a designer dog, the husky and chihuahua mix inherits the personality traits of his parent breeds. This inheritance might be in a balanced or unbalanced ratio, either way, training will help a lot.

The husky is an amiable dog, loyal and affectionate. Nevertheless, he is strong-willed and an independent thinker. Therefore early training is important to seal your place as the alpha. For an energetic dog, he doesn’t do well with loneliness as he tends to succumb to anxiety.

The chihuahua is a tiny dog with a big personality. Early training is important as well to break bad habits or show him you wield the authority. If not done so, he’d deem himself the boss and start neglecting you.

So it goes to say that the chihuahua husky mix might inherit all or some of these personality traits. So in essence, they’d be friendly, outgoing, and attention seekers. Intelligence is innate in both parent breeds, so this crossbreed is sure to be smart.

Independence and stubbornness might also be displayed by this hybrid dog as a consequence of his husky blood. The husky chihuahua mix may not be a good fit for families with very young children.


husky chihuahua mix

Being a dog with overbearing temperament, the chihuahua husky mix may be difficult to train especially for newbie owners.

If you’re planning to get a husky chihuahua mix puppy, then make sure to start training immediately they’re brought home. They’re an intelligent breed hence need to be engaged more than many other dog breeds.

It’s been proven beyond doubt that positive reinforcement is the best method for training dogs. This way, they’d associate the required tricks or command to whatever treat you’re using. Bad behaviors can be broken using this method as well.

They usually don’t do well with children or smaller pets like cats. So the best option would be early socialization. Expose them to different people, animals, and places, this would grow their confidence and manners.


This hybrid requires a moderate to high level of exercise daily depending on how much energy your dog has. Averagely the chihuahua husky mix requires at least 60 minutes of exercise per day to stay happy. This can be as jogging, a walk in the park, etc

Although, due to the risk of Brachycephaly, it’s safe not to overexert your puppy if his chihuahua parent is of the apple-head type. This is because of the shape of its face makes it difficult to breathe during intense exercise.

On another hand, if your husky chihuahua mix has a long double coat, be sure to walk them when the temperature is down like early in the morning, late in the evening, or in the shades. This is to prevent them from having a heatstroke.

Excluding physical exercise, your chihuahua and husky mix is very much in need of mental stimulation due to their high intelligence. So prepare to play games with this dog, it’ll be fun and promises to be a bonding moment.

Nevertheless, don’t leave this dog alone in the yard for too long, as they might have the escaping skills of their husky parent.


Nutrition for the husky chihuahua mix is dependent on the size and energy level of your puppy. So it’s best to seek the advice of a vet or pet nutritionist on the amount he is allowed to eat per day.

Make sure to stick to the given regimen to prevent your dog from becoming overweight especially if they’re unable to exercise for long. Being overweight is a risk factor for so many other health issues.

Also, remember not to give them too many treats as it might need up the food calculation.

Health Concerns

Genetics pulls a fast one on us when it comes to health. Inheritance doesn’t only work for looks and size, it also works for diseases. So being a husky and chihuahua mix, this hybrid is prone to any health conditions that are prevalent in both parent breeds.

The good thing is inheritance is a probability, so not all pups inherit these diseases. So if you’re getting a puppy, you’re lucky, as you can request for health clearances for the parent breed. This way you’d run away from the common genetic diseases. Some of the common ones are;

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Brachycephaly
  • Luxating patella

It is important to be consistent with your regular vet checkups as these diseases would be detected earlier that way and managed effectively.

The chihuahua husky mix apparently lives a healthy and long life of about 12 – 16 years. Of course, this depends on his quality of life, how well he lived.


From the looks of it, the husky chihuahua mix would have a medium to long coat length. They’d shed but probably not as much as their husky parent. Brushing would be required like 2 – 3 times weekly to remove loose fur. This will reduce the amount of fur in your home.

Bathe them when needed, brush their teeth once a week to prevent bad odor and germ retention. Nail clipping should be done when necessary but be careful. Clean their ears every once in a while using the ideal cleanser.

While doing these, always check for abnormalities in your dog’s body. This will help you notice signs of diseases very early and begin adequate treatment.

Owning A Husky Chihuahua Mix

Now let’s talk expenses. To own a chihuahua husky mix, you can either get a puppy or rescue one from a shelter.

You’d spend about $500 – 1000 to get a husky chihuahua mix pup. This doesn’t include all the accessories you’ll buy later, vet visits, and food. Those would amount to more expenses. Prepare.

When getting a puppy, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable breeder and avoid puppy mills. Request for the health clearance of parent dogs to make sure they’re cleared for common diseases. This will spare you the cost of future procedures on conditions that would have been avoided.

If you decide to rescue a dog, then search the shelter in your locality and neighboring towns. The fee for adoption is usually as low as $50 -100.

Chihuahua Husky Mix – Is It Your Ideal Dog?

This hybrid is a moderate to high energy dog and requires an owner with an active lifestyle. So if you’re a couch potato or never around, then this dog isn’t for you.

Even though the chihuahua husky mix can be stubborn and strong-willed when properly trained all you’re left with is a loyal dog who loves you to the moon and back.