Coverlastic Reviews [2020] – Is This Cover Worth The Hype?

coverlastic reviews
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Coverlastic Reviews

Who doesn’t want their home to look pretty and aesthetic? We all do, right? However, more often than not, it is very difficult to get your home a furniture upgrade on a budget because, let’s face it, renovations and bringing new stuff to your home is expensive.

Not everyone has that kind of a budget to afford a home upgrade.  If you want to upgrade how your drawing room looks and you don’t have that kind of money, then worry no more. This review is just the thing that you need to read. 

While I might not be able to give you a solution to all your furniture upgrade problems, I still got you covered with all your sofa and couch troubles. I am talking about this amazing product called Coverlastic, that’ll give your old and boring couch and sofa a completely new look. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dig in and find out everything that you need to know about this product.

Here we go.

What Is Coverlastic?

coverlastic reviews

Coverlastic, as the name explains, is a sofa or couch cover that fits your sofa perfectly and covers everything on it. It comes in different textures and stuff so that your requirements can be met.

So, if you are looking for something that can cover your sofa and hide all the stains and tears, then it is something that is going to solve this problem for you. 

I bought it when my cat tore my sofa, and I didn’t have enough budget to get a new one. I was amazed how perfectly it fitted my sofa, and all the stains and tears were hidden behind the coverlastic. The best part is that everyone who visited my home after I covered my couch with coverlastic thought that I got a new couch. How amazing is that, right?

Why Do You Need Coverlastic?

coverlastic reviews

At this point, you may have figured out why you need to get coverlastic for your home. But, if you are still not sure, then worry no more because I’ve narrowed down some of the most important uses of coverlastic for you. 

So, give the following a read and decide for yourself if you need a coverlastic for your home or not.

1. It’s A Cost-Effective Solution 

When it comes to any kind of renovation or home upgrade, the first thing that comes to your mind is the amount of money that it is going to cost you. Well, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that is extremely important to fix, then coverlastic is your solution. 

It may sound like stating the obvious, but couches and sofas can be extremely expensive if you go out to get a new one. If you have enough spare money and you afford to get a new couch, then go ahead and buy whatever you like.

But, if that’s not the case, then you may want to give coverlastic a try as it is going to cater to most of the things that may be wrong with your couch. The best part about it is that it is not going to cost you anything compared to getting a completely new couch.

2. It’s Easy To Use

Whenever it comes to getting any kind of home solution, you want to make sure that it doesn’t require a lot of effort. It is important because you don’t want to spend all your money and still end up getting tired. It is the reason that most people choose convenience over money, and they are ready to spend whatever it takes to fix their problems.

The good news is that if you are looking for a simple and convenient sofa solution, the coverlastic is just the thing that you need to get. Believe me when I say that it only took me a couple of minutes to cover my couch with coverlastic, and the result was ultimately very surprising.

I am not saying that you should get it and forget about making any effort. Of course, you’ll have to put it on your sofa yourself, but it is just a couple of minutes of hassle, and then you can forget that your couch had any kind of issue before.

3. It’s Eco-Friendly

We all know how important it is to adopt a sustainable lifestyle for planet earth. Climate change is very real, and the situation is getting worse with every day passing. The least you can do is to make sure that you play your part in saving the planet and making it better for the generations to come. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to home décor and renovation, we don’t give much thought to sustainability and go for the new things while discarding the old ones that are going to leave a footprint on the environment.

If you don’t want to be one of those people who are the reason why this planet is suffering, then make sure that you go for the sustainable options while renovating your home or decorating your home.

Getting coverlastic instead of getting a whole new sofa is something that is ultimately going to fulfill all the principles of a sustainable lifestyle.

4. Be Cleaned Easily 

We all know that it is extremely difficult to clean your furniture when something spills on it, right? What if I tell you that you don’t have to worry about your couch getting dirty anymore? Yes, you heard me right.

If you are getting coverlastic for your sofa, then forget about getting a new one every other day because the old one is dirty now. 

I’ve both pets and kids in my home; therefore, I simply can’t keep them from making a mess in the whole house, and my couch is their number one victim.

However, ever since I got this product, I don’t have to worry about anything because it is very easy to clean. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about its stuff getting faint. I’ve washed mine a couple of times, and every time I take it out of my washing machine, it is as good as new.

5. Precise Delivery 

Amid the pandemic, it is really difficult to get out of your home because markets are mostly closed, and you don’t want to risk yourself. Therefore, you must always go for the products that deliver to your doorstep following all the SOPs. 

When it comes coverlastic, you don’t have to worry about getting out and roaming around the streets to find yourself a cover that fits your sofa. Instead, you can get it delivered at your doorstep any time you want.

The best thing about coverlastic is that they deliver worldwide. So, even if you live in the other part of the world, you can get it and enjoy its perks. Pretty amazing, right?

6. Adds Aesthetic Factor In Your Home 

As I said earlier, home esthetics matter, and we all want to make sure that our home looks good. So, if you want to make sure that your home looks good and you don’t have a lot of budget, then don’t worry about it. Getting coverlastic is going to solve the problem and make your living room look good. 

The best thing about these covers is that you can choose from a huge variety of colors and sizes. Therefore, if you are worried that the walls of your living room or bedroom won’t match with the cover that you are getting, then stop worrying because that’s not going to happen. You can get them in the colors that go perfectly with the walls of your home and make it look as esthetic as it gets.

7. Pet-Friendly

Pets have a love and hate relationship with sofas and couches. They love to take a nap on them, but they really can’t stand a good sofa and spend all their energies ruining it.

If you have a pet in your house, then trust me when I say that I completely understand how it’s like to have a pet and to watch them ruin your expensive furniture, especially your couches and sofas. 

If your pet has already done the deed and damaged your sofa, then getting a coverlastic is going to conceal all the damage. The best thing about it is that you can get them in a really strong and long-lasting fabric that your pets won’t be able to ruin. Hence, you’ll be spared from all the expense of getting a new couch or from the embracement of having a damaged couch.

8. One Minute Fix to Transform Your Living Room 

Let’s just admit that life gets busy sometimes, and you really don’t have time to make your home look perfect. No matter how hard you try, it is simply very difficult to find time to make sure that you give the much-needed attention to your home and its furniture.

Well, just because you are busy, it doesn’t mean that you have to make your home look like a mess.  If you want to change your furniture but can’t find enough time to get it done, then get yourself some good covelastic that fits your sofa.

All it is going to take is a few minutes, and you’ll be able to make your sofa look as good as new. So, don’t worry about your busy schedule. Sometimes all you need is someone to point you in the right direction, and something that sounds daunting can be done in a minute just because you were guided in the right direction.

9. Protects Your New Couch

If you’ve got a new couch recently and you don’t want to get it ruined, then you need to make sure that you get this product right away. It is going to save you from the effort of running after your kids to stop them from ruining the sofa. Apart from that, you don’t have to clean it after your pet ruins it with their fur. 

Instead, you can cover your brand new couch with your favorite cover and forget about your couch getting dirty. Whenever you take the cover off, it’ll be good as new, and you won’t have to clean it.

Just wash the cover just like you wash your bed sheets, and you’ll be all set to use it again and make sure that your sofa remains as new as you got it. So, what are you waiting for?

Get the couch that you always wanted to get but never did because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on getting it cleaned after every few months. Just spend a little extra money on getting covers, and you’ll be all set to flaunt your new couch anytime you want.

How To Use Coverlastic?

coverlastic review

I know you must be wondering about how you can use coverlastic the right way to get all the benefits that it has to offer. Well, stop wondering because I’ve got you covered with each and every detail that you need to know in order to use the coverlastic the right way. 

1. Measure the Size of Your Sofa 

The first and the most important thing that you need to do if you want to make sure that you are using this product the right way is measuring the size of your couch.

You have to be very careful because you don’t want to end up ordering the wrong size that won’t even fit your couch. That’s plain and simple wastage of your hard-earned money.

So, as long as you don’t want that to happen, make sure that you are using your measuring tape the right way and taking all the measurements correctly. 

Once you’ve taken all the measurements correctly, it’s time to go through the website of coverlastic and find the best fit for the measurements that you’ve just narrowed down.

It’ll help you in making sure that you are getting the right size and you won’t have to go through the process of exchanging the product. So, I am saying it again, make sure that your measurements are perfect, and if you have any kind of confusion, then talk to their customer help services, and they’ll guide you and make sure that you shop the right cover for your sofa. 

2. Decide the Color You Need 

Once you are done with taking all the measurements, it is time to make sure that you get the color that’ll look good in your home. Don’t worry, and it is not as difficult as it may sound.

They have all the colors and textures of the fabrics mentioned on their website. You just have to use a little bit of your imagination to make sure that you are getting the colors that’ll look good in your home. 

If you don’t want to do any of the experiments and you really don’t care about giving your couch a new look, then you can go for the same color as your couch. This way, you’ll be able to give your couch a new life without changing its color. Pretty convenient, right? But wait. It gets easier and interesting from here.

3. Cover Your Sofa with Coverlastic 

After carefully measuring your couch and selecting your color, you need to place an order and then wait for your coverlastics to arrive. The delivery time is based on where you live. If you want more information about the delivery time, then all you have to do is to talk to their customer service, and they’ll get back to you with all the details that you need to know.

Once you’ve got it, it’s time to take it out from the packaging and spread it on your sofa. It may look difficult to do at once, but it is not. Just like you put your bed sheet on your bed, you need to start from one corner of your couch and end it on the other.

If you need a helping hand, then don’t worry. Even your four years old (because mine did) can help you in covering your couch. And, voila, now you have a brand new sofa in your living room. 

Your cover is getting dirty, and you have no idea what to do now? Don’t worry. Just take it off from the couch and wash it in the washing machine just like you wash your bedsheets. Air-dry it, and you are all set to use it again and again. 

How Much Is Coverlastic?

Pricing of any product plays a really important role in deciding the overall worth of the product. When it comes to getting coverlastic, you don’t have to worry about its pricing at all.

  • Coverlastic for chair – $49.99
  • Coverlastic for love seat – $59.99
  • Coverlastic for sofa – $79.99
  • Coverlastic for XL sofa – $89.99

It’s a pretty cheap and effective alternative if you don’t have enough money to change your couch. You can check the pricing on their website and make sure that you are getting the cover that fits your budget. 

A friendly tip: If you are planning to buy it, then don’t wait, order it now because there is a 50% discount going on all their covers and that is something you surely don’t want to miss. So, check their website out and select the cover for your couch and save tons of money. 

So, go to their website and get the covers that you like. Even if you don’t plan to use them in the near future, you can buy them and use them later because now you can save half of your money, so why not take advantage of this time of year when everything is available at the lowest possible prices?

How To Get Coverlastic

coverlastic review

I mentioned above the procedure of deciding what kind of cover you need and how to use it correctly. Now it’s time to get you the much-needed cover for your couch. 

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is to make sure that adding the right covers to the cart. After that, proceed to the checkout and give your address and other required information.

It is where it gets interesting. You can order it regardless of which part of the world you live in. Yes, you e3ad that right. They deliver worldwide, and their delivery charges vary accordingly. 

You just have to make sure that you are giving the right address and following all the instructions correctly. If you want to have a rough estimate about the delivery cost, you can contact their customer services, and they’ll give you an idea about how long it will take to deliver your order and how much you will have to pay.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now, and don’t worry about getting scammed because they have a 30-days money-back guarantee. 

30–Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Buying anything online in today’s world is simple and difficult at the same time. You have to make sure that you are not getting scammed because there are many businesses out there who are scamming people on a daily basis.

Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that when it comes to coverlastic because they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. It means that if you have some issues with the product, or got a product that doesn’t match the description, then you can simply return it and get your money back.

If you want to know more about their money-back guarantee, then give their refund policy a read, and things will become clear to you.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this article has given you a deep insight into why coverlastic is ideal for you and your family. It is the best way to prevent your sofa from being damaged by many factors.

It not only protects your sofa but gives it a new look depending on your taste. It is definitely a money-saver as it doesn’t blow your budget compared to buying whole new furniture.

Fortunately, coverlastic is currently being sold at a 50% discount therefore now is the best time to buy it. Click the button below to get yours.