Custom Keto Diet Review 2020

Custom keto diet review

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It’s tiring, isn’t it?

Having to think about everything you do, just to lose some weight. It stresses you out and can even make you abandon the path. I’d like you to answer a few questions.

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you in doubt how a diet could help you?

Do you feel dieting is too much stress for you?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then the solution you’ve been seeking all along is about to be revealed to you.

What Really Is a Keto Diet?

A Keto diet or better still ketogenic diet is one where your meal is mainly made up of fats. It is a low carb, high-fat diet. It is one of the most searched topics today. The basic idea is to prepare each meal to be mainly of fats.

A typical Keto diet would be made up of;

  • 70 – 75% fats
  • 15 – 20% protein and
  • 5 – 10% carbohydrate.

There’s a myth about fatty food being bad.  There are different kind of fats.

Saturated fats come from many processed foods and unsaturated fats that come from the likes of eggs and avocado.

Unsaturated fat is the healthy fat and in keto diet, we focus on the good fat.

How does your body react to a keto diet?

The whole point is to push your body into a state called ketosis. You might already be asking what that is. I’ll explain in a bit.

This is how the body works. If you eat carbohydrates, it is broken down into glucose and absorbed into the blood. Since this is readily available, it is used as a source of energy. I hope you’re with me.

In the abundance of glucose, there is a rise in insulin levels. What is insulin, you say. It is a hormone responsible for pushing glucose into our body cells. And it prevents the body from touching fat stores instead it encourages the body to store up some more. So you can see insulin is pro-fat.

What now happens if you restrict your food to just fat?

When you do that, the level of both glucose and insulin in the blood falls. The body looks for an alternate source of energy. The next source would be to make use of glycogen.

Glycogen is a stored form of sugar in the liver. It serves as a backup for when the body is low on glucose. This glycogen also runs out after a few hours. What next?

No glucose, glycogen has run out. This is where the fat comes in. The body breaks down fat to produce what is called ketones. You can see where the name keto diet is gotten from. So now, instead of glucose, ketones now serve as a source of energy. Asides glucose, ketones are the only other source the brain can use for energy.

And this state is called ketosis. Got it?

A state where the body derives it’s energy from the ketones gotten from fat.

A weight-loss tool?

A very good amount of people who seek keto diet do so because of weight loss.

You probably want to know whether it will help you lose weight or not. You want to know how it’ll help you lose weight. And also whether it can help you lose a significant amount of weight.

The answer to all those questions is yes.

Keto diet pushes your body to burn fat. It takes about 4 to 7 days before the body enters ketosis. But once entered, the body makes use of fats as the main source of energy.

Keto diet restricts the number of calories you take in the form of carbs and replace that with fats. So instead of storing, you’re burning fat.

In addition, a meal that consists of fat makes you easily satisfied. And lessen your appetite as well. With this, you tend not to eat as much.

Additional Benefits…..

Asides weight loss, keto diet has a wide range of benefits to the human body. Some of which are;

  • Reduces seizures as that is what keto diet was originally intended for. Before it was found out to reduce weight.
  • May improve heart health: When on a keto diet, it is important to eat healthy fats like from avocado not unhealthy ones.
  • May also reduce risk to certain cancers.
  • It also protects the brain

Errors during dieting

During the weight loss journey, there are some things that people do wrongly. And this is probably due to misinformation.

  • Calorie deficit: To keep going towards weight loss, you have to be on a calorie deficit. Simply put, eat fewer calories than you burn.
  • Severe calorie restriction: Even though calorie deficit is ideal for weight loss, there is a range you should be within. This is where people get greedy. If you can get lean on a 200 calorie deficit, why not go for 1000? You’re doing more harm than good to your body. And of course, you’d gain the weight back once you start eating normally again.
  • Different calories: This is concerned with what makes up your food. For instance, if your meals are made up of carbs, it’ll lead to an increase in glucose and insulin in your blood. And I’m sure you know what insulin does by now. It would not only prevent fat from being used, but it will also encourage fat storage. So even if you’re in a calorie deficit but your macro intake isn’t well balanced then you’re up for a disappointment.
  • An overly restrictive diet: The first few days of starting a diet, we’re usually zealous. Doing everything by the book. But what happens after two weeks or one month? It becomes unbearable. Dieting is already hard on its own. Putting yourself in an overly restrictive diet will even worsen the odds of you following through.

Why it is so hard?

Imagine having to change what you eat. From mouth watering meals to bland food.

Trying to think of ways to make it taste better and failing.

Of course, something struck you before you started dieting. Maybe you stood in front of the mirror and didn’t like the extra flaps you were seeing. Or you just randomly climbed a scale and couldn’t believe your eyes.

There are several reasons why you started your weight loss journey. The real question is how long would it last. A good percentage of people quit dieting after a few days and more quit after few weeks.

Why is it so hard?

During the weight loss journey, we go out of our way to do certain things while expecting results. If after a few days and it doesn’t seem to work, our interest automatically crashes.

The odds are really stacked up against you while trying to lose weight.

A way out?

What if I tell you there’s a solution to all these problems.

Enters….custom keto diet plan.

I’ll just summarise from the start. All you have to do is follow the book.

Custom keto diet – A diet plan just for you

The custom keto diet plan is a meal book that makes it easier for you to adapt to your new dieting routine. It has got everything planned out according to your taste and preference.

In essence it is a personalised keto diet plan just for you.

Some of your biggest concerns has been tackled by this guide. You don’t have to stress yourself with brainstorming for cooking ideas.

It is made from pure expertise as it involves nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs. They come together to make this book for better guidance.

It was created by Rachel Roberts in an attempt to help people improve their health and overall physical appearance.

What do you get exactly?

This is an all-round guide book that has taken everything into account, to make sure your goal is achieved. You’ll find out that nothing is left to luck here. Some of the things to expect are;

  • An eight-week meal plan: This meal plan is based on experience and expertise. It includes input from nutritionists, chefs, and many others to ensure a smooth ride towards your goal. Since it takes just about 3 weeks to form a habit, 8 weeks is gonna be an enjoyable ride.
  • A diet optimized for you: You tell us what you’d like and we figure out the best way to make it work. A scientific approach is used towards picking the ideal calories and macro intake for you.
  • Delicious meals based on your food preferences: One of the key reasons people quit dieting is because of the bland taste of the food. The best chefs were contracted to make mouth-watering recipes according to your preference. This makes the diet all the more enjoyable and less likely for you to quit.
  • Instructions for further customization: You’ll still be given room to wield some of your power. For each meal, you’d be given options to replace ingredients to make a totally new meal.
  • Variety: Your diet plan will be made up of several kinds of food. This makes it fun as you wouldn’t have to be stuck with the same routine every week.
  • Crystal clear recipe instructions: If you’re not like me who loves cooking then you’re still covered. This meal plan comes with a step by step instructions on how to prepare each meal. All you have to do is follow these easy steps and you’ll have a delicious meal to pounce on.
  • A downloadable grocery list: There’s no time to waste. It includes a grocery list as well. You’ll get a downloadable list each week. And this would include all the ingredients you’d ever need for the next seven days. Awesome.
  • And much more…

These are just some of the things you’d get from the custom keto diet plan. As you can see everything is centered around you. So it’s really going to be a feast for you while you’re losing weight.

A great deal of work has been put into this plan to effectively and effortlessly help you achieve your goal.

Why should you get this custom keto diet plan?

I have said quite a few things about difficulties faced during dieting. To eliminate those problems, I suggest you purchase this keto diet meal plan.

It makes your keto dieting so much easier and enjoyable. What’s the point if you can’t even enjoy your food after a long day.

It is a very simple instructional guide book but it will make your weight loss result exponential. As it would guide you through the right way to do things.

You look left, there’s your cousin biting into a slice of mouth-watering bacon. To you right is your brother eating some delicious looking meal. And yet, here you are with a grim-looking good on your plate, not to talk of the taste.

It doesn’t have to be like that. With this meal book, you could still have delicious and appetising meals while still on a diet.

At this point you are probably wondering whether you should trust this custom keto diet plan. I think at the end of the day, you will be glad you did.

Custom Keto Diet Review – Pricing

Have you ever been to a nutritionist to create a meal plan for you?

If you have, then you’d know how expensive it can get. From the initial consult to regular check-ins and modifications. By the end of the month, you’d be blowing hundreds of dollars. Now the funny part is, it isn’t guaranteed to grant your weight-loss wishes.

You can get all that info plus so much more for just a meagre $37 if you purchase this custom keto diet plan.

Maybe it sounds too good to be true, so you have doubts. Well, here’s to clear that doubt. There is a 100% total refund policy. So it goes like this; if you get this book and you’re not satisfied with it, your money will be returned back to you in full.

So what am I saying?

It’s risk free.

You have a 60 day period where you can try it and test its claims. If you’re not satisfied, feel free to return it and be fully refunded.

Purchasing process

Once you click on the link below, you’ll see a few questions about your food preferences, current situation, and expected goal. Make sure to answer these questions honestly as that’d be used in formulating your own unique meal plan.

And make sure your email address is correct because that’s where your meal plan will be sent. Once you’re done answering the questions, enter your payment details, and get instant access to the custom keto diet plan.

PS. Tips to make you lose weight faster

Once you’ve settled into keto dieting a huge chunk of the journey has began. To maximise what you can get, you could

  • Exercise regularly: coupled with dieting, this can go a long way in helping you out.
  • Take multivitamins: Since you’re restricting what you eat, it’d be safer to take multivitamins. This is to eliminate the risk of micronutrient deficiency.
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