Dial Vision Reviews [2020] – Are These Glasses Worth It?

dial vision reviews
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Dial Vision Reviews

The human eye can be thought of as a camera, constantly focusing, zooming, and taking in the scenes around it through the light that enters its retina and allows it to do so.

Whether is the harmful sun rays or the light shining through the computer screens or stress – all three factors cause some level and amount of damage to one’s eyesight and cause vision impairment.

Upon reaching the age of 50, individuals begin to notice that their eyesight becomes weaker every few months and they often have trouble focusing on things or objects and reading.

Even younger individuals, who spend a lot of time glued to their computer screens and smartphones experience strong headaches after a night of heavy use. This is when individuals begin to realize that they may have a vision-related problem and that they need to take good care of their eyesight otherwise it may keep getting weaker and weaker by every passing day. 

Individuals who already wear eyeglasses realize that sometimes despite wearing glasses all the time, their head hurts and vision blurs after extended usage of their devices and smartphone, and a visit to their optician every couple of months can be both expensive and annoying.

What Are Dial Vision Glasses? 

dial vision reviews

Individuals who wear glasses would understand the trouble and fatigue related to constantly getting your eyesight and vision checked every few months.

Whether your eyesight improves, or whether your vision impairs – in both cases, you are required to get your eyesight checked again, get a prescription from your optician, and get the lens changes in your eyeglass.

Not only is this frustrating, but it is also pretty expensive for an average individual who doesn’t have access to an insurance policy. This is where Dial Vision comes in.

Dial Vision Glasses are essentially eye glasses that are designed in a way that enables their magnifying power to be adjusted and fixed for every user on their own accord.

Individuals who invest in multiple glasses for different purposes such as different glasses for reading and separate glasses for driving, can also make use of Dial Vision Glasses as these can act as multiple glasses owing to the easy changes and fixes you can make in them.

Not only are Dial Vision glasses easy to use, they are also pretty affordable when thought of in comparison to prescription glasses that need to be updated every now and then.

Why Should You Choose Dial Vision Glasses?

Eyes are the window to one’s soul and it is essential that you take care of your eyes and give them the best you can manage. Dial Vision Glasses do just that and they take care of your eyesight while taking care of your pockets too.

Not only are Dial Vision Glasses adjustable, they are also unique in the sense that one pair can be used by anyone and would only require a bit of adjustment for it.

For instance, if your parents or grandparents come into the city to visit you for the weekend and forget their glasses home, you don’t need to buy them a new pair – you can simply adjust the Dial Vision Glasses you already have and get them to use those for a few days. 

In addition to that, prescription glasses are often prone to breakage and can easily need replacement due to a crack or chipping. However, Dial Vision Glasses are pretty sturdy and you wouldn’t have to replace them every other month due to a crack or damage.

Due to the use of high quality material, these glasses are very resistant to damage and any scratches, and are great for individuals who are pretty clumsy.

Features Of Dial Vision Glasses?

dial vision reviews

Dial Vision Glasses are powerful eyeglasses that are easy and safe for use by all individuals. Not only are they light-weight, they are also made with top quality materials which makes them sturdy, scratch resistant, and ideal for everyday use.

Additionally, Dial Vision Glasses have adjustable nose bridges, which allows you to adjust the glasses on your face for maximum comfort and ease. The Dial Vision Glasses pack comes with an eye chart that allows you to judge and analyze your eye sight yourself.

After figuring out your eyesight, you can easily adjust the lenses of the Dial Vision Glasses very easily by just rotating the control knob according to your eyesight.

Dial Vision Glasses are also called so because you can simply dial and adjust them to your eyesight and your individual eye needs. During certain hours of the day, you may need to adjust your vision owing to either bright or no light or simply because you may be tired.

In such a case, if you use regular glasses, it isn’t possible for one to simply own multiple eyeglasses. However, if it is the case and you own Dial Vision Glasses, one pair acts as multiple pairs and you can adjust them very conveniently.

How Do Dial Vision Glasses Work?

Dial Vision Glasses essentially work towards solving all your eyesight related worries which include stress that you may feel in your eyes, nearsightedness and farsightedness.

The main idea behind Dial Vision Glasses is that instead of using just one lens, it is constructed to have both lenses. By using opposite type of lenses in the glasses the need to use regular prescription glasses is completely diminished.

Adjusting the focal length of your lens by rotating the given dial in these Vision Glasses, you essentially try to prescribe yourself glasses throughout the entire adjustment process. If you think of the idea from a bird’s eye view, it is as simple as it is genius.

The rotating and adjustment mechanism for your glasses works separately for the lens for both eyes in your Dial Vision Glasses. This is really helpful, because in case you suffer from uneven vision, and one eye is less weakened than the other, you can adjust each lens separately depending upon your vision in both eyes.

Also, if one of your eyes wants to overcome nearsightedness and the other wants to overcome farsightedness, Dial Vision Glasses are ideal as they can fix both issues simultaneously with one eye’s solution not affecting the other eye.

What Makes Dial Vision Glasses Special And Unique?

dial vision review

Dial Vision Glasses are special in the sense that they try to provide a clear vision to individuals whose vision is impaired with adjustable glasses – they provide standard glasses for everyone which can be made unique and customized by each individual according to their own needs.

Years of research has been conducted to develop such a simple yet complicated product such as the Dial Vision Glasses by researchers from all over the world belonging to some of the finest educational institutions. Other adjustable eyeglasses are mere knock off of Dial Vision Glasses and do not really perform at all.

Dial Vision Glasses are great replacements for regular and normal prescription glasses as they are most convenient and highly affordable in comparison. It is especially great for individuals whose vision impairment keeps changing in its intensity whether it gets better or worse.

Also, people who cannot afford to visit eye-specialists and opticians to simply don’t have access to good doctors can use Dial Vision Glasses too. While there is still a long way to go for everyone to replace prescription glasses and lenses with Dial Vision Glasses, they are ahead of their time and a serious innovation in eyecare.

How To Use Dial Vision Glasses?

Dial Vision Glasses are based on the principle and act or calibrating or adjustment the lenses placed within the glasses. The concept of being able to adjust and calibrate lenses right then and there is a little hard to digest but works wonders.

To let the glasses work for you, you need to understand the steps behind making them work and this is how one is supposed to use Dial Vision Glasses:

  • The first step involved in using Dial Vision Glasses is obviously putting them on.
  • The second step involves closing shut one of your eyes
  • The third step involves correcting the lens using a dial of the eye that is left open. This is done by using the eye chart that you get when you buy a pair of Dial Vision Glasses. When an optician checks for your eyesight, they do the same thing.
  • The fourth and final step involves repeating step number three on your other eye while shutting the first one close.

To use Dial Vision Glasses, the above-mentioned four steps are standard simple steps that you are required to take. It is not recommended to try and adjust the dials of both lenses simultaneously, as not only would you mess it up, it is also likely to strain your eyes.

Pros And Cons [Dial Vision Reviews]

There are a number of advantages of using Dial Vision Glasses which include the following:

  • Great Quality: Depending upon all of the different reviews of the glasses available online, Dial Vision Glasses are of great quality and last a very long time owing to their durability, high-quality material, and their resistance to damage and scratches.
  • Easy to Use: Dial Vision Glasses are extremely easy to use and the only thing an individual needs to do to use them successfully is learning how to calibrate the lenses which is itself a pretty easy step.
  • Highly Affordable: Dial Vision Glasses are very affordable and can easily be bought by any individual. Also, due to the lack of maintenance required for them in comparison to prescription glasses that you may need to update every couple of months, Dial Vision Glasses are highly economical.
  • Unisex: Dial Vision Glasses are unisex and standard in their models and can be used by men and women alike.

Like any other specialized and new product, Dial Vision Glasses come with their own set of disadvantages or cons which include the following:

  • Frame Not Stylish: Since Dial Vision Glasses are bifocals, the frame that they come in aren’t as stylish as other branded eyeglasses in the market. Not every individual prefers convenience and comfort over fashion, and for such individuals, opting for Dial Vision Glasses could be tough.
  • No labels: The dial used in calibrating the lenses in Dial Vision Glasses doesn’t come with a labeling meter to inform you at what number have you adjusted a certain lens. For instance, if your right eye is of the power +2, and you are calibrating the lens in your Dial Vision Glasses to it, you just have to judge by how clearer your vision gets when you arrive at +2. No numbering meter lets you know where you are at in adjusting the lens.

Who Are Dial Vision Glasses Suited For?

dial vision review

Dial Vision is recommended for individuals who have vision impairment and wear glasses or lenses to fix their vision and eyesight. Especially individuals who are prone to changing eyesight issues are recommended to opt for Dial Vision Glasses as they would be saving a lot of money by not having to get their lenses replaced or buying new glasses every few months.

Additionally, people who are too busy or just can’t be bothered to visit the optician every few months, but are still concerned about their eyesight should also opt for Dial Vision Glasses.

Also, individuals who are just plain tired of having to get new glasses made and probably only use glasses for reading or driving purposes are a suitable market and recommended to purchase Dial Vision Glasses for their daily use. Individuals who find themselves often damaging their prescription glasses are also suitable.

Who Are Dial Vision Glasses Not Suited For?

Dial Vision is not suited for individuals who prefer eyeglasses that are very fashionable and on-the-block. Individuals who are very concerned about their physical appearance may not like the simplicity of Dial Vision Glasses and their frame.

Dial Vision Glasses Customer Reviews 

Here are a few reviews of Dial Vision Glasses collected from several online shopping websites including amazon.com:

User Name: bj998 (3/5)

I love dial vision glasses except the pair I got from amaZon were duds. They don’t dial properly and the plastic is flimsy. I got two other pairs from the drug store and they were great. People would actually compliment me on my glasses if I wore them to work or out in public.
They are great for near sighted people who are in between glasses. My prescription pair broke and I needed to visit the doctor to get another prescription. Working too hard to stop to do it so these tide me over until I can stop to get that done. I love them.
They are simple, they work and they are easy to get. The pair I got from amazon give me pause though They were not as well made as the ones I got from the drug store so I hope they are bit changing them. Also I can’t seem to find them anymore in the drug store so I don’t know what’s happening there.
This is a great idea. I had two pairs that were great and one pair that was not so great. Maybe the manufacturing is a problem. I think amazon carries another brand of dial glasses. I might try those first and see whether I could find some in the store that I could try on first before buying direct.

Username: Edis Romero (5/5)

A number of reviews on the internet also post negatively about Dial Vision Glasses but upon investigation we realize that they did not purchase those glasses from a verified reseller or from Dial Vision’s official website. Infact these individuals purchase those glasses from random online sellers and got the fake product instead of the original one. Additionally, sometimes individuals don’t realize that they too have to do something for the glasses to work in the first place. Individuals get too frustrated by the working and calibrating required on those glasses and post badly about the product upon receiving it.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Dial Vision Glasses?

Dial Vision Glasses are manufactured by Dial Vision and were built and developed by numerous researchers belonging to top universities worldwide over a period of years. A lot of research has gone into building a product that can truly bring a revolution to the eyecare industry.

A lot of research and years have gone into the development process of building and testing Dial Vision Glasses, and the hard work and dedication gone into Dial Vision Glasses really shows. The functionalities and capabilities of Dial Vision Glasses are truly unique in their combination and product form.

Where To Buy Dial Vision Glasses?

Dial Vision Glasses can be bought on Dial Vision’s official website.

Once you visit the website, you have to click on the option “How To Buy”. This brings up a webpage listing all different countries in the world and depending upon which country you belong to, you click on the link that features it. Next, the webpage is directed towards another link where you can choose the number of Dial Vision Glasses you wish to purchase and proceed.

You’d typically need to enter your shipping and payment details to complete the purchase. The website has several different options for payment and you can choose from Credit/Debit to Paypal and Wiretransfer.

What Comes In A Box?

Typically when you purchase Dial Vision Glasses, they come in safe and secure packaging. The Dial Vision Glasses come in a box, which in turn has a good quality dust bag to keep the box safe and clean from any dirt or damage. Inside the box, there is a pair of your newly purchased Dial Vision Glasses, an instruction manual, and an eye chart for your consultation.


In conclusion, your eyesight is very important for you in your everyday life and your well-being. However, due to our high exposure to electronic devices in our school, college, and work-life, our eyesight is bound to weaken. We must take as much care as possible of our eyesight every day.

This is why the number of individuals who opt for prescription glasses is increasing every day. However, irrespective of whether one opts for prescription glasses or lenses, they cannot be afforded by everyone and the follow-ups required for both are a lot often frustrating. 

This is why, a solution like Dial Vision Glasses seems too good to be true, but it does really work wonders. Being able to purchase one pair of glasses that is likely to last you a lifetime and require little maintenance is just beyond me. Not only does Dial Vision Glasses give you the capability to adjust the lens strength whenever you want, but you can also elongate their use by taking good care of them.

Depending upon the popularity and wide usage of Dial Vision Glasses, it seems that they promise what they actually deliver and anyone with vision problems should opt for them in an instant. Additionally, what is important to realize is that Dial Vision Glasses are very convenient in their functionality and their overall use.

Owing to their minimal price and affordability in comparison to prescription glasses, they are a complete steal, and individuals looking for all these features are recommended to buy Dial Vision Glasses owing to its promises and proposed functions. Click the button below to get yours.