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GermCide X Review

We are all feeling the effects of the global pandemic. Unfortunately, lots of people have succumbed to this horrible illness, but it doesn’t have to be so, following the right safety precautions we can prevent ourselves from ever getting this illness in the first place

Safety precautions that include;

  • social distancing
  • staying indoors
  • washing our hands regularly and using hand sanitizers
  • And using a device sanitizer to sanitize the gadgets we use every day.

Research has shown that we make use of our mobile phones more than any gadget every day and it is one of our greatest sources/exposure to infection.

If your hands get contaminated, then you reply a message on your phone and eventually go to wash your hands, guess what, your phone is still contaminated which can lead to you getting infected and that’s not what you want.

It is important to sanitize your devices as well as your hands and…

No I am not talking about using an alcohol-based sanitizer on your smartphones.

I am talking about using a nifty little device called the Germcide X, which we will be discussing in-depth in this article. I will share with you everything there is to know about this device as well as a weird plot twist that this device has, it has already made a lot of people angry but some don’t mind… but let’s not jump the gun.

It’s all in the article below, let’s get started.

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What is Germcide X?

From its name alone you can easily see that it is a device designed to properly eliminate germs.  The Germcide X is an improved germ-killing device with an exclusive futuristic design.

It is the world’s first UV-ray sanitizer. Designed for easy, fast and thorough cleaning of your everyday gadgets and household items. It has a 100% efficiency and safety.

A device capable of destroying all kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses on any device. It is a no brainer if you’re looking for the best germ-killing device especially in a world currently suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

Germcide X Features

UV- Ray based – One of the best features of the germcide x. It was built to use the ultraviolet ray technology, which is basically the safest and most effective way of dealing lots of blows to germs, viruses and bacteria in the world today. This is really a big advantage of the germcide x device over normal chemical cleaning agents that may cause you fatal harm.

Universal Usability: Unlike some other cleaning devices or agents, the germcide x can be used on all surfaces, gadgets without you worrying about the safety of these items

Fast Action: With its UV-ray technology, once used right it can destroy germ molecules (bacteria, viruses, fungi) within 10 seconds. That’s the fastest you can ever get in any germ-killing device

Money saver: With this device you don’t have to think about refilling any sanitation liquids since it does not make use of them. That way you save your money whilst getting efficiency at its peak

Cheap Power: This device works with the standard AAA batteries meaning that it does not require any special cords or power supply to function. All you need do is to change its batteries if it happens to run down. 

Simple-is best Approach: Unlike some other devices that may have loads and load of set down rules for proper functioning, the germicide x manufacturers opted for the simple is best approach. You need no special skill or knowledge to handle this device. Just put some batteries, turn it on and boom it gets the job done.

Automatic Switch-Off feature: A device built to save you and save energy. If at any point during its usage you mistakenly flip its light to face upwards, it automatically switches off just to make sure it saves energy.

Futuristic Design: Small, foldable design, it was always built to be there for you.

How does it work?

germcide x review

Well, for you to understand how this little piece of device works, you will need to understand some simple concepts. 

Let us take a great look at what UV-ray of light is. Using light to kill bacteria and germs may sound farfetched, but it’s not. UV light has been a popular sterilization treatment since the 1950s. A very powerful technique in getting rid of germs, it is also currently being used in water and air purification systems.

First, the ultraviolet light is the lowest visible light by the human eye. It is directly below the violet light in the light spectrum. We can’t see most ultraviolet light. In fact, the sun makes use of this powerful technique to natural reduce the number of germs in the world. 

There are however three different ranges of UV light and they are:

  • UV-A: 315nm to 400nm
  • UV-B: 280nm to 315nm
  • UV-C: 200nm to 280nm

All these systems are very effective, however the best UV-light proven to destroy bacteria, viruses and all other germs is the type UV-C. With the ability to destroy the nuclei of germs, it is a deadly germ-killing force.

Like I wrote above, the UV-C light has a wavelength of 200nm to 280nm but is particularly effective at 268nm. The main drawback of UV light is that it only works when a lot of light targets one surface. Some UV lights spread too little light over a wide surface, while others just use weak UV light.

The Germcide x uses this UV-C light and has its wavelength sets at its peak of effectiveness, the 268nm. In all honesty, the brains behind this sanitizing device did a great piece of work. 

With the germicide x all you need do is put your AAA batteries, activate the light, and run the light over surfaces you want to clean. With an automatic shut-off feature, the device shuts down automatically if you accidentally turn the light upward (to protect your eyes). Just do this and be assured of a job done so well.

Truly, GermCide X is one of the most revolutionary products of its kind. 

Benefits of the Germcide X

99.99% Efficiency and effectiveness: Built with the UV radiation technology, this device leaves germs on any surface of your gadget, household item scampering for safety. It kills with ruthlessness 99.9% of the germs it encounters. 

Long-Lasting: Built to always keep you protected, this device does not expire or stop work once you maintain its usage as directed. It can last for ages so far you are not carefree with it. If you’re looking for a long-lasting sanitizer, count yourself lucky. You just came across one

Frequent use is not contraindicated: Another standout feature, the germicide x is not contraindicated to use frequently. Meaning that you can use it as often as you want without having any reason to doubt its effectiveness.

Non-Invasive: Another great benefit of this handheld device. All you need do is to run its light over all the surfaces you want to clean and the job gets done.

User-friendly: Designed with simple is best approach, this device is very user friendly. Meaning that anyone can make use of this product. It does not require a special skill to handle properly. All you need do, turn it on and run it over any surface.

Universal Useability: Like we mentioned earlier in this germicide x review, this device can be used on any and every surface. It takes out the germs with the speed of light.

Useable in Dark Environments: With this device you don’t have to bother if its day or night. Owing to it ultra-violet light technology, it can work in the night or dark corners. 

100% Safety: Unlike other sanitizers that at some point may become susceptible to infections and contamination, this UV sanitizing is always safe. It is not susceptible to infections. This means that people cannot get infected through it in anyway.

Affordability: You may have started wondering, “is this device really affordable owing to it’s great features”. The answer is YES. It is quite affordable. You don’t need to break your bank to get one. Besides, it is currently in a 50% OFF Fire Sale Special Discount

Germcide X Review: Read how to use this device here

W take you on a beautiful ride on how to make use of this device. It uses what I call the hovering method. I have provided step by step process of this method below: 

Hovering method:

  • Put in your AAA batteries
  • Flip open the germicide x sanitizer
  • Switch on the non-contact sanitizer
  • Run it over all the surfaces that you want to sanitize.
  • One you’re done, switch it off through its switch off button and finally,
  • Fold it back into its resting position.

Who is the target group for the GermcideX Sanitizing device? 

The Germcide is for everyone who needs the most reliable way of making sure that his gadgets, household and office items are well sanitized.  Parents, Officers, Doctors, Celebrities can make use of this device. All you need to remember is that it must be kept out of reach of children since they may mistake its UV light for your normal touch light and may get the light into their eyes.

It is also important in places like hospitals, military facilities, factories where a precise sanitization without any physical contact is required. Coupled with the fact that it is 100% hygienic, it’s really an easy pick for anyone who wants to get a handheld sanitizing device.

Why are people rushing to get the germicide x?

  1. 30- Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee: A very stand out policy by the manufacturers of this device because of the trust they have on it, people are buying this handheld sanitizer because it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. It simply means that if you are not happy with the way the product works, you can send it back to the company and get a refund. With this 30 day money back policy, it makes a great sense to get this device right now since you can always return once you’re not satisfied with the way it works.
  2. Safety: Anther great reason people have given for getting this cleaning sanitizer is to stay safe. Quarantine or isolation means spending more time with your devices. Frequent handling of your devices means that over time, it will get dirty and will house germs. Hence it is necessary to keep your objects clean especially with this growing COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Special Offer: With the speed with which this pandemic took us unawares, it became very necessary to protect ourselves. Investing in this cleaning tool now that it comes at a 50% discount and free shipping is really a no brainer for anyone who wants to remain safe. The ball is simply in your court. 

PROs and CONS of this device

You can take a great look at some of the PROs and CONs of this device. For detailed explanation you are free to also look at the features and benefits of this device

Simple to useStock with the special offer is limited
Universal usabilityProcure on its official site
It is superfast in action

Very safe.
It can be used in dark environments
Money back guarantee for all customers

What makes Germicide X better than the other options?

Germicide X is far better than all those disinfecting liquids available for cleaning your house and spaces. The side effects of such chemicals are many and a little bit of carelessness might lead to irretrievable damage on your body.

But with the germcide x, you need not worry as it is 100% safe. The only thing is that just like every other light, you should not put it on your eye. Besides, this product is a onetime purchase and that too at a small price. It can last a lifetime if stored and kept properly.

There’s no difficulty in using it, as it’s just like a torch, which you just flash on surfaces. Also, it can be used on a device be it phones, laptops, tabletops, handles, doors and so on. It does not pick a few devices for action.

Who Makes GermCide X?

GermCide X is made by an Estonia-based company called Novads OU. That company has been spotted marketing other disaster preparedness items online in recent weeks, including the OxyBreath Pro, WildSurvive Pro survival kit and the Smart Sanitizer Pro UV sanitization system.

Novads OU doesn’t seem to manufacture any of its own products. Instead, it orders bulk products and sells them for competitive prices online.

You can contact the company via the following:


Phone: +44 20 3808 9234 (International) or +552135003992 (Brazil)

Address: Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Germcide X Review: Price

This device is quite affordable. It is currently on a discount offer though the stock for this offer is limited. Free shipping is also attached to this special offer

Available worldwide, you can order it from any part of the world. Check it out on their Official site HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is germicide safe for animals?

Answer: Yes, the radiation levels are adjusted in a manner that they won’t harm the human skin as well as your pets.

Question 2: How long should I flash Germicide X?

Answer: At most 2 minutes are enough for exposing a surface to this device.

Question 3: Can a Germicide X kill all types of microorganisms?

Answer: The device can kill harmful bacteria.

My Final Thoughts: 

Germcide X is one of the most revolutionary products of its kind. This ground-breaking device will keep your household clean and free of bacteria and viruses. 

Deployed with one of the safest technologies in the world today, it ensures that the nuclei of germ causing organisms are destroyed. With a flash of ultraviolet light, it eliminates 99.9% bacteria, viruses and other common contaminants. This precision-engineered UV light takes a second to create a clean environment, all without the use of toxic chemical. 

For anyone looking to keep his household safe, the Germcide X is a no brainer. You can’t just ignore it. 

If you are interested in making your health a priority and purchasing the Germcide X, you can get it while its still on a discount by click the button below.