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Hypoallergenic Dogs – 20 adorable dogs for allergic people

hypoallergenic dogs
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These soulful creatures have come a long way in their relationship with humans. They give us joy, companionship, unwavering loyalty, and protection. Owning a dog can be the best thing to happen to you.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get enjoy this, for reasons they can’t control.

Do you wish to have this furry bundle of joy to cuddle and play with but can’t? Don’t give up your quest yet, your answer might be hypoallergenic dogs. All hope isn’t lost yet.

Remember that your friend that starts sniffling whenever a cat is around?

Well, the same happens with dogs. People with allergy can’t tolerate having dander from dogs around, as it triggers a reaction in them.

Others just can’t stand the sight of fur mingled with everything in their homes.

Hypoallergenic dogs hardly shed so they are ideal for anyone who is allergic but wants to own a pooch. Ain’t that great?

Now, be it the sniffles or that you hate seeing fur on everything you own, nothing stops you from joining the millions of people who receive unconditional love from their dogs.

Now box up that vacuum cleaner and go get some dog accessories because you’re about to fall in love.


poodle-hypoallergenic dogs

Super smart and intelligent dogs. The poodle comes in different sizes; standard, miniature, and toy. So you can pick whichever tickles your fancy. They are hypoallergenic dogs, as they don’t cause hives or sniffling when around them. One of the things poodles are well known for is their different clippings. Every owner wants their lovely furry friend to be unique. They are one of the most popular dogs in America. They are relatively easy to train and have a playful personality.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

These dogs are just small packs of personality. Their hair won’t make you sneeze or sniffle as it’s similar to human hair than other types of fur. But be prepared for grooming as they require as much to keep their hair tangle-free. Yorkies are quite the popular breed.

Irish Water Spaniel

irish water spaniel

Just because you want one of the hypoallergenic dogs doesn’t mean you should stick to small dogs. Being the largest of the Spaniel group, the Irish water spaniel is a sturdy and energetic dog who always wants to please. The “rat tail” as it is also called has a coat with dense curls that barely sheds. It sure is a hypoallergenic dog.

Bichon Frise

bichon frise-hypoallergenic dogs

“Fluffy white dog”, as their name suggests portrays this dog perfectly. They are pure white in color with just the most beautiful black eyes out there. Their size makes you want to carry them around everywhere. It has been recommended by the American kennel club to be hypoallergenic, hence suitable for you.

Shih Tzu

shih tzu

The Shih Tzu or “lion dog” exudes royalty. It’s been a pet of the Chinese royal family for ages. They are very charismatic and amiable. Though they are hypoallergenic dogs, their hair grows out long and needs a fair amount of upkeep.



Being called the perfect pet might not totally be an exaggeration. They have silky long coats that can be clipped for easy upkeep. But you can also leave it to grow out and make your dog look majestic. Asides being one of the hypoallergenic dogs, the Havanese is smart, happy, friendly, and affectionate.

Afghan Hound

afghan hound

“Dignified” is one way to describe the Afghan hound. Its coat is thick, silky, and beautiful. Just plan to add grooming to your daily routine as their hair can easily tangle if not taken care of. These adorable hounds don’t shed.

Coton De Tulear

coton de tulear
Coton de Tulear in front of white background

Such an elegant name. Also known as the “royal dog of Madagascar”, this dog is playful, intelligent, and affectionate. They have a cotton-like coat that resembles the Bichon. It won’t trigger your allergies like the traditional dig fur. This dog is fun as it is always eager to please.


basenji-hypoallergenic dogs

Originally bred from African stock, the basenji is a playful, affectionate, and intelligent dog. They are classified as hounds but they don’t have the reputation of barking a lot as other hounds do. They are well tolerated by allergic owners as their short fine coat minimally sheds. One of the caveats is that they’re not as easy to train.

Lagotto Romagnolo

lagotto rogmanolo

You can already guess it’s Italian. These wooly pups are affectionate, active, and calm. They are small to medium-sized dogs and are sure one of the hypoallergenic dogs. It has a knack for truffle hunting but it could just be hunting down toys in your backyard as well.

Bedlington Terrier

bedlington terrier

It’s not difficult to mistake this dog for a lamb from afar. These cuddly terriers are inquisitive, intelligent, good companions, and great watchdogs. They have a wooly coat thrown into curls. Hypoallergenic but not really low maintenance as you’d have to brush it at least once weekly.

West Highland Terrier

west highland terrier

Originally bred to hunt burrowing animals, westies are curious and independent thinkers. They have a merry attitude and will keep you smiling with their silly personality. They are one of the most popular terriers because of their friendly nature. And of course, they’re towards the minus size.



At first glance, you’d be wondering how a dog got dreadlocks. It has been discovered that this dog sheds minimally and doesn’t need constant brushing. Though you should still care for them as dirt can tangle with their “dreads”. Their personality can be hard to deal with but they make a very good family pet.


bolognese-hypoallergenic dogs

Named after a city, the Bolognese is a compact dog with a unique white coat. Their wooly hair falls in open ringlets all over their body. Their hair loss pattern is similar to us humans, hence doesn’t cause allergic reactions to owners. The Bolognese is an earnest, easygoing, and intelligent dog but can be stubborn too. As your furry little friend, it promises a close relationship with you.

Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

The Lhasa Apso is a small breed that loves playful antics. Due to its origin as a sentinel in Himalayan monasteries, they developed a double coat against the cold. You can let this dog look epicurean by leaving its hair to grow out long. Or trim it to reduce grooming time. The coat of a Lhasa is one of the most loved ones around.

Chinese Crested

chinese crested

At first glance, they look like a creature out straight out of fairytales. They are typical lap dogs therefore are at their happiest when cuddling. They are sweet-tempered, lively, and happy. They are hairless dogs but come in two varieties; with or without fur, known as the powderpuff and the hairless. Even though both varieties are hypoallergenic, it’d be best if you go for the hairless as an allergy sufferer.



The “King of terriers” was originally bred for hunting and as a farm dog. The Airedale terrier has a fairly lengthy coat with a black and tan coat. This is one of the hypoallergenic dogs suitable to allergic owners. They are intelligent, stoic and strong-minded, and might not be very easy to train. Nevertheless, they are a good choice for a family dog



These are rare breeds. They are water dogs with a wooly curly coat that grows long and needs regular grooming to prevent matting. This furry buddy is joyful, intelligent, and friendly though needs lifelong obedience training. They love getting cozy with the family, they wouldn’t trade it for the world. You can twirl your face in their body all day long and you’ll be safe because they’re hypoallergenic.

Giant Schnauzer

giant schnauzer

They are known for their iconic mustached snout and feathery eyebrows. Giant schnauzers were bred to be working dogs as far back as the 17th century in Germany. They are protective,  playful, and independent thinkers. Albeit the name giant, it is nowhere near the large dogs. The giant schnauzer is likable while at rest, but can also be a commanding figure when triggered.


maltese - hypoallergenic dogs

These are so small and light that being called “lapdogs” befit them perfectly. Their sparkly white coat is hypoallergenic hence won’t stir up any reaction even if you decide to go unlimited cuddling. The shape of their fur depends on you and how much upkeep you can offer.

We’ve come to the end of this cute picture roll. Not only have you been smitten with these adorable pups but you now have an array of hypoallergenic dogs to pick from.