InfinitiKloud Review 2020

infinitikloud review
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Why Do I Need to Back up My Laptop Files?

These days, everyone’s entire life is on their cell phone, computer, and tablet, so backing up these devices on a regular basis is crucial. Let’s face it, most of us have hundreds and maybe even thousands of photographs, videos, word documents, spreadsheets, and much more on our electronic devices.

Some of us even have much more important and confidential information such as tax records and bank account details.

Living day to day without backing up all these important data from your devices is dangerous and outright irresponsible. Here’s why…

Firstly, Your computer is susceptible to a virus. Each time you are connected to the internet, you are at risk of getting your computer or smartphone infected with a virus especially if you regularly download files to your computer.

Secondly, hard drive failures are a real thing, you might be using your computer today and the next day it fails to switch on. This happens more often than you’d think. A seemingly fine computer suddenly stops working. Trust me you don’t want that to be you, especially if you’ve got important files on your computer.

The solution is to back up your important files periodically, of course, you can use cloud storage services like google drive and dropbox but what if you happen to be without internet access, then you can’t access your backup.

I don’t know about you but the point of having a backup is so that I will be able to access my files anytime anywhere regardless of if I have a working internet connection.

Also, there is the issue of security, it is common knowledge that big tech companies regularly misuse our personal and sensitive data so it might not be a smart move to backup your documents to the internet.

What option does that leave you?

This is where InfinitiKloud comes into play, the device claims to be the future of safe and secure storage for photos and files.

Let’s dive into the article and you’ll learn what we think about this device.

What Is InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is a new device that aims to backup your most important files. It is essential a usb drive that is specialized for backing up your important documents. In the event of a laptop crash, you can rest easy knowing that your important files are safely backed up.


you insert into a USB drive on your laptop to back up all of the files located there. It is a flash drive but it does so much more than a standard flash drive does. Once it’s inserted into your laptop or phone, you simply click on the screen and the rest is easy because the device does all of the hard work for you. Even better, it doesn’t take hours to back up your hard drive, so you can save everything on your computer or phone quickly and easily.

With InfinitiKloud, there are no cables or power cords needed, no software or programs to install, and no external hard drives or cloud subscriptions to cause you grief. Its one-click backup capability means you can protect your photos, music, documents, videos, and everything else on your computer with no inconvenience on your part. It is an uncomplicated, fast process that won’t have you dreading backing up your computer, regardless of how many files are involved.

InfinitiKloud Specifications

The InfinitiKloud is roughly the same size as other flash drives and can therefore fit in the palm of your hand, which means approximately 3” x 3” x 2”. Other important specifications include:

  • It comes with a free USB-C adapter for convenience and compatibility.
  • It comes with a slider that allows you to easily push the device in or out.
  • It gives you read/write speeds of up to 100 MB/s.
  • It is compatible with both Mac and PC products.
  • It is very lightweight and compact.
  • It is very time-efficient and backs up your files within minutes, not hours.
  • It provides up to 128GB of storage.
  • It weighs roughly 3.75 ounces.

Indeed, you don’t have to be concerned with the technical aspects of this device because in the end, the only thing that matters is that it works. Period!

Features of InfinitiKloud

There are many important features for the InfinitiKloud USB backup device, and below are just a few of them:

  • It allows you to back up your files in numerous languages, including English, German, French, Portuguese, and others, making it perfect for international business people. 
  • It allows you to restore your backed-up files at any location, so you can utilize personalized file extensions if you like.
  • It has a fast transfer speed rate – 4.4 gigabytes per second – which means you won’t have to wait long for your files to back up properly.
  • It requires less power than other backup sticks, which means it will continue to work even if your electronic device is in low-battery mode.
  • It supports laptops, desktops, tablets, notebooks, and cell phones – anything that has a USB port, which makes it super convenient for anyone with these electronic devices.
  • It uses USB 3.0 technology to locate and restore your preferred files, allowing you to select the files or data you need backed up.

Once you start using your own InfinitiKloud device, you’ll learn to appreciate other aspects of this amazing backup stick, allowing you to appreciate all of its many features and benefits.

How Does InfinitiKloud Work?

Basically, InfinitiKloud works on a private cloud, not a public one, which means it uses proprietary software and patented hardware that allows you to back up your files quickly and simply every time. The way it works is very simple. First, you plug the device into your laptop or cell phone. Next, you can either install the InfinitiKloud app or find InfinitiKloud in your File Explorer. Finally, you click on the Start icon, enabling the device to automatically locate and back up select file types.

Best of all, InfinitiKloud works with any electronic device, including Macs, PCs, Android cell phones, and laptops. It even works with both the most recent and the previous models of these devices, and you get a free USB-C device and a micro-USB adapter so that you get full compatibility every time. InfinitiKloud makes the entire process easy for you because that is what the device does best. It therefore allows you a lot more simplicity in your life so that you can start concentrating on other things.

What Is So Special About InfinitiKloud?

Its ease of use and efficiency are the two most important characteristics of the InfinitiKloud backup drive. With this device, there is no more paying for online cloud spaces and having to rely on an Internet connection just to back up your files. You also don’t have to install any special software, and the device works even without an Internet connection. You can, of course, connect the device to Wi-Fi to store your files, but again, no Internet is needed to do this.

The InfinitiKloud drive is easy to use and small enough to carry with you wherever you go, making it extremely convenient for people who are super busy – which includes everyone! It offers a Class 10 high-speed transfer capability and is also water-resistant, making it a worry-free device regardless of where you’re planning on taking it. Of course, the company website does recommend that you create several backups for your data, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and do this once you receive your device.

Why Choose InfinitiKloud Over Other Alternatives?

Simply put, InfinitiKloud out does its competitors thanks to its ease of use, its super-fast backup capability, and its compatibility with all electronic devices. The fact that you don’t need any special software, or even any computer or technical skills, to operate the device is certainly an added bonus but one that shouldn’t be underestimated. This is simply an incredibly easy and fast way to back up your files, which means you’re likely to back up your files much more often.

How to Use InfinitiKloud

Once again, the ease of use that the InfinitiKloud device offers is its main asset for most users. It is even available in a flashy, attractive red case that makes it aesthetically appealing as well as efficient. All you have to do to get started is plug it into your laptop’s USB port. When the USB drive appears on your computer screen, simply click on it and follow the step-by-step instructions that allow the automatic backup process to take place.

You have to choose your preferred files for backup, and you can even choose a specific time for the backup process to take place, which is yet another convenient feature of this device. According to what you’ve selected, the device can even store images and sensitive financial information if this is what you need it to do. If you choose to back up your data at a later time, don’t forget to make sure the InfinitiKloud USB stick is inserted into your USB port before that time arrives. You can even change the time if you like, as long as the original time you scheduled hasn’t arrived yet.

As long as your computer has a USB connection port, you can use the InfinitiKloud stick to back up your data. It does, however, come with a USB-C adapter in case you have a newer computer and need the stick to be compatible with it. The USB-C adapter can also be used on those types of cell phones. One of the many advantages that this stick offers is that few, if any, other USB backup sticks offer, is its own software that is built into the stick. This means you never have to download time-consuming and cumbersome programs just for your backup stick to work properly.

Pros and Cons of InfinitiKloud

Like any other product, especially a tech-related product, InfinitiKloud has advantages and disadvantages. This is a fairly new product and therefore, there will always be customers who will love the product and those who won’t care for it. This is unavoidable. Below are some of the pros and cons of the InfinitiKloud backup drive.


  • Extremely fast speed (USB 3.0) that allows you to back up your files in minutes.
  • It comes with a free micro-USB adapter and a USB-C device.
  • It is compatible with PCs, Windows, Android, and Mac products.
  • It offers wireless transfer via Wi-Fi.
  • It works without logging onto the Internet.
  • Lightweight and portable, allowing you to travel with it easily.
  • One-click backup that is super easy.
  • One-click way to restore all of your files and photos.
  • You can back up more than one device.
  • You can easily add more memory if you like.
  • You can move files from an Android device to a computer and vice versa.
  • You can select the memory size that suits your needs.


  • As of now, you can only order the device online.
  • The supply is sometimes limited.

Overall, this is not a product that gets a lot of complaints. Customers love the ease of use and the device’s efficiency, and it appears that the vast majority of people who have tried the device absolutely love it.

Who Is InfinitiKloud Best Suited for?

Because it is so easy to use and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to take advantage of its many features, the InfinitiKloud backup USB device is perfect for anyone who has a computer or cell phone that they back up regularly. Individuals, businesspeople, and both high school and college students are just some of the people who will greatly benefit from this device. Furthermore, because it comes in three different storage ranges, you can easily find the one that best suits your needs. Whether you have 25,000 photos or more than 100,000 that you want to save and keep, there is an InfinitiKloud backup drive with your name on it!

The device is also perfect for people who have never backed up their electronic devices because they thought it would be too time-consuming or difficult. Since it takes InfinitiKloud just minutes to back up your laptop or cellphone and you can do so with the click of a button, backing up your data has never been easier.

How Effective Is InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is effective for numerous reasons. First of all, it works properly and quickly every time you go to back up your files. The device not only has its own software, but it automatically detects and starts to back up the files you need saved. If you’re technologically challenged, not to worry because of all of the USB backup devices currently on the market, the InfinitiKloud stick is by far the most advanced, the simplest to use, and the fastest one as well.

Customer Reviews of InfinitiKloud

When researching a particular InfinitiKloud review online, reviews from real-life customers are truly invaluable because this is the best way to learn exactly what users love about the product. Below are just a few of the reviews mentioned on various websites about this product.

Just bought three more InfinitiKlouds! One for my son who is in high school and needs to back up his homework on his Mac. One for my husband who is always losing his S10 phone somewhere, but wants to keep his photos. And one for my work so I can quickly get all my documents like excel sheets to take home from desktop computer! And I can move files to any USB device. (Mai M., San Diego, CA)

Delivery for this product was super fast so I was pleased. If you store as many valuable documents and photos as I do you really need this device for quick and convenient backup that you 100% control. It’s fast. It feels good knowing I can restore all my valuable docs and photos with one click from my Surface and even to my Google phone! (Katie L., New York, NY)

InfinitiKloud Price

The InfinitiKloud device comes in three different designs: one that holds 32GB of information, one that holds 64GB of information, and one that holds 128GB of information. All of the prices are reasonable and are broken down like this:

32GB (holds 25,000+ photos)

  • One device for $34.99.
  • Two devices for $69.98.
  • Three devices for $78.73.

64GB (holds 50,000+ photos)

  • One device for $49.99.
  • Two devices for $99.98.
  • Three devices for $112.48.

128GB (holds 100,000+ photos)

  • One device for $69.99.
  • Two devices for $139.98.
  • Three devices for $157.48.

The per-device price goes down when you purchase more than one of these devices, and all of the prices are affordable for nearly everyone.

Where to Buy InfinitiKloud

You may be able to find InfinitiKloud on one or more e-commerce sites, but it’s best if you purchase it from the official website. With new products such as this one that haven’t been on the market for very long, it is always possible to come across fake websites that won’t sell the real product but instead offer you an illegitimate copy. The official InfinitiKloud website is found at, and this is the one you should choose to buy your own InfinitiKloud USB device.


The more you read about the InfinitiKloud USB backup stick, the more anxious you’ll become to purchase one for yourself. In addition to all of the advantages listed so far, InfinitiKloud also works with all types of computers, including Asus, MS, iMac, Mac Mini, Samsung, Acer, Surface, HP, Lenovo, Dell, notebooks, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and of course, Android cell phones. In fact, if your computer or cell phone has a USB connection port, it will very likely work with the InfinitiKloud backup stick to safely and efficiently back up all of your important files.

Yet another important advantage to purchasing the InfinitiKloud stick is its 30-day money-back guarantee, which can eliminate any concerns you might have about the device and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Not that you’re likely to use this guarantee, because on nearly every website that offers a review of the InfinitiKloud stick, most have given the product a 5-star rating (out of 5 possible stars), which tells you a lot about how good the product is.