Lingoget Reviews [2020]- Is It Worth Buying?

Lingoget reviews
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Lingoget Reviews

How many times have you traveled abroad and felt lost because absolutely no one speaks the same language as you? The taxi driver drives you to the wrong location; the room service messes up your order; the server at the local café gets offended by your kind words.

We’ve all been through this at least once in our lives, and God forbid you to find yourself in such a situation in a not-so-tourist-friendly country – You’d be completely on your own and supported by your gut feeling and intuition.

This is especially a hindrance if you have been gifted with the bug of wanderlust. During my travels abroad, whenever I have found myself stuck in a similar situation, I’ve sworn to go back home and at least learn the basics of the national language of the country I’ll be traveling to next. 

However, your and my ordeals are now hopefully short living with the help of Lingoget. Lingoget claims to solve your language-related problems by introducing a revolutionary learning technique that enables its user to learn a new language very conveniently.

In this article, I’ll particularly go over Lingoget’s pros and cons, explain what it does in detail, go over its features and discuss whether or not you need it in your life.

What Is Lingoget?

Just imagine how gratifying would it feel for you to speak French the next time you are in Paris? Just picture how easy your next foreign trip would be if you managed to learn the local language before your visit. The avenues it would open for you would be countless.

If that seems a little out of your budget, think of how cool would you seem when you speak with your neighbors in their native language? If you aren’t a people person, how about taking up a highly paid job as a translator subject to you learning a language that’s rare in your area?

Additionally, if you are a corporate and a professional and often have to travel overseas to close deals in foreign countries, you must have experienced a common language barrier when traveling to a country where English isn’t the most popular language.

You must have felt that if you had been able to speak the same language as you to-be business partners, you could have made a better deal out of your meeting.

Lingoget claims to do just that – it is a language learning device that enables its user to learn from any of the 30+ popular languages in its system faster than ever.

The science behind this product is based upon a newly introduced learning technique that combines repetition and speech recognition to enable you to learn a language in record time. One could think of Lingoget as their personal language assistant or personal little language learning tool.

Features Of Lingoget 

Lingoget has a number of unique features that promise to make it a revolutionary learning device. Its features include:

  • Effortless Learning Technique: The user can learn up to 30 or more languages in just a matter of a month. The time frame for learning a new language – which usually ranges between anywhere from 3 to 4 months – is shortened by Lingoget due to its newly designed learning technique that combines repetition and speech recognition technologies.
  • Native Speaking: Lingoget enables its user to help them learn any and everything in a new language that they need to make daily and regular conversations. The product promises that the user shall be able to converse like a native, without an accent, and be able to have a conversation in both formal and casual settings easily. 
  • Multiple Levels: Lingoget has three basic levels of courses: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 
  • At the beginner level, the user learns over 1000 words of their chosen language in a day. 
  • In the intermediate level, the user learns how to use short phrases and get their way through almost 98% of real-life conversations. 
  • At the advanced level, the user absolutely masters the language. Upon completion of the advanced level of any language, Lingoget promises that the user will begin to speak the language as if they are a native speaker and have been speaking it for years.
  • On-the-go learning: Lingoget also enables on-the-go learning which is especially helpful as you can use Lingoget in your free time. For instance, if you are stuck in traffic, or are on the bus or train on your way home. Since the device is pretty small and easy to carry around, you can carry it with you wherever and practice learning on the move.
  • Child-friendly: Research says that it’s easier to learn a language at an early age and kids often pick up snippets of multiple languages just by watching the TV and strolling through different channels. Lingoget is child-friendly and since it has multiple levels of learning, your child can easily catch up with the device. Additionally, the mobile application that Lingoget is linked to is ad-free and hence that means no distraction for your child’s learning experience.

How Does Lingoget Work?

Lingoget reviews

To use the product, your first have to order or purchase the hardware component of Lingoget that is a simple handheld device, about half the size of a smartphone.

You then need to open Lingoget’s mobile application on your smartphone and sync the device, your phone, and the application together. Lingoget promises that the first 1000 words of any new language are learned up to 8 times faster with their device as compared to learning with traditional methods using a notebook and a pen, or a tutor.

Once you open Lingoget’s mobile application, you can choose the language you want to learn and its difficulty level. The handheld device then follows through and you begin your learning journey.

By using the application, you can keep track of exactly how well or bad you are doing and hence improve your performance further. Lingoget promises that it can be thought of as your personal language assistant or a personal tutor that is available by your side 24/7.

Lingoget claims to have been developed by some of the greatest scientific minds, and the product’s clean and smart features indicate so too. Lingoget particularly focuses on your pronunciation so that upon completion of a language course you speak like a true native.

Additionally, Lingoget comes with a micro USB cable and can be charged anywhere anytime. It takes almost four hours to completely charge itself and has a very long-lasting battery.

What Makes Lingoget So Special?

Lingoget review

The fact that it enables you to learn more than 30 languages from the ease of just having your phone and a small device with you at all times, is truly exceptional.

While there do exist other smartphone applications that promise to teach you new languages quickly too, Lingoget is truly unique in the sense that it talks to you and listens to you like a real tutor.

Due to its combination of repetition and speech recognition technology, Lingoget behaves like a real tutor as it gives you feedback in real-time.

To add to this, learning a new language using books, a pen and paper can feel like you are cramming a lot. With Lingoget, learning becomes fun due to its multiple features and product design, and you don’t feel like learning a new language is a task anymore.

Additionally, Lingoget focuses on teaching you real-life phrases and emphasizes real-life speaking skills rather than textbook knowledge. It truly grabs the essence of the nature you are learning and helps you learn phrases that even native speakers have difficulties in differentiating between.

To add to this, Lingoget is so special because it has taken a pretty difficult task such as learning a new language, and narrowed it down to a simple little device that operates with just two buttons.

Also, Lingoget notably has a very simple and easy to use interface. The handheld Lingoget device merely has two buttons on its body – one acts as a switch-on button and the other acts as a record button.

The simple interface combined with its ad-free mobile application makes it ideal for use in any setting and by anyone. The simplicity in its design allows it to be used by individuals of all ages and education levels and helps them learn a new language irrespective of their current or previous understanding of that language. 

How To Use Lingoget

The beauty of Lingoget lies in its simplicity. The sleek design combined with the careful use of its smartphone application really wins it for me. The product is an excellent alternative to language tutoring classes that takes months to teach a language and charge you hundreds of dollars too.

Overall, I feel that Lingoget’s claims to be a revolutionary product aren’t wasted due to the ease of use associated with it which is summarized as below:

Step 1: Purchase Lingoget’s hardware component from their official website.

Step 2: Once your package arrives, open Lingoget’s application on your mobile or smartphone

Step 3: Sync your Lingoget learning assistant with your smartphone application

Step 4: Choose the language you want to learn

Step 5: Choose the difficulty level you want to begin with

Step 6: Learn like there’s no tomorrow from the ease and comfort of your home, your office, your school or college – from absolutely anywhere.

Step 7: Switch off Lingoget when you are done.

Lingoget also has two different modes for its users. The first mode, which is the translator mode, can be used to translate any foreign language you are hearing in real-time.

This is an excellent tool and truly revolutionary technology that you can have access to 24/7 as it stays on your palm and you can carry it around easily.

The second mode is the teacher mode, which allows the user to learn a new lesson everyday. Every lesson typically comprises of 15-20 minutes and can be taken from absolutely anywhere and at anytime.

Individuals can switch between the two modes rapidly and easily by choosing the mode on their device or through their application. The mobile application is a great conjuncture to the handheld device that enables seamless learning and understanding for the individual user.

Pros And Cons [Lingoget Reviews]

Lingoget review

Lingoget has several pros and cons associated with it. I’ll be discussing its benefits and pros first:


  • You can choose to learn absolutely any language from its directory of 30+ languages
  • You can learn from the comfort of your home or from absolutely anywhere: your office, school, college, on the train, on the plane, or in a café
  • Lingoget is pocket-friendly when compared to the self-help language books or language tutors out there
  • Lingoget takes lesser time to teach you a new language as compared to self-help language books or language tutors out there
  • Books can be associated with one feeling lazy at the thought of even open them and Lingoget limits that factor of laziness as it a hand-held device that sort of resembles a phone and hence removes the initial learning barrier
  • Lingoget is easy to use and gives the user feedback in real-time
  • It is very useful for everyday use
  • It has a battery life of up to 12hours

The cons of Lingoget include the following:

  • The stock on the official website is very limited and easily sells out whenever restocked
  • You can only purchase Lingoget from its official website

Who Is Lingoget For?

Lingoget is for anyone and everyone who wishes to learn a new language and add to their skills. Whether you are a student, a corporate professional, a school teacher, a university professor, or love to travel, Lingoget is for one and everyone.

Who Is Lingoget Not Suited For?

For individuals who feel like they would never be in a setting where they need to speak another language and are in professions that limit their traveling. Or those who simply can not be bothered with learning a new language, Lingoget is not the product for them.

Additionally, if you feel that learning languages are a very strenuous task to do, Lingoget is not the product for you. While certain individuals have a natural knack for picking up new languages, most people do not.

However, Lingoget works seamlessly for both such individuals and it innately depends on the individual’s internal will whether they want to or whether they don’t want to pursue learning a new language. Lingoget gives the best results in individuals who have the drive to learn naturally.

Lingoget Customer Reviews

It is always better to hear from a person what a product is like when they have used it extensively. Before buying a product, it is important to hear from people who have already purchased and used that product to judge its performance and capability.

Before making any financial decision involving a purchase, a smart individual should search for the product or service that they are looking to buy and go through its reviews. Hence, I’ve compiled customer reviews for Lingoget to help you decide on the product:

Jeff Sanders – 25th November 2020: Definitely a very nice and innovative approach to learning new languages! I like that they focus on teaching you the everyday words and phrases that are important, and focus on fast-paced learning rather than going through a bunch of books and tests. Would highly recommend it!

Kevin Williams – 25th November 2020: LingoGet is very helpful to learn foreign languages easily or to understand any conversation. I have also learned many languages with the help of LingoGet, it’s very easy to use, I highly recommend it.

Andrew Johnson – 26th November 2020: I think this is the best platform for Learn 40+ languages in 30 days! Designed by our top scientific minds Lingoget uses REVOLUTIONARY speech recognition technology to make learning fast and effortless.

Galindez Omar – 22nd November 2020: Forget books and tests, Lingoget is the NEW way to master ANY language

Kyle Griffin – 23rd November 2020: I highly recommend this product. The Lingoget has made my overseas trips a joy.

Each of these reviews was selected randomly from a list of reviews online, and each of these is seemingly positive and positively talk about the product.

Price Of Lingoget

If you buy one Lingoget, it costs you 89.00 Euros with free shipping.

If you buy two Lingogets, they cost you 69.00 Euros each and hence a total of 138,00 Euros with free shipping.

If you buy four Lingogets, they cost you 55.00 Euros each and hence a total of 220,00 Euros with free shipping.

You can also choose their limited edition offer in which you get two Lingogets and get one Lingoget for free, with each Lingoget amounting to 59,00 Euros each and the total coming at 177.00 Euros.

You can also choose their other limited edition offer in which you get three Lingogets and get two Lingoget for free, with each Lingoget amounting to 53,00 Euros each and the total coming at 265.00 Euros.

Where To Buy Lingoget

You can buy the product directly from Lingoget’s official website t and get free shipping, exclusive discounts, and access to exclusive offers.

Additionally, their website is managed by the manufacturers and hence you cut out any middlemen’s expenses. The website has several payment options including but not limited to Paypal and credit card, which are secure modes of payment and hence you can ensure that your money will be safe.

In case you wish to contact the manufacturer, given below are a few details to helps you do so:

Tel.: +1 (916) 999-9016
Address: Gedimino g. 45-7, LT-44239 Kaunas
Company: UAB Ekomlita
Company Number: 305049890
VAT Code: LT100012239118

What Comes In The Box 

When you order Lingoget, it comes with a box which has the Lingoget device, a USB cable adapter and a few how-to brochures including a warranty and 30-day back guarantee card. The packaging is sleek and limits from any damage in the mail.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Lingoget comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that covers your product expenses and accepts your product returns within a 30-day time frame provided that Lingoget did not work out for you or if you simply weren’t satisfied with the product.

If you try out Lingoget and end up deciding that you do not like the way it works for whatever reason, you can always return it and get a full refund within the period of 30 days.

This money-back guarantee makes it much safer for individuals who want to try out this new product but are afraid that they might end up wasting their money. This assurance that you will get your money back in case you aren’t satisfied with Lingoget’s performance is truly helpful and promising.


In conclusion, overall I feel Lingoget is a well enabled and powerful tool that can help one in learning new languages. While it may seem too good to be true, Lingoget suggests that it really is way too good to be true and performs well and above one’s expectations.

If you as an individual feel the need or are required to learn a new language, I’d suggest that Lingoget could be of great help to you. Whether your work or study compels it, or whether you are genuinely interested in learning new languages for the sake of bettering yourself, Lingoget can help you in either case and become a true learning assistant for you.

Irrespective of your learning capabilities or SAT score, Lingoget can help you learn a new language with ease and comfort.

In addition to it being a revolutionary product, Lingoget is also an excellent tool for learning. Not only can you teach your own self a new language, but you can also use it to teach new languages to your students, colleagues, children, parents, friends, and family alike. Click the button below to get yours.