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Memory SafeX Review

A picture is worth a thousand words – a term that holds much truth and value to it. Photographs and videos are often taken to help capture special moments and memories. The idea behind these memories is to have them forever – but when these files are not backed up, they are at risk. Viruses, hardware errors, and software problems can affect both smartphones and computers. When these problems come up, it puts all of these media files at risk of being lost. 

While it is possible to subscribe to a cloud storage service and keep all of these memories online, this comes with a monthly bill to pay. Memory SafeX poses as an excellent alternative backup device, giving you the ability to securely store photos, videos, music, and other media files on a built-in storage system.

The device is easy to use, yet powerful, and automatically scans the attached device for appropriate files to back up. We take a closer look at what Memory SafeX is and how this little device could help you. 

What Is Memory SafeX? (Memory SafeX Review)

Memory SafeX Review

Memory SafeX is a small device that looks like just a standard flash drive at first glance, but the underlying features that you get with the product are much more than what a USB drive is able to offer you. The product was designed specifically for people who want to keep a local backup of memories, photographs, video files, music, and related media with them at all times. 

The Memory SafeX drive comes with a large 1TB internal storage capacity, which is quite impressive for a portable storage device. The device comes with built-in firmware that allows it to automatically go to work once connected to a supported product, such as your computer, laptop, or smartphone. 

Once connected, the Memory SafeX drive will automatically search for media files on the device. After identifying these files, the stick will automatically download them onto its built-in storage – this ensures you have a full backup of all your precious memories that you do not want to lose. Getting those memories back on any of your devices is just as easy – simply connect the device to an appropriate product and browse for the files you want to restore.

How Does Memory SafeX Work? (Memory SafeX Review)

Memory SafeX comes with built-in firmware that has been developed from scratch to act as an automatic backup device. The product does come with an accompanying app that can be installed from the manufacturer’s official website – or directly from the device itself. 

Once installed, the app’s interface allows you to navigate through the various features that the stick offers. Here, you can browse through the files that have been backed up to the Memory SafeX drive. You can also customize the specific files you wish the drive to back up – ensuring the storage space that is available to keep your memories secure is not wasted on unnecessary videos, photos, and other media files. 

The Benefits Of Memory SafeX (Memory SafeX Review)

There are many benefits that you can expect the Memory SafeX drive to offer you should you decide to make an investment in this particular product. The primary benefit that does come to mind when you think about investing in the Memory SafeX drive is the fact that the product offers you the ability to keep a local backup of your most precious memories, including audio files, images, and video files. 

There are other benefits that you should also take note of if you are looking at whether or not it might be worth your money to invest in this particular device. Let’s consider a few of these potential benefits:

  • The drive comes with 1TB storage capacity, which is adequate for storing hundreds of thousands of files. 
  • You can back up a large variety of media files with the Memory SafeX stick – including photos and videos, as well as audio files.
  • The device is easy to use and comes with an accompanying app that allows you to manage your backups easily.
  • The Memory SafeX is compatible with a large variety of devices, including Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, and computers. 
  • There are multiple ports that can be used to connect the Memory SafeX drive to devices – including USB, MicroUSB, and a lightning port for Apple devices.
  • The device can automatically scan the connected device for media files that should be backed up. 
  • The product comes with a single price tag – no need to pay a monthly subscription fee as expected when deciding to make use of a cloud storage service to back up media files. 

Are There Any Drawbacks To Memory SafeX?

While the Memory SafeX drive comes with a number of benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks that you should also take note of before you make the final decision to invest in the product. 

The major drawback for many people who have tried the Memory SafeX drive in the past is the fact that the app that accompanies the product can be somewhat difficult to navigate to some. Even though the device was made to be exceptionally easy to use, the confusion imposed by the UI of the app can make it a less convenient product for some people. 

Another factor to consider is that the device only comes in a 1TB option, and this might be a large investment for some people. It would have definitely been beneficial if the Memory SafeX had a smaller alternative at a reduced price. 

How Much Does Memory SafeX Cost?

The Memory SafeX is actually a surprisingly affordable device when you consider the fact that the product comes with a 1TB internal storage system. In the majority of cases, a 1TB storage device would come attached with a much large price tag. 

You can also save a significant amount of money if you decide to buy right now. The Memory SafeX is currently selling at a discount price.

If you choose to buy just a single stick now, you will pay $59 for the product. 

Also, there are packages available that offer each unit at a more affordable price:

  • Buy 2 Memory SafeX sticks for $89 (pay $45 per device)
  • Buy 4 Memory SafeX sticks for $129 (pay $32 per device)

If you buy three drives, you get two additional ones for free. You can also choose a lower bulk package – pay for two Memory SafeX drives and get the third one for free. 

Where To Buy Memory SafeX?

The Memory SafeX drive is not available in local stores. If you are interested in getting your hands on this device, you will have to visit the brand’s official website and complete a checkout process. Once payment is confirmed for the drive, the manufacturer will ship it to the delivery address entered during the checkout process. 


Photos and videos often hold valuable memories that people will treasure for the rest of their lives, but when there is only a single local copy of these files, a problem with a smartphone or laptop could cause all of these memories to be lost. Memory SafeX offers a convenient way of ensuring there is a secure backup of all media files, including videos, photographs, music, and more – all safely stored on the device’s 1TB internal memory.

The product is generally very easy to use, even for those people who are not too familiar with computers and other technologies. There is no need to install special software, and the device instantly does what it is supposed to do – search through a computer or smartphone to conveniently back up appropriate media files.  

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