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Mindinsole Review 2020 – Best Insoles For Foot Pain?

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We have all had to bear with unbearable leg and foot pain after a long day at work. It has happened to all of us at one point or another in our lives. The primary reason behind this is that standing on our feet for long periods of time or wearing shoes that are illfitting can cause us serious health issues.

These issues can vary from foot pain to backache to even alterations to our posture. The best solution to overcome these problems is to change our posture or give ourselves some sort of relief that will help us deal with long days at work.

Foot pain cannot just be narrowed down to standing for long hours or work-related issues.

It can also be caused by something as simple as going shopping and jogging for a few extra miles. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of being health conscious.

Health is not only about taking care of hygiene, it is also our responsibility to give equal importance to every part of our body. Foot related issues have been known to lead to other serious diseases like back pain, heart problems and obesity.

Mindinsole is claiming to solve these problems for you. Their new and innovate product focuses on the use of acupuncture principles to reduce the discomfort caused by having to wear shoes all day long. Imagine walking for all day and yet not having to worry about foot pain at the end of the day.

Well, that is exactly what Mindinsole is claiming to offer you. In this article, we will be doing a critical analysis of the product that can possibly make your foot pain disappear.

What is Mindinsole?

Mindinsole offers feet insoles that are designed to alleviate your foot pain, reduce discomfort, cool your feet, and improve blood circulation. The product has incorporated various acupuncture principles that facilitate in massaging your feet as you walk.

There are 12 major large acupoints to help in pain relief and ensure your comfort. Mindinsole also has 120 medium acupoints that help in massaging your feet. And a further 270 micro acupoints help in blood circulation.

The product is aimed at solving a basic problem, we do not give as much importance to our feet as we give to other parts of the body. This negligence can come back to haunt us in the form of unbearable hip pain, back pain or can also lead to bunions. Let us now look at why we need to take good care of our feet and how not doing so might affect us.

Why must we take care of our feet?

Have you ever worked through an entire day at work while the pain in your feet gave you hell? If you have, you must know the importance of foot care. We majorly depend on our feet right from morning to night, it starts from our morning jog and ends after we come back from work at night. When we are suffering from foot pain, our productivity tends to decrease. A normal human body is not built to withstand pain for too long, hence productivity and pain are inversely proportional.

The problems may seem like it starts from our feet, but let us look at what this basic problem can lead to. If we are suffering from constant foot pain, our productivity in physical activity will naturally reduce, and this can most certainly lead to heart disease or obesity. We can tackle the issue of feet pain by choosing the proper footwear and working on our posture, but there are still going to be problems. The only way to completely do away with this problem is by choosing the perfect insole for our footwear.

Let us look at a few of the major problems caused by not taking care of our feet:

1) Athlete’s Foot

2) Blisters

3) Bunions

4) Heart diseases

5) Obesity

6) Corns and calluses

7) Claw toes and mallet toes

8) Ingrown Toenails

9) Toenail Fungus

10) Aggravation of diabetic problems

We can do away with these conditions if we take proper care to not put undue stress on our feet, but for people working in sales or in real-estate, this is impossible. We must look for other frugal measures to solve our problem.

The most plausible solution must seem like having regular foot massages or acupuncture therapy to give ourselves some relief, but the cons in this are more than the pros. Foot massages are not cheap, this means it cannot be affordable by everyone. Foot insoles, on the other hand, offers us the easiest way out of this dilemma. Let us look at how effectively Mindinsole can help us take control of our lives by alleviating our foot pain.

Features of Mindinsole

1. Acupoints 

Mindinsole has various acupoints that help in decreasing pain and increasing blood circulation. They also help in massaging the feet and giving a positive impact on the stress that the feet have to endure. There are around 400 massage points on each insole. The product design has been focused to improve the discomfort caused to your feet.

Mindinsole has 12 large acupoints that have only one primary function – to ensure pain relief to the arch of your foot. The further 120 medium acupoints are there to massage your feet and give you the feeling of ultimate comfort. The product also has 270 micro acupoints, the purpose these acupoints serve is to ease the circulation of blood in your feet. There are numerous problems caused to the feet due to improper circulation, and Mindinsole supposedly eradicates these complications.

2. Cooling Magnets

Mindinsole has eight cooling magnets in their insole, the only purpose of these magnets is to ensure that your feet remain cool. Sweating of the feet inside the shoes is one of the most frustrating issues that office-goers have to endure day-after-day. The problem can cause more than frustration, a lot of foot-related medical conditions can be caused due to excessive sweating, blisters are the most common condition of this. The magnetic waves in Mindinsole help in combating foot heat, and keeping the user’s feet cool and comfortable.

3. One size for all

Mindinsole has one size for all its users. The people who purchase this product then have to do some alterations to make sure that the insole fits their shoes. The instructions are given on how to do this. It is as simple as tracing the size of your shoe on a craft paper and then cutting your Mindinsole with scissors to fit your size. After this, you have to insert the insole in your shoe and then you are good to go. The major disadvantage with this is that there is no warranty offered if you make mistakes while you cut the insole.

4. Easy to Clean

The insoles of Mindinsole are easy to wash, and can also be washed in machine if the need be. The best way to wash your insoles is to soak them in lukewarm water and use dishwashing soap to clean it. After this has been done, it can be aired out to dry and used again after it dries out.

How does Mindinsole work?

Mindinsole has acupuncture features in its insole, this is to ensure that the various chakra in your body is activated by it.

The chakra on the soles of your feet focuses on body energy. There are also 400 acupoints available in Mindinsole that help in activating these chakras and making sure that you stay active all day long. The magnetic properties in the insole have cooling properties that keep your feet from sweating within your shoes. All these elements in Mindinsole collectively ensure that you keep your feet free of stress. Users have reported that use of these insoles have helped them stay fresh all day long, and also that it has helped majorly in reducing their foot pain.

What makes Mindinsole so special?

The major USP of Mindinsole inserts is the acupuncture features in it. The other products in the market are designed for specific types of customers. Dr Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Relief Orthotics is preferred by people who are overweight, and Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts for Arch Support is preferred by athletes who frequent at the gym.

Mindinsole inserts, on the other hand, are for all kinds of people as the product claims to give overall support for all kinds of feet related problem. The product is as much for athletes as it is for security guards or salespersons. 

Although the other products in the market are cheaper than Mindinsole, they are not built to last long as per the customer reviews. The other products use EVA and foam-based materials, and though these feel good in the first few weeks of use, the insoles easily fall apart after that.

One of the major disadvantages of these other products is that their quality is questionable. Other competitors use copper in their insoles, there is a consensus that copper heals foot injuries better and faster, even though there are no scientific claims to back this up.

Mindinsole inserts are built to last and have used a variety of features to ensure comfort and safety. The acupoints are effective in massaging the feet, the addition of magnets in the insole that cool the feet is the innovation that the market has been lacking for a long time.

How to use Mindinsole Inserts?

Mindinsole inserts are easy to use, the major doubt that people have regarding Mindinsole is about how to fit the insole in the shoes. It has to be noted that all the other competitors of Mindinsole have similar products that require customers to cut the insole to fit their shoe size. Here are a few steps that will help in trimming the insole easier:

1) Use a normal white paper or craft paper to trace the size of your shoe. Use a pen or a pencil to trace the outlines of your shoe on the paper to get a clear idea about the size that fits you. It is as simple as tracing a basic outline.

2) Then you have to use this paper to trim your insole according to the size that fits you. Use scissors to cut the outline of the insole. Repeat the same process for the other shoe. Take proper care to ensure that the insole fits perfectly in the insole of your shoe and does not protrude out of it. The end-goal is to make it comfortable for you.

Instructions to use:

1. Remove the current soles of your shoes.

2. Place the new soles back to back with your current soles.

3. If your original soles are shorter than the new insoles, you can cut the bottom of the new soles according to the size of your current insoles.

4. Put the new insoles in your shoes.

Note: Cutting the insole of your shoe will make you illegible for warranty claims. Make sure that you are satisfied with the product before you cut the insole of Mindinsole to fit your shoe size.

Pros and Cons of Mindinsole Inserts


1) Mindinsole has acupuncture features in its product that not only help you in improving your foot pain but also helps in improving the overall quality of life. If you are having trouble jogging and are frequently forced to take breaks due to the pain in your feet, you are also disrupting your routine and health. Mindinsole can ensure that you stay at the top of your physical activity.

2) Not having to think about the pain in your feet during the day is another advantage that can do wonders to improve your lifestyle. So many people have terrible productivity at work and also are prone to sudden mood swings caused by the constant irritation of having to wear a shoe all day long. With Mindinsole, you can be relaxed and don’t have to worry about the constant sweating in your feet.

3) Mindinsole works in all kinds of shoes and boots. You don’t have to worry about purchasing the right product to fit your needs. Mindinsole inserts come in a size-for-all. It is further up to you to alter the size of the insole to fit in your shoes.

4) Mindinsole inserts are lightweight and do not add any extra weight to your footwear.

5) The magnets in the Mindinsole product ensures that your feet are cool all the time. The magnetic waves in the product absorb the heat from your feet and safeguards you from being discomforted.


1) The insoles are relatively expensive than other products in the market. Mindinsole has various reasons to demand the price it does, as its features are superior to that of its competitors. And although it is not highly-priced, affordability can still be a problem.

2) Various users have complained about the return and refund policy. The company does claim that it will offer a full refund to those who are not satisfied with the product. Contradictorily, the warranty or refund doesn’t seem to apply to customers who have cut the insoles of the product. This has led to a lot of confusion with regard to how can customers know about the product without using it.

3) Insoles can be an uncomfortable experience for a few people, not everyone is used to having this addition to their shoes. Even people who are ready to use insoles will take some time getting used to it. This can cause people to not like Mindinsole, although this has more to do with the product than with the brand. 

4) If you trim too much of your insole by mistake, then you have essentially wasted the product. You will neither be eligible for a refund, nor a warranty after you have made alterations to the insole. This can cause some frustration among customers, as people in dire need will be forced to reorder the product and pay again for the same product.

5) There have been complaints from customers that it takes a lot of time to get a response from the customer service department of Mindinsole. This can be off-putting for customers who expect prompt service from the brand they have chosen to purchase from.

Who are Mindinsole inserts suitable for?

Mindinsole inserts are suitable for those people who have some ongoing medical condition with their feet that they are trying to improve. It can help with something as simple as common foot pain after a long day at work to blisters or skin bubbles caused by sweating of feet.

The product is most suited for people who have to stand or walk for a long duration of time as a part of their work. Athletes who are looking to have a better experience in terms of alleviating pain after intense workout sessions can also choose this product.

Mindinsole inserts are also for people who have diabetic problems or obesity, these people normally have problems with their feet and insoles can be a major relief.

Who is Mindinsole not suitable for?

Mindinsole is not for those people who have problems with using insoles. Insoles can be extremely uncomfortable for some people, it is just a matter of taste and tolerance. These people will have a tough time getting used to Mindinsole inserts. 

Also, some people feel uncomfortable using acupuncture insoles, they find it hard to walk on the plastic bumps and raised portions used on the insoles. The product is not suitable for these people who have an aversion towards acupuncture.

The initial discomfort is said to wear off over time by other users who have use Mindinsole, again this is a matter of tolerance level and patience level.

Price of Mindinsole inserts

1 Pair of Insoles – $38.99

3 Pairs of Insoles – But 3 Get 50% off($89.99) Free Shipping

5 Pairs of Insoles – Buy 5 get 57% off ($128.99) Free Shipping

Product Specifications of Mindinsole

 Size Details:

  • Women (35-42) – Men (39-42) – Check Variations
  • You can resize by cutting according to the available curvature line, if necessary.

– Specification:

  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Medical Silicone Gel A+ Grade
  • 8-point Magnets

– Package Details:

  • 1x pair of magnetic Acupressure insoles.

– Note: The actual colour may differ slightly from the colour of the image due to differences in display and lighting effects.

Where to buy Mindinsole inserts?

Mindinsole products can be brought online from stores like Amazon. The products are available at a heavily discounted price if purchased in bulk. The Amazon website also has lots of reviews from verified customers that you can check to get an overall view of how the product works and how effective it is.


By now, you must have a good idea about what Mindinsoles are, and what they are offering. If you are still unable to decide whether or not this product is suitable for you, here are a few points you can consider before coming to a conclusion:

  • Mindinsole inserts are acupuncture insoles that take the help of plastic bumps and raised portions to relieve the foot pain of the user. It also has magnetic properties that help in cooling the feet and keeping it from sweating excessively.
  • You will be thankful for this product if you have to stand for long hours as a part of your job and want relief from foot pain.
  • Mindinsole is also said to help in weight reduction. There is no direct correlation between both. The users of the product have said that the insoles have helped them to work out longer than they could before they started using the product.
  • If you are looking for better insoles in your shoes while jogging or running, you can benefit a lot from this product. 
  • People who want to address a specific foot problem like blisters or toenail fungus can try Mindinsole and check the effectiveness of the product.

If you want to solve any of these problems, then mindinsole might be what you need.

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