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Few elements of the human condition have remained more constant than our search for constancy. Life can seem fleeting and ephemeral, without rhyme or reason. It’s that search for pattern and meaning that has given rise to reason and religion, ecclesiastical sermons and existential philosophy, tautologies and transcendence, and it is at these crossroads that numerology holds court in the imagination of millions. Across the ages and across the globe, people have tried to bend the subjectivity of their experience to suit the seeming objectiveness of numbers, and vice versa.

How this is done varies depending on the practitioner, which makes the site you choose for your numerological predictions all the more important.

For many proponents of numerology, is one of the leading sites in that search for numerological constancy and meaning.

How does that reputation hold up?

Let’s crunch the numbers and see what results our Numerologist review yields. 

What Is Numerology?

Before getting into the site itself, it’s worth taking a deeper look at the idea it claims to practice. However, as a site like alludes to, that can be a trickier and more varied experience than you might imagine at first. 

That’s because, as the site indicates, numerology has been practiced in different forms by different cultures at different points in history. As it notes, there are Chaldean, Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese, and other numerological systems that play a role in the site’s numerological processes.

Numerology covers any numerological system that attempts to combine number patterns, numerological concepts, and often metaphysical or mystical notions to create a sense of there being a “greater design” or “purpose” to your existence and the universe at large.

The universe can seem vast and random.

Numerology, in any form, asserts it’s anything but.

Order, Meaning, Kabbalah, and Numerologist.Com

Take one of the site’s most fundamental forms of numerology, Kabbalah. It pairs Judaic concepts with numerological mysticism in patterns so stupefyingly complex. The practice was traditionally only taught to Jewish men over 35 for fear of otherwise diluting concepts that require a life of study and reflection.

Einstein’s famous quotation that “God does not play dice with the universe” is widely misunderstood. He was neither religious nor asserting a belief in destiny, but rather arguing for the mathematical constancy of physics as opposed to quantum mechanics. Einstein’s notion of “God” was, like his affirmed predecessor Spinoza, one rooted in mathematics and “lawful harmony” rather than “the fate and doings of mankind.” 

While both Einstein and Spinoza were great Jewish thinkers seeing the world through a lens of mathematical secularism, Kabbalah, a numerological form of Jewish mysticism, takes that notion of God “not playing dice” more literally. It posits life is not random, but structured in patterns that are reflected in numerological patterns. Contemporary to Einstein’s more secular combination of Jewishness and mathematics, the famed Jewish thinker Gershom Sholem revived Kabbalistic numerology for a new era, with those teachings influencing sites such as to this day.

It is that blend of number-based pattern seeking and meaning making which characterizes Kabbalah and numerology as a whole, with the former’s focus on alpha-numeric pairings in particular living on at sites such as

Getting Your Report

So, what about the site itself?

When you log onto, you’ll be asked to fill out some basic information, just as you would on a dating or job site. While does not tend to have a negative reputation online in terms of scams, you should always be careful about giving out personal information on any website. Never give out personal information if the site or individual requesting this information makes you feel uncomfortable.

Once you give them this information, you’ll receive six distinct readouts:

  • Premium Numerology Report: This section serves as your personal profile of sorts, delving into whatever unique skills or qualities the site’s numerological systems claim you possess.
  • Romantic Compatibility Report: An overview of your romantic forecast, as detailed below.
  • Chinese Numerology Report: A focus on Chinese numerology, as detailed below.
  • Customized Personality Report: A sharper focus on your personal attributes.
  • Life and Success Snapshot: A numerological account of your career status and prospects.
  • Complete One-Year Forecast: As the name would imply, a set of numerology-based predictions for the coming year.

From the very start, you will be given a number, which asserts is the key to helping you begin to unlock all the extra details in these six readouts along with the grander concepts of numerology they claim to offer. On the one hand, you may be skeptical about all of this. On the other hand, whether or not you agree with its points, at the very least gets right to that point, without giving you long speeches or requiring you to read a ton of material first.

The site uses several means of interpreting the data you give them along with the number they give you to provide numerological readings. For example, based on your first and last name and birthday, the site will offer different “aspects” of your life that it claims you possess. These tend to be rather esoteric in nature, such as “small heart desire,” “karmic lessons,” and “subconscious self.”

Choosing Your Technique

The site also offers several different types of numerological approaches. In addition to the example of Kabbalah as given above, among its most popular offerings include:

  • Astrological cycles
  • Chinese numerology
  • Chaldean numerology
  • Babylonian numerology
  • Arithmancy

Deluxe Numerological Readings

In addition to these simple offerings, the site offers a deluxe service which will give you 60-page reports as to your numerological prospects. While more pages certainly don’t mean the content is any more “correct” than others sites, that is at the very least still more attention to detail than is present on many New Age sites, which is a recurring theme with this website.

At the same time, while these 60-page reports may be larger and more extravagant in style, it is debatable whether they actually add anything of substance. It’s really a more in-depth form of the same. If you like what you’re already getting with them and want a more “advanced” version of it, great. If not, this may not persuade you.

These reports do come with 12 additional points that they argue will help you understand different “patterns” and “energies” around you. On the one hand, these likewise aren’t likely to win over converts. On the other hand, if you don’t already believe in numerology, chances are you won’t have made it this far, let alone be looking to purchase a premium version of their product.

That said, offers the first report for free, so if nothing else, it is nice that this site gives you the chance to try what they’re offering with no strings attached.

Romantic Forecasts

If you feel like you’ve been “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places” (and who hasn’t?), the romantic forecasts on are yet another service that claims to have the answer. As with the other aspects of the site’s approach to numerology, it works to compile a personalized report based on your assigned number along with the other numerological data it has compiled and given to you.

Of course, these numbers are not meant to be taken in isolation, which is why the romantic forecasts work to match your numbers to those with what the site sees as a compatible numerological profile.

As with any dating service, this type of matching requires something of a leap of faith. That being said, the numbers you and your prospective matches have been assigned are supposed to be reflective of your personality. As such, the logic behind the numerological matching at play here is at least as efficacious as that used by other matchmaking sites.

Of course, as with any dating site, a huge part of these romantic forecasts is predicated upon honesty. Dating sites are notorious for users trying to present themselves in a better light to get matches. However, if you believe in the numerological ideas presented by, you’ll want to be as honest as possible when answering these questions so as to receive as “accurate” a reading as possible.

Career Advice and Self-Help

Just as we can tend to feel lost in our personal lives, finding our way in our careers can be incredibly difficult as well. For those that believe in numerology, this is another area where it can provide structure and guidance, which is another pillar of’s business model.

Then again, maybe you are more concerned with elements of self-care such as losing weight or getting into shape. claims to offer numerological solutions that can help with these as well.

As with many other career and self-help methods, confidence and belief in the system means a great deal. That can pose something of a Catch-22 if you aren’t yet confident in’s methodology to begin with. That said, for those who believe in its systems, the forecasts and advice given can prove to be part of a confidence feedback loop. You believe in these forecasts, which help you believe in yourself, and this process can help guide and motivate you to make the changes and steps necessary to succeed in your career or your weight loss and fitness efforts.

Chinese Numerology

If you are interested in Eastern numerology and Chinese numerology in particular, might well be the site for you. Among the many numerology sites online, it provides one of the most robust and targeted Chinese numerology services.

The forms of Chinese numerology offered on the site place an emphasis on spirituality and forecasting the future. These reports claim to delve into your personality, once more tapping into’s strength of personalizing its approach to numerology.

The authenticity of this approach is something you’ll definitely want to research yourself and see if it is in keeping with your expectations. There are many different forms of Chinese numerology, so which methods are used here and the degree to which they are in keeping with their “proper” forms is debatable. That being said, it is still fair to say that there has been a fair amount of positive feedback from users of the site. Whether or not they are informed as to the overall authenticity, that’s a good sign.

Giving Numerology a Human Face

What would a modern website be without a blog or video or two? Numerology may be a millennia-old practice, but sites such as work to bring it into the modern day with blogs and videos designed to keep users up to date on the latest trends in the online numerological world.

For example, there are a wide range of numerology tutorials on the site. These range from introductions to more advanced videos and articles to examples of numerology from around the world. The latter is one of the best things about these contributions, and an aspect of the site which helps give it color and distinguish it from similar New Age sites. As stated, numerology is an ancient belief exhibited in wildly different forms by different cultures around the world.

Regardless of what you think of numerology itself, that commitment to multiculturalism via diverse beliefs and cultures is worth celebrating. Whether or not you come away with a newfound belief in numerology, can at least introduce you to different cultures and their approaches to the big questions, and that’s certainly commendable.

One of the other great benefits of this blog and videos is that they give something too many other numerology and consumerism-centric sites lack – the human touch. On their own, numbers can feel cold, distant, and impersonal. One of the great motivators in looking for answers in any form is trying to find solace and understanding. It is all too easy to feel like an insignificant speck amidst the vastness of a universal void – we need companionship and empathy.

That’s what these blogs and videos provide. It’s one thing to read up on all of the numerological concepts described above, but it’s quite another to be able to put a face to it, and one with a welcoming voice and smile at that.

In searching for meaning, you want to feel that you’re part of something greater. That’s true whether you’re looking for meaning with numerology, religion, philosophy, or anything else. By producing blogs and videos with regular contributors and hosts with whom you can become comfortable, goes beyond raw numerology to create a community.

In short, whether or not you believe in numerology, you can believe you belong on – and that, at least, is something worth celebrating.

All of this doubles back to one of the biggest advertised selling points of, its personalized reports. As these reports demonstrate, makes a big point of trying to convey a more personalized side to numerology, and that’s a point which is underscored in these blogs and videos. The underlying MO is clear. This isn’t merely an abstract concept being covered here, and these aren’t simply random fortunes being generated without regard for you. (At least, that’s what claims.) Rather, it is a personalized match a la a dating profile.

Of course, as with a dating site, your mileage may vary.

However, also like a dating site, a personalized approach is always more welcome, and at least gives the impression (or illusion) of a more personal approach.

Veracity of Claims

None of this is meant to sell you on numerology, or argue that it is “true.” Numerology is a belief system and, like any such system, is based at least in part on faith. As a result, to skeptics it is unprovable while to believers it is beyond proof.

Even so, trying to prove our place in the universe is, in part, to miss the point. While things such as numerology and belief in mysticism and New Age ideas should never obscure objective scientific reality, or be used to contradict it, they can nevertheless add a sense of color and belonging to one’s life.

To the site’s credit, it does include a section – albeit one buried at the bottom of the website – that clarifies that its predictions and products are “for entertainment purposes only” and are not guaranteed. It goes on to urge users to use “his/her common sense” when using the website and products, and to “consult the appropriate medical or legal professional” for any matters relating to those fields.

While it would be nicer if that information weren’t so buried, as though the site were attempting to hide it, the inclusion at least underscores a more responsible approach to balancing personal responsibility and belief than other sites and organizations.

Belief in a higher order can be incredibly comforting, and sites such as present that belief in as peaceful and nondestructive a manner as possible. Its emphasis on kindness, community, and a personal approach to numerology may not make its practices any more true or false, but nevertheless ensures they are offered in a positive manner.

We all want to belong somewhere – and there are worse places to feel that sense of belonging than on