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Pomsky – All You Need To Know About This Pomeranian And Husky Mix

A pomky
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The pomsky is just a tiny bundle of joy. But is that all there is to this dog?

You’ve probably seen one or heard about it so much that you had to search for yourself. And for sure, once you type in pomsky and tap that search button, you’re hit with so many adorable photos of this Pomeranian husky mix.

Now you’re telling yourself that you need one of these pomsky puppies. They’re so loveable that they’ve caught both your eyes and heart.

Is that enough to decide whether to get a pomsky dog?

You’re on the right path by trying to know more about this dog. So let’s talk about this Pomeranian and husky mix.

Pomsky – a husky mixed with a Pomeranian


You might have picked on, but the pomsky is a crossbreed between the Pomeranian and a Siberian husky. It just looks like a husky but in the body of a Pomeranian…..crazy adorable, right?

They are tagged “designer dogs” since they’re a result of crossbreeding, hence not a pure breed. It is a relatively new breed in contrast to some others.

One of the reasons why it sparks so much affection from people is the claims about it maintaining its puppy-like appearance throughout its life. Imagine that.

Finding the pomsky cute and adorable isn’t enough, you have to give it the attention it needs. This Pomeranian husky mix is an attention lover.

Well, this husky pomeranian mix can be hard to manage some times, so know what you’re getting into before you get one. A lot of people end up giving up theirs to shelters because they could no more handle it.


Pomskys haven’t been around for a long time so their history is bound to be short.

The pomsky journey started after an internet post about some puppies being a husky Pomeranian mix while they were not. Trust the internet, it went crazy and debunked that claim.

But after this incident, the demand for a husky mixed with Pomeranian started increasing. People who specialized in breeding dogs wasted no time before making it come true.

Pomskys came into existence through artificial insemination. This is because of the difference in size between the Pomeranian and a Siberian husky, which would make natural breeding very unsafe. As you can guess, this made pomsky puppies expensive and uncommon.

In the world, as you know, there are always people who cut corners to make things happen, and breeding this Pomeranian husky mix is no different. Some breeders use unsafe methods to breed the pomsky without health clearance of the parent dogs, making the pomsky puppies prone to health conditions later in their life.

Due to the brief history of the husky and Pomeranian mix, there has not been any standard on the traits it should possess or how it should look. This pomsky breed varies a lot even among the same litter.

Though the husky and Pomeranian mix isn’t acknowledged by the AKC, organizations are working towards setting up these standards, such as the international pomsky association and the pomsky club of America. Though it will take years before this standard is established because the dog has to be bred consistently for specific traits.


This is one area with a big question mark when it comes to Pomskys. Being a crossbreed between a bigger and smaller dog, there’s a wide range of appearances to pick from.

The perfect look of a pomsky dog would be that of a husky, only more compact like a Pomeranian. But this is not usually the case, as there’s a high probability of variation when it comes to Pomsky puppies. At birth, you can not really predict how they will grow out to look.

Nevertheless, on average a pomsky full grown dog should reach a height of 10 – 15 inches while weighing about 10 – 30 pounds.

Just like the poodle, this Pomeranian husky mix has a toy variety that can be 10 inches or less and weight between 7 – 10 pounds.

The colour of this dog isn’t any different as it can vary a lot. Some common colours are tan, brown, cream and ginger. Some breeders target some colour patches from the husky parent such as the white, silver or black patches.

The husky Pomeranian mix has a double coat which means they have a top coat and an undercoat. This makes them easily adapted to cold conditions.

Some pomsky dogs would have the long wavy coat resembling that of its husky parent while others would have the coarse fluffier coat just like the Pomeranian. Because of the wide variation in this Pomeranian husky mix, there are other coat types than can be found as well.

Pomsky temperament

Being a crossbreed, the pomsky shares a lot of traits with its parent breeds, the Pomeranian and Siberian husky. Such traits include playfulness, intelligence, strong will, confidence, and a lovesome nature.

The Siberian husky is known for howling while the Pomeranian tends to yap. So you can see both parent breeds are noisy ones. As a hybrid from them, the Pomeranian husky mix is a loud dog hence not suitable for someone who has a low tolerance for noise or someone with easily irritated neighbors.

They are very vigilant therefore make a good watchdog. Pomsky dogs tend to be super protective of their family which makes them tend to bark more especially when there’s a stranger around.

Pomskys are loyal dogs to the core. This usually predisposes them to pick a favorite person among the family members to stick with. Although they do get along fine with everybody in the family.

They are usually not ideal for a family that has very young children. This is because the loud and forceful behavior of children might cause a lot of stress to your pomsky dog.

The pomsky inherited the stubborn and strong-willed nature of the husky. So despite its intelligence, it might prove difficult to train especially for inexperienced or first time owners. They require patience, time, and calm confident leadership.

Around strangers, the husky Pomeranian mix is a shy dog, so early socialization is of importance. You should be careful how you let them interact with other smaller pets because they inherited the prey drive trait from the Siberian husky. This makes any small animal a prey to be hunted.

It usually craves attention and does playful antics which will surely be met with adoration from its owner. Due to this, Pomskys don’t do well with loneliness. They start barking, digging, or chewing to get you to focus on them.

All in all, the temperament of pomsky puppies is usually unpredictable because different pomsky dogs have a combination of different temperaments from the parent breeds.

Health concerns about the pomsky

pomsky yawning

Since the history of this husky Pomeranian mix isn’t long enough, the health issues related to this breed has been somewhat of a guess.

But it’s best to look out for those health issues prevalent in the parent breed. These would include;

  • Eye problems ( cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy),
  • Knee problems ( patellar luxation),
  • Skin problems,
  • Dental issues,
  • Hip dysplasia.

To better avoid all these conditions, it’s safe to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who has health clearance for the parent breeds. Both the international pomsky association and pomsky club of America has listed reputable breeders of pomsky puppies, so you can check that out.

Better still, there are lots of pomsky dogs in shelters. You can adopt instead of buying a puppy.

Pomskys feeding/diet

You want to give your pomsky puppy highly nutritious dog food that would ensure good health and growth. It should have a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and other key nutrients needed.

Since the size of each pomsky dog widely varies, therefore the caloric need of every dog is different as well. Since there are no standards yet, saying the required amount of food needed for the Pomeranian husky mix is tricky.

Your best option is to seek advice from your vet or a pet nutritionist because the food requirement of your dog depends on its size and activity level.

How to train this Pomeranian husky mix

pomsky dog on a leash

Training a pomsky dog might be a handful for some people especially if you’re a first time owner. It requires time and patience to get through to him.

While training, it’s best to use the positive reinforcement method. Because if you punish or use any harsh method on him every time he misbehaves, you could make your pomsky aggressive along the line.

Once you ignore these bad behaviors and reward him positively for doing something right, he’d automatically know what to do to get those treats from you. And it becomes second nature to him with time.

To reduce separation anxiety, your pomsky puppy need to be crate trained. Make sure that the crate is not seen by your dog as a form of punishment. Instead let it be about comfort and relaxation.

Pomsky dogs don’t do well with strangers or people they don’t know. So it is important to engage in socialization very early to avoid this. You can enroll your dog into a puppy class to make this happen.

This dog enjoys mental stimulation as well. He loves playing games. You could fashion command training to be a game just to engage him. It would help your pomsky understand spoken words and what to do. Reward your puppy every time it gets something right. With this, once it heard your command, he knows what to do to receive some treats.

Exercise requirements of a pomsky dog

pomsky dog playing

With the pomsky, your days as an inactive person is over. This dog is a very active breed hence needs daily exercise.

Your Pomeranian husky mix is a very playful dog hence needs time to play either in the park with other dogs or with you.

Taking them for walks is also important, maybe a short walk after they are tired from playing. Due to their high prey drive, put your pomsky on a leash to prevent it from chasing down other animals.

Pomskys also enjoy mental stimulation because of their intelligence. Therefore they like playing games which means you’d have to come up with one. Or get toys to keep them engaged.

Should your pomsky get bored, then you’ll have to deal with a sad dog with bad behaviors such as excessive barking or chewing.

In the case where you leave your pomsky dog in the yard for long, it’s not surprising if you come to find that your dog has been digging all this while. Well, that’s thanks to its husky blood. So it might not be a good idea to leave it alone for long in the yard.

So your Pomsky dog requires at least 45 minutes of exercise everyday.

If you’re not someone that’s around all the time, then have in mind that you’ll have to invest in a dog walker. Or have close friends help you out.

Grooming/ Care For A Pomsky

Like its parents, the Pomsky has a double coat which helps them adapt to cold conditions but this also means they’re shedders. The level of shedding depends on the type of coat your Pomsky dog has. If he has a long coat, then he would shed more while Pomskys with medium length coat shed less.

To reduce the amount of fur you see around, it’s best to brush your dog 2 – 3 times weekly. Even at that, there’s no way the fur will disappear completely, so you’d have to get yourself a good vacuum cleaner.

The husky Pomeranian mix sheds more during warm conditions. So for half of the year, you’ll likely be brushing your dog twice a day if you don’t want fur everywhere.

It’s ideal to bath your dog at least once a month or whenever it’s needed. They can play into mud or anything like that, so prepare to give them a bath then. Remember to use a dog shampoo as well.

Once in a while, it might be worth it to take your dog to a professional groomer.

Always check the ears of your dog for anything abnormal and wipe them weekly with a damp cloth.

Try to brush the teeth at least once a week to prevent germ buildup and bad breath.

Clipping its nail is also important but be careful while you do it, so that you won’t inflict pain.

Live expectancy of the Pomeranian husky mix

As for this husky and Pomeranian mix, they live out quite long. They live out to be 13 – 15 years old. They make a loyal companion for quite the time.

Pomsky price – whether to get yourself pomsky puppies

pomsky puppies

Like I said earlier, due to the method of breeding, Pomsky puppies can be expensive. To get a Pomsky, you might spend an average of $2000. But the price can be anywhere from $1000 – 5000. This all depends on the parent’s pedigree and the breeder as well.

Even at that price range, it’s just for getting the Pomsky puppy alone, nothing about other things yet. The American kennel club has predicted that an owner will spend about $2889 in the first year for a medium dog (which the Pomsky is).

There are lots of other things that’ll make money come out your pocket such as food, toys, vet visits, puppy classes, etc. So be ready for it.

Since the Pomsky hasn’t been around for a very long time, health issues related to this dog are still a guess. So it’d be best if you get insurance for your dog to cover for any future costly procedures.

Owning a Pomeranian husky mix might mean you have to cut back on spending, as it is quite an expensive breed to keep.

Living with a pomsky – can you handle this Pomeranian and husky mix?

At this point in this post, do you still have the same enthusiasm to get a Pomsky you had before you began reading?

The husky Pomeranian mix is an active and energetic dog that would require daily engagement to burn off the excess energy. So if you’re already an active person, it’ll be no hassle for you.

If you don’t have an active lifestyle or are not usually around, then you’d have to look for a dog walker else I’ll say you should steer clear of the Pomsky.

Pomsky dogs are ideal for experienced owners, those who probably owned a husky or Pomeranian in the past. Singles or couples are better suited for this dog as well.

It might not be such a good idea for a family with children less than 10 years to get a Pomsky. This is because very young children do not know how to handle dogs and this would stress your Pomsky out.

A Pomsky is delightful to own if you’re up for it. It’s adorable, loveable, and playful.

Yes, it might be challenging to own one, but if you can then you’d be rewarded with loyalty and timeless love from this cute fox-like buddy.