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Powerpod Reviews [2020] – Power Through The Day Like Never Before

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Powerpod Reviews

All of us use our phones throughout the day for various reasons. While some people love to spend time talking to their friends, employees in the corporate sector have to use it to engage with the customers. No wonder a phone needs to be charged every few hours to work properly.

Using a phone with a low battery is not the right choice, which is why you need to look for ways through which the device can stay charged. When a mobile phone has a low battery, it is common for the device to not work adequately.

In some cases, a low battery can have a strong negative impact on execution and performance. Gone are the days when people would use their mobile phones only to reach their friends and loved ones.

Today, with much evolution of technology, a mobile phone is used for a plethora of reasons. Through this device, you can send text messages, engage in audio conversations, chat on a video call, send emails, post on social media, and complete office tasks.

This means this device has several responsibilities to carry. However, if you want it to work to its fullest, it is crucial for you to keep the device charged. The problem with using a conventional plug is, you have to wait for 3 to 4 hours until the phone assumes complete charge.

Even if you have a fast charger, it will still be challenging to wait for the device to charge. Everyone wants their phones to get charged in the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a common trait with conventional chargers. Luckily, with much evolution of technology, we now have what is known as the Powerpod charger.

If you have to go through a rush routine throughout the day, the Powerpod will change your life. Although fast chargers and power banks can save the day as well, you need to settle for something that comes in handy and can easily contour within your pocket.

Regardless of wherever you are, having a Powerpod in your pocket will solve several issues. There is certainly a strong benefit of carrying such a device when you badly need electricity to make things work. If you have decided to buy a compact charger for this purpose, you need to know, even if they need to get charged on time.

This is why the powerpod is the best charger that will always be by your side. All you need to do is, adjust it with your keychain and make things work.

In this article, we will discuss the concept of a Powerpod charger in detail.  When you have the powerpod by your side, you won’t have to stress out on account of sifting through the emails, sending the text messages on time, and getting calls.

Not to forget, we are living in a hysterical time that is why it is crucial for you to be on the ball. Especially when it comes to the corporate world or the business sector, a delay in relying on the customers can prove very damaging for the employees and the company.

What is Powerpod?

powerpod reviews

If you have gone through the articles regarding power banks and fast chargers, you must have read about the Powerpod charger. For your information, it is a compact tablet and cell phone charger that is smaller than a regular coin. 

This modern power bank has been engineered in such a way; it can easily work with a contemporary android phone and Apple’s iPhone. Once you attach it with a keychain, it can be carried anywhere you want.

However, if you unintentionally drop the powerpod, it won’t get broken because it is made from the finest quality material. Especially if you want to fix the powerpod with your keys, this gadget will prove itself as the best option.

Because it is light in weight, you can rest assured about not having to worry about extra space. People who swoon over the powerpod applaud this gadget because it can easily suffice for their needs and eradicates the chaos of running towards a switchboard.

 So when you have the powerpod in your bag, you won’t have to struggle with the extra cables or extra phone batteries. If you don’t know, the powerpod is a high-velocity charger that can quickly work with the android devices and the iPhone.

Also, because the device can be charged, you can use it frequently. This way, you no longer have to wait for an e-mail to be sent when the phone is charged. As soon as you charge your phone with the powerpod, you can continue whatever you were doing before.

Why Use Powerpod?

powerpod reviews

Simply put, there are several intriguing reasons to use Powerpod. If you haven’t invested in the powerpod, now is the best time to take this step. A powerpod will not only improve the quality of your life but will also declutter your brain from mundane stress.

In today’s time, the dependence on mobile phones is higher than ever. A few years back, the use of mobile phones was limited to sending/ receiving phone calls and exchanging text messages.

However, with much advancement in this gadget, the use of the mobile phone has penetrated several aspects of one’s life. Now, if you think of spending a day without a mobile phone, it will be hard for you to do it.

Technology has changed human lives in a way that it is hard to imagine even an hour without it. There are several reasons why you need a Powerpod all the time.

First of all, if you are a part of the corporate sector, you will have to keep up with the client’s deadlines and engage with fellow employees. This means more than half of your time will be spent on the phone. During this process, the battery of the phone will eventually come down.

However, when you have a powerpod by your side, you can rest assured that the phone will get electrocuted while being used. When you plan to travel to a location where electricity won’t be omnipresent, you will have to make sure that the phone is charged all the time.

If you find yourself in a medical emergency, not having a handy gadget to contact the local authorities will pose serious issues. Especially when you visit rural areas, it is crucial to always have an abundance of power banks in your bag. Luckily, the powerpod will eradicate all your problems within a few seconds.

Features of The Powerpod

powerpod reviews

Here are a few interesting features of the Powerpod:

1. High-Velocity Charger

As discussed, the Powerpod is manufactured with a high-velocity charger that can make your device remain charged for several hours. This means, if you take a powerpod with you on a long journey, you won’t have to stress about stopping at different locations to charge your devices.

2. USB rechargeable

Not to forget, the Powerpod comes with a USB charger, which implies that it can be charged frequently. Moreover, because every tech device comes with a USB charger, the powerpod can be a lifesaver for all the devices within your reach. Make sure to charge it before leaving the house.

3. Light Weight

One of the leading reasons why people are swooning over the powerpod is because of its little weight. Keep in mind, if you settle for any conventional power bank, not only will it require more space but will also be heavy. If you sift through any local store and check out the power banks, you will be startled to come across their heavyweights. However, the powerpod is light in weight and can easily fit in your pocket.

4. Instant Charge

Has the battery of your phone dropped? Fear not because the powerpod will quickly charge your device within minutes. All you need to do is attach the USB port of the powerpod with your phone. This way, you won’t have to wait for hours to get the device charged fully. Not only will you save a lot of time but can also continue talking to your clients while the phone is getting charged.

5. Compatible With Most Devices

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone and an iPhone. The powerpod is compatible with every device, which is why it is the best charging gadget for anyone around. Unlike a conventional power bank that connects with a few phones, the powerpod will easily work for your android or an iPhone.

6. No Cables

If you often mess around with cables, you will get repulsed from using them at some point in time. Because it directly plugs into the mobile phone, one can easily get rid of the archaic process of managing cables. In severe cases, messy cables increase the chance of a short circuit as well.

7. Durable Cover

The cover of the powerpod is prepared with a top-notch rubberized material. This means, even if you drop the powerpod on the ground, it will not get broken at all. The durable cover is one of the main selling points of the powerpod.  In contrast, the regular power banks and portable chargers can easily get damaged if dropped on the floor.

Product Specifications

powerpod reviews

Here are a few intriguing things for you to note:

  • The powerpod charger quickly gets attached to whatever device you want to charge.
  • The battery is powered all the time, which means that gadgets will work for a lifetime. Once you invest the money, the results will be worth the investment.
  • The powerpod is available in two versions. The difference is in the rubber coating that is done to the device. The first rubber is made for android devices, while the second one is for Apple gadgets.
  • The size of this device is small, as such that it can be carried around easily.  Apart from being carried in your hand, the powerpod can easily suffice in the wallet or any pocket of your clothes.

How Does Powerpod Work?

As discussed, the powerpod comes with a built-in fast charger that quickly charges your phone within a couple of minutes. If you don’t have hands-on experience of using it before, you can visit Youtube for a video tutorial.

For the best results, you need to ensure that the powerpod is fully charged itself. Only then will it be able to suffice for the needs of your device.

What Makes Powerpod Special?

powerpod review

There are so many reasons for the powerpod being special that narrowing down the list to just a few seems unfair. Here are a few features that make this product special for the audience:

Tiny Size

We are living in a smart age where it is essential for all of us to rely on lightweight products and portable accessories. The powerpod is small in size, and many often compare it with the size of a conventional coin. The small size is what encourages people to give it a go.

High-Quality Material

As discussed earlier, the powerpod is made from the finest quality rubber. This means you can rest assured about the longevity of this device after purchasing it. Once you buy the powerpod for your phone, you will not need to invest in any compact charger or a power bank.

Long-Lasting Battery

If you charge your phone with a powerpod, its battery will easily last for 2 hours. In contrast, if you settle for a contemporary charger, it will take 4 to 5 hours to charge your phone completely.

How To Use Powerpod?

Using the Powerpod is very easy. As a beginner, you need to charge it with a USB cable and attach it with whatever device needs to be electrocuted. However, you should keep away from water because it cannot withstand any form of liquid.

Pros And Cons [Powerpod Reviews]

 powerpod reviews

Here are a few pros and cons of using the Powerpod:


1. Advances Work Efficiency

If you are from the corporate sector and have to keep in touch with your client frequently, the powerpod will solve all your problems. Secondly, because it is lightweight, you can carry it along with your phone all the time. So once you plug your phone into the powerpod, you will easily resume back work such as typing emails, sending text messages, and registering phone calls.

2.  Best in Emergencies

Even if you have several devices in your car, you will come across a situation in life when finding access to electricity will be hard. In such a situation, nothing but the powerpod will work as a lifesaver for your devices. Especially if you are traveling to a forest or a remote location, having the powerpod by your side will be imperative.

3. Assists Young Kids to Keep in Touch

If you find it hard to keep in touch with your kids very often, the powerpod will make sure that your little ones communicate with you frequently by having their phones charged all the time fully. In contrast, if your phone or that of your kids isn’t charged, you will frequently be stressed out about their whereabouts.

4. Helps Out in the Navigation Tasks

Once your phone’s battery is dead, you will eventually lose connection with the GPS. This means you might get lost in the middle of nowhere. However, with a powerpod, you don’t have to struggle with the phone’s battery going down every few hours.  Secondly, when you have a map application on your phone, you can easily reach your desired destination in a short time.


1. Limited Battery Time

Because it is small in size, the powerpod cannot charge multiple phones at the same time. Because the powerpod itself needs a battery, you cannot rely on this tiny device to suffice for multiple devices at all.

2. Doesn’t Works With all Devices

Simply put, the powerpod charger connects with limited devices and a few phones. For example, if you have any other device apart from Apple’s iPhone or a smartphone, the powerpod charger won’t work with it.

3. Phone Addiction

Because the powerpod charger is handy, it might encourage phone addiction. This can be very damaging for teenagers and school-going children. Not to forget, phone addiction is a major issue that has encapsulated a large part of the global population.

Who is The Powerpod for?

powerpod review

This product is for the following people:

  • Those who work in the corporate sector and have to manage clients every day.
  • People who handle social media and must respond to customer queries.
  • Anyone who uses a phone for several hours throughout the day.
  • People who don’t have a wrist injury can easily manage to grab the phone with the charger all day long.
  • Teenagers who have to manage college and university lectures on their phones.
  • The physically challenged people cannot invest a lot of effort to travel to different switchboards to charge their phones.

Who Is Powerpod Not Suited For?

Although the powerpod is suitable for every person but is certainly not the cup of tea of a few people. For example, if a person is physically challenged and cannot handle a phone properly, buying a powerpod will be of no use.

Secondly, if you have suffered from a wrist injury or are repulsed by carrying the phone in your hand all the time, you will not be able to adjust to the powerpod instantly.

If you use an abundance of phones and other tech devices throughout the day, a powerpod will not fulfil your needs.

Customer Reviews on Powerpod

Although this product debuted just a few months back but has been able to garner positive reviews in a short time, some of which are:

“The powerpod works well and is the perfect accessory for my phone. I will recommend it to other friends of mine as well”, Kooka, Perth

“Easy to carry and can easily fit in your pocket. All you need to do is, unzip your pocket and gain access to the powerpod”, Geoff, Greater Melbourne

“ Easy to travel with a fast charger like this one.  It is portable and the best device for all the travelers”, Russell

Price Of Powerpod

Right now, the powerpod charger is being offered at a price of $19.99. However, this is exclusive of the $6.99 delivery charge.  If you buy it from the official website, you will save a lot of money. So if you haven’t invested in the powerpod charger, now is the best time to cement your decision.

Where To Buy It

The best place to buy powerpod will be from its official website. This ensures you purchase an original product.

What Comes In A Box 

As soon as you receive the package, it is essential for you to unwrap it with care. The box comes with a powerpod charger, and it is the only device inside it. Because it doesn’t operate with conventional cables, you can rest assured about using it for a long time.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

For your information, the powerpod charger comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product, you can get your money back within the first two weeks of usage.  Secondly, this product comes with a one-year warranty that customers are not worried about spending money on it.

Conclusion [Powerpod Review]

There’s no denying the fact that the powerpod charger is nothing less than the need of the hour. Because everyone sets off on long journeys every year, having the powerpod charger in the pocket is imperative.

At an economical price of less than $20, you shouldn’t overlook purchasing this product. The powerpod is an accessory for all of us, which is why we need to invest in it.

Today, this device has managed to grab massive eyeballs from across the globe. In a short career span, the powerpod charger is all over the place and available at most mainstream digital platforms. If you’re interested in getting powerpod, click the button below.