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Q-Grips Reviews [2020]- Is It Worth It?

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Q-grips Reviews

Health has always been a major concern for everyone across the globe. Even more so when it comes to personal hygiene.  However, for this discussion, we will focus on cleaning your ears from earwax. 

If you don’t know, using the earwax has been a prominent method to chuck out bacteria from this organ. Not to forget, if bacteria and dirt clog in your ears, they will make it hard for you to listen and will have a negative impact on your health. Because the nose, ears, and throat are connected, if any of these organs get disturbed, the other two will get affected as well. 

Because the earwax is found in small quantities, the risk of your ears getting affected negatively is little. If you don’t know, the sebaceous gland produces ear wax. It is a part of the natural defense system of the human body.

Once you have earwax clogged in your ears, you can rest assure that the bacteria have been chucked out by your body organically. This way, you can easily get rid of prospective infections or damage.

Furthermore, the earwax also repels the fungi, bacteria, and water from your eardrum.  If you have cleaned the earwax before, you will know that it usually dries up and flows out from your ears easily.

However, sometimes it piles up in the ears and can become a major source of pain in your ears. In severe cases, the piling up of earwax can cause the inability to listen. 

This is when people run to doctors to get rid of the unexplainable pains.  Luckily, with much evolution of technology and medical research, there are devices through which you can clear your ears from this natural wax. Here’s presenting the amazing Q-Grips.

This rotating ear cleaner will make sure your ears get rid of bacteria and dirt easily. Sometimes, the bacteria in your ears can clog to the extent that they need to be cleaned.

After the inception of the Q-Grips, it has become easier for people to get rid of the large lumps of earwax easily. In this feature, we will sift you through the details of this amazing tech gadget. If you have been struggling with cleaning your ears for a long time, The Q-Grips will solve your issues.

What is Q-Grip?

q-grip reviews

In simple words, the Q-Grip is a quick way to clean your ears from earwax. It is a modern and pain-free system that can easily remove the earwax. Because it doesn’t cause any pain to the ears, it has replaced the conventional buds and cotton swabs. 

Moreover, because it is a rotating device, you will feel thrilled while cleaning your ears. The most intriguing reason to settle for the Q-Grips is that they can easily penetrate the sensitive areas of the ears.

Not to forget, if you continue to squeeze the conventional buds into your ears, they might affect the eardrums. However, with the Q-Grips, you can rest assure that no damage will be caused to these sensitive organs.  Once you start rotating the Q-Grips into your ears, they will remove dust particles, dried wax, and dust particles easily. 

No doubt, this is the easiest and most convenient method to clean the ears. Not to forget, the Q-grips are made from stainless steel, which is why it is easy for this device to last for a long time.

However, this is not all! You also get to massage your ears with the Q-grips. So if you haven’t bought your kit, now is the right time to do it.  The Q-Grip will not only have an impact on your hygiene routine but will also improve the quality of your health.

Although it is advisable to clean the ears twice a week, you can remove the dirt every day with the Q-grip strips. Secondly, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on conventional cotton buds, the Q-grip strips will solve this issue.

Why Use The Q-Grips?

q grip reviews

There are plenty of reasons to use Q-grips. Especially if you constantly feel itchiness, fullness, and pain in your ears, this means that the earwax has accumulated and needs to be cleaned.

Even if you aren’t suffering from any issue related to the earwax, you can still use these strips to maintain your personal hygiene. In contrast, if you use the earbuds, they might prove harmful in the long run.

Although for some people, the earwax removal is a routine process, still, many people decide to overlook its removal for a long time. If you have never cleared the earwax, the easiest way to get it cleaned is to check with a doctor.

This means you will eventually be making a hole in your pocket by spending money. Now, you can rest assured that the Q-Grips will easily eradicate any prospective ear problems.  Especially when you are quite obsessed with personal hygiene, the Q-Grips are the best option around.

Features of Q-Grips Strips

Rotating Ear Cleaner

As discussed earlier, the Q-Grips strips have been prepared in such a way that they will eradicate all kinds of problems when people clean their ears.  They have been engineered in coherence with the needs of the people. Because of their rotating shape, the cleaning of ears has got a lot easier than ever.

Not to forget, the conventional tools in the market are sharp and damaging. Sometimes, people can easily get hurt with the sharp tip of the cleaning objects. However, when you purchase the Q-Grips strips, they will magnify the experience of maintaining personal hygiene.

Spiral Tip Reaches All Areas

If the earwax is present in abundance, it will be hard for you to reach all corners of the ears. Furthermore, if you try to use conventional swabs and pen caps, they will push the earwax farther inside the ears, making it hard for you to get rid of the bacteria.

However, the Q-Grips take care of this problem and declutter your ears from the dirt. The spiral shape of the strips makes it easy for the cleaner to chuck out large pieces of debris from the ear. In contrast, had you settled for a cotton swab, ear cleaning would have never been easier.

Made From Soft Silicone and Plastic

You must have gone through the details of different cleaning tools in the market. Not to forget, stainless steel is used to prepare most of them.

Although they are prepared from 100% stainless medical-grade steel, you cannot rely on them to keep your ears protected.  Because they can cause a lifetime injury, it will be hard for you to use them frequently.  Here, the Q-Grips are prepared from soft silicone and plastic.

This means you can bend them easily as well. Especially if you have young people in the house, you must bend them before throwing them. This device is flexible for use and can easily suffice for the personal hygiene needs of everyone.

Product Specifications

Here are a few specifications of the Q-Grips:

  • The modern Q-grips are prepared from soft silicone and plastic
  • These strips are light in weight, each of them weighing only 28 grams
  • One package of the Q-Grips features 16 silicone strips that can be discarded easily
  • The Q-Grips set comes with color aspects of blue and white.

How Does The Q-Grip Works?

q-grip review

If you don’t know, the manufacturers have prepared the Q-Grips after considering the several problems that people have to cater to when cleaning their ears. For your information, both the ear canal and eardrums have very sensitive skin.

If they are not handled with care, you might engage in a long term health condition related to your ears. The good thing about the ear wax is, it easily collects the random gnat and the dead skin cells. Because both of these are not needed by the body, they are chucked out organically.

So as soon as the wax starts to erupt out from the ears, the strips can be used to clean it. However, if you use a conventional bud, you might end up damaging your canal.

As soon as the Q-grips got introduced, they were tested on 3000 people. Luckily, the sample was conducted on people from all age groups to ensure the safety of this device. Interestingly when the sample test was conducted, not even a single person got hurt.

This proves that the Q-Grips have registered themselves as the safest option around. All you need to do is make sure to gently penetrate the silicone strips in your ears. Sift through the web, and you will come across shocking cases of people who damage their ears after wrestling with the earbuds.

The reason why we need to clean our ears is that we often overlook maintaining them. With much evolution of technology, all of us have our earbuds infused in our tiny organs throughout the day. This is why it becomes difficult for the earwax to flow out.

What Makes Q-Grips So Special?

The reason why the Q-Grips have encapsulated the attention of several people is that they also provide a gentle massage to the ears. For example, if you have minor ear pain, you can use these strips to massage your ears. On the other hand, if you have an ear infection and have to apply a certain cream inside, the Q-Grips will help you in applying the ointment.

Secondly, the conventional ear cleaning equipment comes with a plastic handle that is hard to use.  If you haven’t checked out the Q-Grips on the web, visit the official website of the manufacturer.  The rubber-coated strips are easy to use and won’t cause any damage to your skin.

Before applying them, you should wash your hands to get rid of bacteria. The intriguing thing to note about the Q-Grips strips is, they are aimed at protecting the environment.  They are tiny in size and don’t cause much waste.

Another strong reason to settle for the Q-Grips strips is because of their unique design. Not to forget, the Q-Grips strips have been carved to perfection following the requirements of the millennial customers.

How to use the G-Grips strips?

As soon as you receive your package, the next step will be to unbox the device with care. Remove the packaging on the strips and gently insert them in your ears.

Make sure to do the process gently if you want to make the most out of this device. Keep in mind, the comfy shape of the strips can easily chuck out excessive dust from your ears, which is why you don’t need to invest yourself when removing the earwax. 

If you haven’t ever used the Q-Grips before, you will find it intriguing to incorporate this option in your life.

Pros And cons [Q-Grips Reviews]


1. It has the perfect design that fits tightly in your ears. Because they are light in weight, you won’t have to worry about carrying weighty stuff. The design of this strip is also one of its unique selling points. The design is one of the strongest reasons; this device sells easily.

2. Once you use these strips, they will remove the earwax by 100%. This means that by investing in this device, you can rest assured about the improvement in your personal hygiene. Furthermore, the rotating feature of these strips doesn’t cause any damage to the sensitive skin on your ears.

3. Because you can use it frequently, this goes on to prove; the Q-Grip strip is an eco-friendly product. Not to forget, the cotton swabs cause pollution and are often dumped into the oceans. Despite much awareness, still many people settle for cotton swabs because they are easy to use.

4. All you need to do is, twist these strips into your ears for maximum results.  This way, you don’t need to invest in a dangerous object to clean your ears.

5. The Q-Grip is a 100% safe method to cleanse your ear without causing any damage to the eardrum. The design and length of your ears can easily clean the inner parts of your ear.

6. The Q-Grips strips are economical and easily contour within your budget. For people who don’t intend to spend a lot of money on personal hygiene equipment, the Q-Grip strips will easily suffice for their needs.

7. The Q-Grips strips can be used by both men and women.

8. Their head is flexible that gives a gratifying feeling when you sift it through your ears.

9. This device is affordable for use and can easily put a cut on the budget needed to check with a doctor for ear cleaning.


1. The only issue related to the Q-Grip strips is, they are only available on the web. If you try to find them in a local shop, you won’t. So it is best for you to settle for the official website for registering your purchase.

2. Although it sounds weird, the soft touch of the Q-Grips strips can easily cause addiction. Keep in mind; it is advisable to clean your ears twice a week. If you exaggerate this habit, it might have a negative impact on your ears. Because the earwax takes some time to flow out, you cannot keep on wiping your ears every day.

3. The Q-grips strips often run out of stock on the official website of the company. This is because the number of orders often exceeds the supply. So you might have to wait for sometime before registering the purchase again.

Who is the product for?

q grip review

The Q-grips are for the following people:

1. Young children whose ears can easily get damaged with a cotton swab or the pen cap. Parents can use the Q-grips to clean the ears of their little munchkins. In contrast, if the kids are exposed to conventional methods of ear cleaning such as cotton swabs or with the use of hard material, they might end up damaging themselves.

2. The elderly people find it hard to clean their ears through conventional methods.

3. People who are always on the go and have to travel frequently. Such people don’t have enough time to check with a doctor for ear cleaning treatment.

4. The Q-Grips strips are also ideal for people who are concerned about their personal hygiene all the time. Not to forget, personal hygiene is overlooked because people believe it is expensive.

5. If you have any sort of ear infections, the Q-Grips strips will help you in getting rid of the issue fast.

Who Is Q-Grips Not Suited For?

The Q-Grips strips are suitable for all age groups but not for a certain segment of people. The Q-Grip strips are not ideal for people who have a certain medical condition related to their ears or have listening difficulties.

If not handled properly, an individual might hurt themselves with these strips. Furthermore, this product is also not suitable for people who are addicted to using cotton buds because they are cheap.

Q-Grips Customer Reviews

Owing to their mind-boggling benefits, the Q-Grips strips have managed to gather several positive customer reviews in a short time. Are you still skeptical about buying this product? Go through the client testimonial section on the official website of the manufacturer. Here are some of the amazing reviews:

“Does help with the cleaning and makes it easy for you to see what you are doing.” Dannybroson

“I Like the functionality of this device because it enables me to see everything clearly.” Sima

“ I was a little skeptical in the beginning because of the price, but the device works so well. The tiny spoons are the perfect size that can easily fit in my ears” Elise Barnett

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Q Grips

The Q-Grips have been manufactured by the official website of the Mr. Gadget Pro. As soon as you visit the home page, you will eventually come across several intriguing details of this product.

Price of Q Grips

You will be thrilled to know that this device is being offered at a discount of 50%. Right now, the Q-Grips strips are being offered at a price of $7.

Where To Buy It?

The easiest way to purchase this device is to visit the official website of the company. This is to ensure that you get the original product and not a fake.

On checkout, you will be asked of shipping details and payment information. Don’t be afraid because your payment info is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.

What Comes In A Box 

As soon as you open the box of the Q-Grips strips, you will be entitled to the following two:

  • Sixteen units of the soft strips
  • One unit of the Q-grip device

Make sure to unbox this device with care because it has been made with the finest and delicate material. The reason to invest money in this option is, it can last for a long time.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with Q grips after purchase, the manufacturers will provide you a refund of your money.

This option has been given by the manufacturers because they don’t want to cause problems for modern customers.

Conclusion [Q Grips Review]

Last but not least, if you haven’t invested in the Q-grips strips, you must consider this option seriously. The Q-Grip strips come with the most advanced security solution that can easily declutter your brain from stress.

Secondly, when you have the Q-grip strips in your home, you won’t have to run to the doctor for ear cleaning treatment. Not to forget, poor cleaning is why many people get exposed to dangerous diseases after checking with the doctor. 

People love the Q-grip strips because of their shape and tiny size. In today’s busy era, the need for such strips has become imperative because they can quickly contour within anyone’s bag or purse.

So if you haven’t laid hands on the Q-grips, you better register for your kit today. Not to forget, personal hygiene is paramount in today’s time, which is why you must take it seriously. Click the button below to get yours.