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*RangeXTD review*

Don’t let dead spots get in the way of streaming your favorite movies. The last thing you’d want is for your video to start buffering right in the middle of your favorite tv show.

RangeXTD claims to solve that annoying problem once and for all. It claims to be a wifi booster that extends your signal range and quality. But does it live up to the hype?

Let’s find out.

What is RangeXTD

RangeXTD is an easy-to-use and portable wifi-booster which can
repeat/extend existing wireless signals. It effectively boosts signal range and
eliminates dead spots so users can enjoy uninterrupted access to the

Alternatively, RangeXTD can be connected directly to the home
modem and used as the main wireless router.

In addition to the wifi-booster, RangeXTD includes 2 3D antennas and a LAN port.

It’s also built with a 3 stage wifi strength indicator and designed to be
compatible with universal voltage systems.

Features of RangeXTD

Boost wifi signal range and eliminate dead spots
Fast 2.4G data transfer up to 300MBPS
Portable design with an easy setup
2 Built-in 3D antennas with an increased range coverage
Secure WPS connectivity button for WPS enabled modem
3 stage Wifi strength indicator (strong, normal, weak
Multiple connection modes (router mode, repeater mode,
access point mode)
Built-in housing ventilation to prevent overheating.
Physical power on-off slider switch

Product Specifications

VoltageUniversal (includes US and EU)

How Does RangeXTD Work

The RangeXTD works by connecting with your home’s internet network and then using its own set of built-in antennas to transmit an amplified signal that it uses to increase the range and the speed of your internet.

This ensures you get strong signals to your connected devices no matter where on your property you might be. 

The device will, essentially, double your internet signal range at much higher frequencies to get you the results you’re looking for.

According to the manufacturer, the device can even reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps which rivals any high-quality service provider.
To put that into perspective, 300Mbps can allow you to download a 3GB HD movie in 10 seconds.

By simply adding this device to your home, you can immediately solve most issues with lost connections and slow signals, making it possible for you to do everything from stream movies, download papers, and much more without having to put up with the constant hassle that standard internet systems often have to put up with.

How can you use [product]

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Who is this for

RangeXTD is recommended for people living in multiple-level houses or in areas with poor signal connection.

It is affordable, compact, and great at boosting wifi range to eliminate dead spots.

Another good thing about it is that it’s easy and quick to set up. Just plug the router into a wall socket (preferable in areas with poor connection), connect it to the home modem, and it will immediately start boosting the signal range.

How long does it take to get product

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What of Shipping Fees?

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee Details

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Should You Buy It?

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Other Potential Issues

  • some shoppers noticed that shipping can take much longer than shown on the website.
  • There were issues with users getting their refunds within the specified time frame

Final Verdict


► Does RangeXTD work outside?
Yes, RangeXTD can be used to extend signal strength to cover the garage, yard, or balcony.
► Can I move RangeXTD after installing it?
Yes, RangeXTD is portable and easy to set up.
► What devices is RangeXTD compatible with?
RangeXTD works with all models/brands of computers, laptops, phones, smart TVs.
► Can multiple units be installed to boost signal?
Yes! It is recommended to get 2 or more units to boost wireless internet signal and reduce dead
► Is there a limit to how many devices can connect to RangeXTD?
No. You may install as many units as you want to improve signal connection.
► What if I need to reset the router?
Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds or until the wifi indicator turns off. Unplug it for
another 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Turn the router back on and check the
connection again.