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Red Fox Labrador Retrievers [Everything You Need To Know]

red fox labrador
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The red fox Lab, sometimes known as the Ruby Labrodar, is truly a dog’s spectacle. He is a Labrador like every other Labrador Retriever, but he’s’ got one thing going for him, the color of his fur.

Despite being labeled a “red” labrador, he is technically more like a deeper shade of the traditional yellow Labrador.

Like any Labrador, he is not only fun to be around but also energetic. He is affectionate and gentle with his family and those he cares about, which is why he makes such a great family pet.

You’d love having one of these guys around your house.
Contrary to what most people think, his coat’s color has no significant bearing on his temperament or health.

There isn’t much controversy surrounding the Fox Red Labrador, unlike some other Labrador breeds out there, although the Red Fox Labradors does have its criticisms.

Let’s take a deep dive into this unique and exciting dog breed and see what he is all about.


The Lab Retriever’s journey began in Newfoundland in Canada. 

He was initially a hunting dog whose primary role was collecting the quarry of his fisherman masters, such as ducks and fish.

His ancestor called the St John’s Dog much impressed the visiting nobles from Great Britain by his hard-working skills that they took him back to England with them.

Over a few decades, they refined the breed and renamed him the Labrador Retriever, his now-famous name.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Lab is currently the most popular dog breed in America.

That’s no easy feat.

The exact period when the Fox Red Labrador came into the world is not fully known, but we know it has always been a rare color.


The color of the red fox is described as having a darker shade of the yellow Labrador. It is called fox red because, well it’s color coat is red, like that of a red fox. 

Occasionally, they can have slightly deeper pink features, especially around the muzzle, either in the skin’s pigment or in his nose color.

They may also have a white spot on their underbelly compared to other color Labradors; general belief is that most labradors have this, but it is more visible in the red fox labrador due to the contrast in colors. 

The male red fox labrador generally weighs around 65 to 80 pounds and will typically measure from 22.5 inches to 24.5 inches from paw to shoulder.

On the other hand, the female will weigh in around 55 to 70 pounds and measure around 21.5 to 23.5 inches.

The Red Fox Labrador are stocky dogs with both a thick neck and a thick otter-like tail. It may sound like they are aggressive hunting dogs, but they also have the cutest facial expression, with beautiful eyes that will melt your heart.


The red fox labrador has a similar temperament to that of any colored labrador; friendly, outgoing, and active. 

He’s very playful and gentle, always eager to please his humans. You can rest assured that owning a red fox lab will not fail to fill your home with a particular atmosphere of playfulness and fun.

The only difference you might find between it and other labradors is that

red fox labradors might be a bit barkier than its other counterparts. 

Exercise and Training

The fox red lab requires at least 60 minutes of active exercise a day. These are high energy; they aren’t meant to be inactive throughout the day. 

A walk, a run, playing fetch, or swimming are all activities you can do with the red fox lab to ensure they get in their daily exercise requirement.

The Labrador will is a very brilliant pup, but it will need its fair share of consistent obedient training to be sure it grows into a well-mannered dog.


The Red Fox Labrador’s lifespan is usually between 10 and 12 years, and often, he is a healthy and balanced dog with no significant worries to be worried about.

The shade of his coat has no bearing on his health and wellness in any way, and thus he shares the very same health and wellness problems as any other Labrador. Any prospective Labrador owner, no matter his color, will undoubtedly need to be familiar with the adhering to wellness issues, and it is suggested that his moms and dads be examined for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

They should likewise be evaluated for Exercise Induced Collapse, which is where he can suffer a loss of muscular control following a period of extreme exercise.

He also needs to undertake an Ophthalmologist Assessment, as the specific illness, such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy, can ultimately bring about a failure of vision.


The Fox Red Labrador will eat around 3 cups of food a day.

No matter the color, Labradors are on the continuous quest for snacks. This is scientifically shown; the POMC is the part of dogs DNA that tells them that they are feeling full, the Labrador does not have this, so he is always starving!

To avoid obesity and also various other weight-related health and wellness problems that he is vulnerable to, it is essential to manage his food consumption and feed him a food that fits the type profile.


The Fox Red Labrador’s grooming requirements are similar to any various other canines, except that it is taken into consideration to be a heavier shedder than others.

It has a double coat, which makes it warm in the colder months. However, it sheds considerably during the shedding period, throughout which he will most likely need brushing each day to keep his layer manageable. When he is not shedding, his coat will need cleaning one or two times a week.

Breeders and Puppy Price

A standard colored Labrador Retriever puppy will set you back, on average, anywhere between $850 to $1,200 from a trustworthy breeder.

As the Fox Red Labrador Retriever is much rarer, you can anticipate paying a lot more as the supply and need for him are considerably higher.

A Fox Red Labrador will undoubtedly set you back nearer the higher end of the scale.

He is not priced as high as various other alternate shades; nevertheless, because he is rarer than the yellow and black labradors he would cost you slightly higher.

Make sure to do your study on reliable breeders ahead of time. Many Labrador fanciers comment that trusted breeders ought to not charge much more for rarer colors.

However, if he is healthy and balanced and you desire this specific shade, then paying the higher cost is something you must be prepared to expect.

The AKC checklists breeders who have provided their dogs up for sale, either ready for sale right now or litters that are anticipated.

The Labrador Retriever Club additionally checklist registered dog breeders state by state.

Alternatively, if you want to rescue and take on a Labrador Retriever, you can also locate rescue groups listed state by state, which is solely devoted to rehoming Labradors.

There are many rescue teams across America, and even if you make sure that you want the Red Fox Lab as a pet dog, you might need to spend a bit more time, yet it will be worth it when you find your canine soulmate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will a Fox Red Lab maintain his red color?

Answer: Yes, and also no. Yes, he will certainly always be a version of red throughout his lifetime, he will not randomly develop into a black Labrador.

However, when he is birthed, he will certainly appear much darker than he is.

Then over the next couple of weeks, he will become much lighter. 

After that it will alter again, over the following couple of months, this is the duration where his color will darken into the fox red, often substantially so. 

The very best method to identify what shade he will certainly be is to take a look at his ears, as this is the closest color similarity to what his actual coat will certainly be. When he reaches the age of 2 to 3 years, his color will certainly stay the very same.

Answer: No, regardless of the claims that this might true, there is presently no evidence to recommend that he relates to the Vizsla whatsoever. 

The existing proof suggests that the Fox Red Laboratory is a pure-blooded Labrador, that is merely a darker shade of the conventional yellow. 

But.. the Vizsla is of comparable appearance to the Labrador Retriever, especially when they have the same color.

It is easy to see why both would be mistaken for each other.

Question: What makes for a far better household pet, the Yellow Labrador, or the Fox Red Labrador?

Answer: No labrador breed is better than the other, it depends a lot more on why you want a lab in the first place.

 If you are merely after a loving family pet dog, then either of them will certainly be just as good as the other. 

If you want to show off your pet at a registered event, then a yellow lab might be better suited for you because of the widespread prejudice of the red lab in such events.


The Fox Red Labrador, or the Ruby Labrador, or the deep yellow Labrador, is a beautiful dog, who is, put simply, a ray of sunshine!

He isn’t much different from the basic color Labradors, other than in his layer pigment, but he is much rarer and also tough to locate.

If you are fortunate enough to get your paws on one of these guys and don’t mind that he isn’t preferred in the kennel club world, then you will certainly have a pal forever!