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Shadow X Drone Reviews [2020] – The Best Companion for Every Kind of Adventure

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Shadow X Drone Reviews

With each passing year, you are more likely to witness the increasing popularity of drones. More people are seemingly embracing the idea of owning this amazing tech device. The increased attention on drones has brought out more innovative and practical uses of this amazing aerial vehicle.

At first, drones were considered owned by tech enthusiasts alone; however, these tech gadgets have penetrated the consumer markets. Drones are used by many businesses that utilize the amazing capacities of the drones to the best effects.

Apart from the most basic Drone uses, these can be included in some really innovative ideas. We have seen numerous amazing shots taken by famous YouTubers that leave the viewers in awe and amazement.

With loads of drones hitting the skies, ever wondered what this drone craze is all about? What is so cool about these drones that people go out of their ways to buy these tech gadgets?

Mainly, you will find people using these drones for the purposes of photography and videography. There are numerous ways of getting creative with using drones.

It is not only the photography enthusiasts who get creative with drones. Even well-established businesses, such as real estate properties, use drones to capture unique pictures and videos of the homes and buildings.

Apart from mesmerizing pictures and videos that one can capture with drones, another aspect of their popularity is hidden in their pricing. The Shadow X Drone, for instance, is fulfilling the dreams of many enthusiasts since it has never been more affordable than it is right now!

From its amazing technology to its cost-effectiveness, let’s have a detailed look at the Shadow X Drone and see what it has to offer.

What Is The Shadow X Drone?

shadow x drone reviews

The Shadow X Drone is not any other drone you can find in the local markets and online stores. This Drone is a foldable and convenient device to fit easily in one’s grip. Easy to carry and equally easy to use, the Shadow X Drone, despite being high-tech, can be used by anyone.

The simple yet effective design of this Drone allows it to capture pictures and videos with impressive precision. For an average consumer, this Drone is quite cost-effective.

If you are looking for using this entertaining and useful tech gadget, you don’t have to break your bank. There are certain rules to follow when using this gadget. We will come to it later.

The Shadow X Drone is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturers of this Drone have kept in mind the user’s comfort and travel. Hence, extra effort has been out to make this Drone ultra-portable and foldable. This aerial vehicle offers high-end performance concerning flight and functionality. A limitless exploration adventure is guaranteed!

Why Do You Need The Shadow X Drone?

shadow x drone reviews

Suppose you belong to the category of people who love to take amazing shots and capture the best moments from the sky. In that case, the Shadow X Drone is definitely for you.

However, the use of drones isn’t limited to entertaining purposes alone. Many people can benefit from this foldable and lightweight tech-gadget. Suppose you are a farmer but also happen to love technology. The Drone will help you monitor your farm, the fields, and help you gather crucial data about your crops.

Let’s say that you are running a photography business. The addition of Shadow X Drone will give you an edge over your potential competitors. With this Drone, you will be able to capture pictures and videos from different angles. This is why drones are becoming increasingly popular for weddings and other festive events. It adds a touch of romance to special events.

With Christmas just around the corner, the season of engagements is also kicking in. you can ask your friends to capture the event with this new technology. That said, people who love to capture memories from different unreachable angles are the ideal users of this Drone. The lightweight of this Drone allows for easy portability while you take it from one place to another.

Features Of Shadow X Drone

shadow x drone reviews

The Shadow X Drone offers amazing engineering, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The foldable design makes it easy to store and carry around.

The lightweight Drone ensures smooth portability. However, suppose you are worried about the lightweight. In that case, you should know that it (the Shadow X Drone) performs with similar accuracy and functionality as you would expect from a heavier Drone. That said, let’s have a detailed analysis of the essential features of the Shadow X Drone:

1. Foldable Propellers: The propellers of the Shadow X Drone are foldable, which means that the Drone has a smooth and better transit. Not to mention the fact that this feature enables the users to carry and move the Drone with ease. The foldable propellers also add to the Drone’s flexibility.

2. Superb Flying Time: This sturdy built Drone allows you to fly it for up to 21 minutes. This means that you can capture amazing photos and film adventurous clips for about 21 minutes straight without changing the batteries.

3. Gravity Sensors: This feature is one of the best traits of the Shadow X Drone. The super inbuilt sensors allow the Drone to detect obstacles and the ground during its flight. Simultaneously, it can change direction mid-detection to collide with the obstacle or crash into the ground.

4. HD-Quality Images and Video Clips: The Shadow X Drone allows you to capture more than 120 HD-quality frames in a second. What else can you possibly ask for? Each image is of 12-megapixels. This is a sure way to impress your family, friends, or audience if you are a YouTuber.

5. Slo-Mo Mode: Apart from enjoying high-definition shots, you can have them replayed in slow motion, thus adding a touch of magic to them.

6. Panorama Mode: Last but not least, you can capture amazing pictures in the panorama mode at 360 degrees. Just click the button, and there you go!

Product Specifications

The Shadow X Drone includes several top-class specifications that enhance the user’s Drone experience. This Drone is precision-engineered, which means that it ensures a smooth flight along with the perfect shots, be it inside or while you are exploring the nature outside.

Its foldable structure makes it the ideal companion to bring along on any adventurous ventures. You don’t have to worry about the speed, as the saying goes to not judge a book by its cover. We suggest that you don’t judge the Drone by its size and weight.

The Shadow X Drone is the fastest for its size and weight. It can take up a fast speed of 19m/s. More surprisingly, if you let it fly on top transmission, you can cover the distance of 4 kilometers. Amazing, no?

The ergonomic control of the Drone allows for easy control since it has all the essential features to satisfy the pros. But it also has the simplicity to make beginners feel comfy about the controls and functions of the Shadow X Drone.

The in-built camera of this outstanding Drone is pre-programmed with amazing features allowing you to shoot in different modes, such as boomerang or asteroid.

This is especially useful for beginners who can obtain professional quality with a mere click of a button. Good enough to create the perfect portfolio of your initial shots. Did we mention the 30-Day money-back guarantee that accompanies this amazing Drone?

How Does The Shadow X Drone work?

shadow x drone review

If you are looking for a Drone that is easy to handle and maneuver, then the Shadow X Drone is the perfect gadget for you. This Drone is ergonomic, which makes it easy to handle, even for newbies.

The in-built cameras allow you to take breath-taking pictures and videos of your adventures, events, and whatever destinations. You can control the direction and flight of the Shadow X Drone with remote control.

As the user maneuvers the Drone, they can capture at least 120 frames of high-definition videos and images within a single second. If this hasn’t amazed you so far, then wait till we tell you that you can playback your experiences in slow motion whenever you want.

If you explore a new area, you can virtually explore it with the Shadow X Drone by capturing a 360-degree image in panorama style. Looking for a still image? No problem! This tech gadget takes high-quality, still pictures of 12-megapixel.

What Makes Shadow X Drone Special?

If you wonder what makes the Shadow X Drone stand out from its counterparts, we have the answers here for you. Firstly, you won’t have to break the ban for getting the perfect aerial shots of anything.

Do you want to explore your area and know what’s hidden beyond those woods? Or do you want to see how your house looks from above?

Even if you are planning to take a couple of cool shots of your family or friends. The Shadow X Drone is one of the best, most affordable, and easy to control Drones that you will find in the markets.

The awesome features are hard to match concerning flexibility, slo-mo capture, enhanced flight mode, and gravity sensors. These features make the Shadow X Drone stand out from its other counterparts.

How To Use Shadow X Drone?

You will find a Shadow X Drone manual in the box. However, if you don’t want to go through its entire length, we have some points ready for you. Before you take the Drone to an actual flight, there are a couple of things that need to be done first. For instance, you will have to install the Shadow X Drone app on your phone by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the Drone’s user manual.

After the app’s successful installation, you will have to put in batteries inside the Drone and connect it to your phone. Subsequently, launch the app and get ready to set off the Shadow X Drone by releasing it into the air. It won’t take more than 10 seconds for the Drone to get ready to fly after the app’s launching. Now, nothing can stop you from taking the perfect shots and video clips from the best angels.

For beginners, you might want to practice hovering first before letting the Drone cross a river. It is recommended to get familiar and comfortable with having the Drone fly higher or lower before going on beast mode.

After hovering, you might want to figure out how good your turning skills are. Check out how good you are at performing the 360 flips with the Shadow X Drone. However, while you are at it, make sure that you practice your skills in an area with zero to minimum obstruction, such as trees.

While you proceed to gauge the Drone’s height, make sure that you are in a soft, grounded area. This is to decrease the risks of having the Drone damaged if something catches the Drone while flying the Shadow X Drone straight into the sky at its maximum height.

Rest assured, the control and maneuverability of this Drone are super easy. You will be amazed to experience how fun and easy-to-use this tech gadget is.  

Pros And Cons [Shadow X Drone Reviews]

shadow x drone review

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Shadow X Drone is for rookies looking for a professional experience while taking amazing shots with the Drone.

However, the pros wouldn’t feel disappointed either by using this piece of tech. The professional and ergonomic remote control makes it easy to fly. Which means that it is perfect for beginners. That said, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Shadow X Drone.

1. High-Quality Shots: this Drone comes with a wide as well as a long screen. The in-built photo formats also include boomerang, panorama, and other professional montages that are seamlessly professional. You can expect the likes from your friends and family to roll in after you have uploaded your collection on your Instagram feed.

2. Amazing Bird’s Eye View Photography: excellent photo quality is something that all of us look forward to while we look at pictures on social media and other platforms. This outstanding Drone comes with an ultra-HD lens that produces crisp and breath-taking beautiful imagery. The wide-angle lens of the Shadow X Drone ensures excellent quality.

3. Intelligent Flight Mode: despite being lightweight, the Shadow X Drone is faster than many of its counterparts of the same size. Its flying speed can reach up to 19 meters per second. Also, the inbuilt sensors allow you to have peace of mind. Simultaneously, the Drone can automatically detect obstacles and change direction mid-flight to avoid a collision. The automatic flight assistance mode allows you to perform mid-air acrobatic stunts that can lead to excellent shots and clips.

4. Smooth Portability: the propellers of the Shadow X Drone are foldable, allowing you to carry it with ease as it will fit snugly in the palm of your hand. The small size and lightweight of this Drone will enable you to carry it anywhere. In other words, it can serve as the best companion to capture your amazing adventurous moments. Your friends, family, and colleagues will be impressed for sure, even if this will be your first experience of taking pictures with a Drone.

5. Cost-Effective: the best part about the Shadow X Drone is that it is available for a fraction of the cost. This means that you won’t have to break the bank or go bankrupt in the quest to have a travel companion who can take the best shots for you.

6. Fun Experience: the Shadow X Drone is a fun experience. Even if you are a beginner taking the Drone on its maiden flight, you will have fun! As a beginner, you might find it hard to use the Drone at first. However, as time will go by, you will find no better alternative at the same price. While you will capture stunning pictures, you will enjoy the best features of its creative functionality. A satisfying experience of videography and photography with this Drone is guaranteed!

7. Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors: for starters, we recommend using the Drone indoors before taking them out to bigger flights. The indoor practices will give you ample time to master the knowledge regarding control and maneuvering the tech gadget.

With so many advantages at your hand, you might be wondering what the potential disadvantages of the Shadow X Prone could be. The only noticeable disadvantages of this Drone are that there are certain rules and regulations that users have to follow. This includes taking some training sessions in safer areas before taking the Drone to its full potential.


Who Is The Shadow X Drone For?

The Shadow X Drone is for everyone who wants to take mesmerizing pictures and shots in HD-quality. Suppose you want to have the best photography and videography experience by using a Drone.

In that case, this tech gadget is for you. This Drone is for anyone who wants to record an HD video and capture a breath-taking panorama 360-degree image. If you are a nature enthusiast and an explorer by heart, you will find your perfect mate in the Shadow X Drone.

This Drone is for everyone keen to take the best shots, videos, solo, and group pictures. If you plan to go on a holiday soon, you will be able to capture perfect memories with the Shadow X Drone.

Who Is Shadow X Drone Not Suited For?

If you don’t like tech gadgets and innovative stuff, then the Shadow X Drone is definitely not for you. If you are not an adventurer by heart and want to explore the world from the comfort of your home, then the Shadow X Drone is probably ill-suited for you too.

That said, we don’t know anybody who wouldn’t love to have the Shadow X Drone by their side. This is a must-have gadget for anyone planning to hit a vacation spot or another special event that is worth-capturing.

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Who Is The Manufacturer Of Shadow X Drone?

For the best user experience, we recommend buying the Shadow X Drone directly from the manufacturers. By visiting their website, you are more likely to find amazing deals that come with the Shadow X Drone.

You might also contact them on their phone number +1 (888) 206-2009 for any queries that you might have concerning their services.

If you prefer getting information to your queries, you can mail them to cs@beverlyhillsgadgetshop.com as per your convenience.

Their complete address is 21606 Devonshire St #3159 Chatsworth, CA 91313 United States

Price of the Shadow X Drone And Where To Buy It?

Suppose you are ready to take the plunge and buy this amazing tech gadget. In that case, we recommend investing your money in the right place by visiting the manufacturers’ official website.

You can get the Drone for a mere fraction of the cost, about one hundred dollars only? Thinking about all the amazing features this Drone has to offer seems like a dream has come true. You might have been expecting the gadget to be quite expensive.

On the contrary, you can purchase it for as cheap as $99.99. That said, visit the website of the manufacturers now to find amazing deals and promos. The best thing is yet to come. The manufacturers of Shadow X Drone offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. What else can you possibly ask for?

What Comes In The Box?

You can expect the following items to arrive with the Drone in the box:

  • One User manual
  • One Quadcopter Xtreme Drone
  • One Remote Controller
  • One Lipo Battery (3.7 V 500 mAh)
  • One charging cable (comes with the battery)


The Shadow X Drone is the perfect tech gadget for anyone who wants to capture beautiful pictures and videos without compromising quality and clarity. The inbuilt camera feature, such as the panorama effect, allows for an amazing 360-degree view.

This Drone is perfect for rookies and pros alike. Additionally, the users won’t have fret over a long charging time since they will adjust the Drone’s balance with a single touch of a button.

The Drone’s foldable propellers, along with its lightweight, turn it into the perfect companion for all adventures. It is easily portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor shots.

To experience the outdoors and capture memories like you never imagined, click the button below.