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Shine Armor Reviews [2020] -Must Read Before You Buy

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Shine Armor Reviews

Tell recently, it was not only time-consuming but also very costly to make a vehicle look shiny like before. There has been no lack of products claiming to be excellent when it is about making it shiny. However, they typically suffer from the following limitations listed below:

  • They can cause more damage to the car’s paintwork rather than make it shine.
  • Too expensive and one would like a professional to get the job done.

While many of these products might accomplish the task, it might take tons of water and a lot of physical strength. Also, the end result you achieve is not worth the effort or the money spent. Additionally, as mentioned above, there is always a chance of the paintwork getting damaged while using such wax products.

Here are the top crucial and basic criticisms that will make you realize why using this technique is not good for you and the car:

1. Most of these wax products are not quite practical. As such they are not quite suitable considering the amount of water, time, and effort needed.

2. There is a possibility of getting irritating scratches on your vehicle or even matting when the exercise ends.

3. When you compare the outcome with some other common products, the car does not get a shiny look.

4. The outcome after using these wax-based products gives you no protection from Ultraviolet light neither is it water-repellent. Instead, car wax is typically a polluted technique with no lasting impact. It only leads to extra pollution.

5. A majority of car waxes are not eco-friendly in nature.

6. Do not buy any wax-based product randomly from any website as advertisements can be misleading from time to time.

When you do not pay heed to all these above points, your hard-earned buck can get wasted and you will fail to get the desired result. Additionally, you have to still visit a professional so that you get the desired look in your four-wheeler.

If you are planning to shine your car without breaking your bank, there is a professional method to do so. You do not have to take any kind of risk, which has a chance to fail in the end.

How To Choose Car Detailing Products

shine armor reviews

Products related to car detailing can vary in terms of their mode of application and formula. So, whenever you shop for them, make sure to consider the desired finish and your budget, as well as, how easy their application is and the formula.

Here are some criteria to consider while choosing any good car detailing product:

1. Finish should be desirable

Many car detailing products and waxes are formulized to perform a certain function. While some are less shiny and more protective there are others that shine more and protect less. As such, you need to contemplate your requirements for the coat.

While a natural wax is excellent to enhance the look of your car, it may last just for some weeks. On the other hand, synthetic wax might not be environmental-friendly but last long and are more protective.

There are other products available in the market which are not waxes (e.g. the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat) that are not wax-based products. However, they deploy superior technology to offer all the desired benefits – durability, protection, and shine.

2. Eco-friendliness

Are you an eco-friendly person? If that is the case, you will love to know about the ingredients of a car detailing product.

Any traditional wax-based product comprises natural wax along with certain synthetic products like silicone, polymers, and resin. Others feature carnauba beeswax so that the longevity increases.

If you are looking for a ceramic coat, which gives an excellent shine and is long-lasting, the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat can be one of your best bets. Make sure to select a product, which features eco-friendly ingredients.

3. Ease of use

All car detailing products are not similar as far as their application is concerned. So, the kind of product one selects will determine the time needed for application, as well as, the tools to be used.

While some detailing products are known for their ease of application, there are others that need a power applicator. For instance, the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat simply requires a lintless piece of cloth to make your car look shiny.

4. Existing weather conditions

Did you know what the fundamental objective of a car detailing coat is? It is to make sure that the car coat is protected from external elements such as sunlight, debris, and rain.

If you reside in a locality where mud, huge rocks, and salt are usual, a thicker coat will be needed. You should opt for a detailing product or wax, which can apply a thicker coat and is durable.

5. Pricing

Not all car detailing products cost the same. When you opt for a product at a lower price, they feature synthetic detailing and wax products.

Synthetic products featuring superior technology and natural waxes are more expensive. Although the price is not the right indicator of how effective a product is, you should stay away from extremely cheap products.

6. Paint color and type on a car

In case you are interested to purchase a wax product, you could wish to contemplate the appropriateness of the formula to the color and type of the paint. Additionally, a manufacturer will usually indicate the kind of color and paint the wax is suitable for.

If you are wondering whether there is a solution that offers cost-effectiveness and the outcome is worth its price tag, there is good news. Go for a product, which is based on ceramic technology and is created from SiO2 or silicon dioxide.

In reality, people don’t usually know which product can work as desired. Alternatively, he/she may not have the spare time to clean the vehicle in a manner to achieve a professional outcome at the end.

Are you sure that the regular car detailing items you have purchased meets your desired expectations? Take a close look now at what the SiO2 technology is all about.

Defining SiO2 Technology

It is an innovative and sophisticated chemical formula, which functions as a coating or layer for a car.

The technology is specifically designed so that you get the desired shiny look in your car that you had wished to have for a long time. Also, you wanted to achieve that without compromising your budget or paintwork.

Perks Of The SiO2 Technology

Here are some top benefits of using the SiO2 technology listed below:

1. You will get that perfect glossy looking car that you had only seen in advertisements.

2. The technology protects your car from external elements such as water, grime, and stubborn dirt. These are quite common in any city that has bad weather.

3. It offers a durable shine effect that lasts for more than 6 months.

4. You do not have to worry about scratches and marks on your car paintwork.

5. The product can not only help you to save your time but offers other benefits such as ease of application. You are also likely to achieve a professional result.

What Is Shine Armor?

shine armor reviews

The Fortify Quick Coat from Shine Armor is a three-in-one car detailing product. It not only cleans your vehicle but also seals it to protect and shines its coat. O

Also, it is different from ordinary wax for car protection, which can only seal and shine. Here is a product, which is devoid of water in its formula and needs no water.

The product uses a technology, which can leave the surface of the car protected and glossy without using wax.

Its formula comprises a combination of various surfactants and soaps, the silica ceramic, and wetting agents, which protect a vehicle.

The detailing product has a formula, which is perfect for all those people who wish to use a product, which is easy-to-use and protects, shines, and cleans.

Why Use Shine Armor?

Its application process is incredibly easy as the product is stored in a spray bottle. All you require is a soft piece of cloth. Contrary to some wax-based products, which may require an applicator, it can be applied quickly and is durable.

It is an ideal product when you not only need to have a shiny car but also when there are budget constraints. Its durability while also being cost-effective means that there is no requirement for a retouch for several months.

The manufacturer insists that the products’ formula is twenty-times stronger than the other available wax products and sealants on the market. Its technology is tested in the lab to make sure of its increased efficiency. The product also does not leave scratches or smear marks.

Shine Armor had come up with the PAINT FULL CARE PRODUCT, which is basically a ceramic care product for cars and is known for its ease of use.

Features Of Shine Armor

shine armor reviews

The following are some of the best features of this car detailing solution:

1. It does not need water to work. It also means that the user does not have to unnecessarily feel hassled about creating a big mess in his/her garage. Also, there is no risk of polluting the environment while using it.

2. The FULL PAINT CARE is an ideal solution that is meant for all those people who wish to have more than simply a clean vehicle. It is irrespective of whether the user wants to be a professional in the car care field or wants to be reflected in this particular car paint.

Benefits Of Shine Armor

shine armor reviews

If you are looking for a dependable product then the Shine Armor Fortify quick Coat can be one of your best bets. The company is based out of Florida and is the outcome of a group of car enthusiasts. These people wanted a simple method to make their cars look shiny without breaking their bank.

The key goal behind launching this particular product was to come up with a sealant, which can protect a vehicle but not create a big hole in the car owner’s pocket. Shiny Armor is known for coming up with products, which offer a one hundred percent guarantee of customer satisfaction.

These products are also eco-friendly. Check out some top benefits and features of the product:

No smearing or streaking

Although the formula of Shine Armor is waterless yet the product is adequately light to be applied without creating any scratches, smear marks, and streaks. Contrary to wax, which may not be applied smoothly, here is a product that is known for its ease of application. Each section overlaps the other, thus creating a lovely look. It is a perfect product in case you require a shiner, cleaner, and no-mess protector.

Comes with a multipurpose formula

As opposed to wax-based car shining products whose formula can only be effective on only some kinds of colors and paints, here is a multipurpose product for you. It can be used on various kinds of surfaces such as plastic, metal, chrome, glass, as well as, many more.

The product will not affect the car’s surface where it is applied. A car owner can use the product on surfaces of motorcycles, boats, cars, four-wheelers, recreational vehicles, or any other vehicle. Thanks to its multipurpose formula, the product is highly cost-effective.

Do It Yourself detailing in a well-designed spray bottle

The Fortify Quick Coat from the Shine Armor is available in a specially designed spray bottle, which is extremely easy to use. Start applying the product by spraying it on a soft-textured microfiber towel. Your product can last longer when you make sure not to over-spray it.

Use the towel to rub the vehicle’s surface gently and make sure to apply on overlap sections. Once you apply it on a particular section, use a microfiber towel, preferably dry, and then polish the sealed surface even before it becomes dry.

The spray bottle boasts an ergonomic design for facilitating easy spraying. Irrespective of how big or small your hands are, you will find this spray bottle incredibly easy to use. One requires just 15 minutes or even less than that to apply this detailer and polish the car.

Three-in-one formula

The product is so named as it offers an additional layer of protection to protect your vehicle from external weather elements. At the same time, its formula offers additional functionalities. It features wetting agents, surfactants, and soap for cleaning the car’s coat. It is a cleaning product, which can clean stubborn pollen, dust, as well as, other debris. As the formula is devoid of water, it is even more effective.

Apart from the cleaning products, there is silica ceramic that gives a protective coat and a glossy layer to your car. It is claimed by the manufacturer the silica ceramic has been properly tested in the lab. It is to make sure that the product is durable and effective. Its formula is not only easy to use but is also highly effective.

Shine Armor insists that the product is twenty-time stronger than compared wax-based and other shining products. Once the solution is applied, the car has a shiny and smooth surface, which can repel pollen and tiny dust particles. While heavier particles may not be repelled by it, you can easily wipe them off from your car’s surface.

After the car has a shiny look, Shine Armor diverts the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays so that the paint of your car can be protected. It is imperative to note that any car paint is vulnerable to cracking when it is exposed to the sun.

You should note that when the paint color is darker, it is more prone to cracking. That is because darker shades can absorb a greater amount of heart. As the silica ceramic formula can create a glassy surface, the car’s paint remains smooth.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

As mentioned earlier, silica ceramic gives a glassy look to your car without causing any harm to the environment and you. The product features surfactants and soaps, which are environmental-friendly for the protection of the users along with their surroundings.

Shine Armor uses biodegradable volatile organic compounds or VOC as its ingredients, which ensures safety. Thus, it can be used even when pets and kids are around. Shiny Armor does not cause damage to a plant even when one sprays on it accidentally.

Long-lasting and stronger

The product is based on nanotechnology, As such- the Fortify Quick Coat from Shine Armor covers your car’s imperfections making it shinier and smoother. A single bottle can be used for one full month. In case you live in a locality with favorable weather conditions, there is no need to retouch the car for a long duration.

According to the manufacturer of this product, the car owner may not have to shine his/her vehicle for 12 months. If the car owner resides in a locality with rough weather conditions and elements can affect their car’s surface, the retouching has to be done at an interval of some months. However, the manufacturer insists that you apply it every month to get the best outcomes.

Excellent price and 100% assured satisfaction

The buyer gets the assurance of satisfaction whenever they purchase a bottle. The manufacturer even allows the customers to return the product in case the latter find the result unsatisfactory.

However, the product has the ability to clean the vehicle well. In case your vehicle has sticky grime and mud on it, we would always advise you to wash the car first. It is to ensure that the vehicle’s surface does not get scratched while polishing it.

There are some scenarios when a cleaner does not clean the mud especially when it cannot be wet enough. In such a scenario, there is a possibility of your car getting scratches. On the other hand, when it is a question of loose dirt, you will find the working of the Shining Armor more effective.

Pros & Cons [Shine Armor Reviews]


1. The spray bottle’s design enables you to use the product easily and simply.

2. Its three-in-one formula increases its appeal.

3. The product has a non-toxic, biodegradable, and VOC compliant formula.

4. Once you apply the product, its longevity is higher than many wax sealants. Each bottle can last for around a month or so.

5. The product repels pollen and dust. Thus, it is easier to clean the car after the application.

6. Its formula is safe for any kind of surfaces such as metal, plastics, chrome, glass, metal, and more.


1. The user might have to retouch more often when the weather conditions are extreme.

2. The product may be incapable of removing scratches, which are already present. As the application is thin, those can be only removed with subsequent applications.

3. Its cleaning formula may not erase some stubborn stains like road tar.

Who Is Shine Armor Meant For?

Owners of boats, automobiles, RVs, motorbikes, and other four-wheelers can use this product. The wax spray is an ideal blend of SiO2 ceramic-coating science and surfactants.


Who Is Shine Armor Not Suited For?

If you wish to remove swirl-like and feather scratches from your vehicle, then the product is not suitable for you. Please note that it is a sealing, protection, and cleaning product.

Customer reviews for Shine Armor

These customer reviews show that customers are highly satisfied with the product.

“I was not too sure about this product at first but now I’m telling everyone to use it and shine all my (and other peoples) vehicles with it all the time! Best product out there hands down.” John Chicho

“Since I myself am quite skeptical about ordering online, I first ordered only one bottle of FORTIFY QUICK COAT and one bottle of TIRE SHINE GEL. I am super happy with both products and give the autumn 5 stars. However, I immediately ordered other products because I no longer doubt their quality.” Mirko Maroh

“Outstanding product. Worked out those scratched areas like a pro. With just a little elbow grease and the cloth, It looks like new. Could not believe my eyes. Wow. When the wife came out to look at her car, she was floored. Thanks for the props. Happy spouse= happy house”. Kenneth Wilson.

Price Of Shine Armor

It is a pocket-friendly product and has become incredibly popular because of that. It is available at a price of $22.95. However, other offers are also available. When a customer buys two bottles of Shine Armor simultaneously, he/she has to pay a discounted price of $42.99.

The Shine Armor offers enough detail to last for a month or so. The company even offers discounts up to as high as 50 percent when you purchase the product from their website. When one makes online purchases of the items in bulk, the discount can be even better.

The company has a robust and quick shipping process and can get the product within seven days of ordering. However, the product can be only purchased online.

Where To Buy Shine Armor?

Shining Armor can be only purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. We recommend you to purchase the product only from its official website to buy genuine offerings and to avoid scams.


Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is a straightforward and versatile product for your vehicle.

Its slick coating comes in handy to protect your vehicle from dust and dirt and is easy to wash off. If you do not drive your vehicle regularly, the coating may last from 6 months to 1 year.

It not only eliminates the use of water but is easy to use and is reasonably priced. The product can be applied to your car’s plastic and glass parts as well. Overall, it is definitely worth the money you spend.

If you want to give your car the best shine ever, click the button below.