Skyline X Drone Reviews

skyline x drone review

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If you love traveling and documenting everything about the journey, you know how important certain gadgets are for an effective and attractive documentary.

There is no doubt in today’s scenario that every effective vlogger or travel channel on social media has one or more drones in their arsenal.

Drones have become increasingly popular among people in the last few years. Whether you are looking for a travel buddy or for general fun purposes, drones will not disappoint you.

It is a device that you can use for stunning aerial photography or exploring inaccessible areas. Apart from the above-mentioned activities, drones have found their way into a variety of fields including defense, research, and development.

Each activity exploits certain features of drone technology such as the elevation it can reach, its compactness, or the high-end camera on board.

As the demand for this exciting gadget has grown so is its manufacturing. Currently, in the market, you can come across hundreds of brands and different models of drones.

While most of them look cool and almost useless in performance. Others that perform well turn out to be less compact and bulky.

Several manufacturers have compromised on one or the other aspect of drones and it’s hard to find an all-around package. There are only a few manufacturers that have given proper attention to all the aspects of drones that will satisfy all your requirements.

One such product that is designed by keeping all the requirements of users in mind is Skyline X Drone. It is a quadrotor drone that looks cool, has the appropriate size, and comes at a reasonable price. In terms of performance, it is unmatched in its category.

In this review, we will discuss various aspects of Skyline X Drone and see if it is a good option for those in the market for drones.

Skyline X Drone

Skyline X Drone is a quadrotor drone that is lightweight and packs a lot of interesting features. Even amateurs can operate it with ease. It comes with easy control and has a flying speed of 60 feet per second or 18 meters per second.

Considering the size of the drone it is impressive how much power it packs. The controller is foldable and works on radio frequency (RF) that can transmit up to a range of 4 Km (2.5 miles). It can also be controlled using your mobile phone. Skyline X Drone has an excellent camera that shoots in 4K.

The camera also comes with great features such as cinematic shots, altitude-holding, and slow motion. The design of the Skyline X Drone is highly compact that can be easily fitted into small spaces without any trouble. It can also be used indoors.

Due to its immense range, it can be used for aerial surveillance that will provide you with a birds-eye view of the entire region. Skyline X Drone comes with 60 minutes of flying time. If you are a professional photographer, you are in for a treat with this gadget as it will take your work to the next level. It comes with 6 axis self-stabilization technology and high maneuverability which will help you capture stunning photos and videos.

Earlier, owning such gadgets with these features was way out of budget for individuals. But now it’s different with Skyline X Drone, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars as it is affordable at a reasonable price.

How Does It Work?

Skyline X Drone is easy to operate. Out of the box, it comes with a user-friendly manual that provides step-by-step instructions on how to operate the device. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to learn how to use it.

Skyline X Drone comes in a fly-away condition out of the box and there are two ways to operate the drone. First, use the remote controller provided with the drone. The controller comes with instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow. Second, Skyline X Drone can be operated by using a downloadable application on your smartphone and following the instruction. The application has a nice user-friendly interface that is easy to set up and operate. Using the application, you can easily track the drone’s whereabouts using inbuilt GPS. This way you’ll not lose the drone even when it gets out of sight.

As mentioned before, Skyline X Drone is a quadrotor drone which means it has 4 propeller blades to navigate easily with high maneuverability. You can also adjust the blades using the tools provided with the Skyline X Drone package.

The camera on Skyline X Drone is a 12-megapixel HD camera with a 360-degree field of view for amazing panoramic shots. The drone comes with a rechargeable battery with a 60-minute flying time and 30-minute recording that will let you record comfortably over an extended period.

It is foldable along with the controller that makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. It is lightweight and doesn’t take much space which makes it ideal for long trips.

Specifications Of Skyline X Drone

Skyline X Drone is a simple yet powerful gadget. It comes with the following specifications.

  • Foldable body and flexible rotor blades. Highly compact design.
  • 12-megapixel ultra-wide HD camera that records videos in 4K at 120 frames per second. The camera also comes with a 50x zoom.
  • 3.7v 500 mAh high-performance rechargeable smart modular battery.
  • 6 axis flight stabilization with precision flight performance technology.
  • Gravity sensor.
  • Highly durable and perfect for travel.
  • GPS/Optical flow positioning.
  • Fixed point flight.
  • Gesture photos and videos
  • MV creative videos
  • 5G image transmission.
  • LED night light.
  • Brushless motor for minimum noise interference.
  • Lost connection and return.
  • Low Battery return.
  • Real-time transmission.
  • Splash-Proof.

Feature of Skyline X Drone

This small device packs a ton of features that makes it stand out from other products in its class. It’s amazing how so many features are packed in it. Considering the specifications above, it should not come as a surprise that this mini drone is nothing but a technological wonder. Many people who have used Skyline X Drone often mention how it exceeded their expectations in terms of performance.

It packs the following features:

4K video output

A drone without a quality output is pointless to buy. Many people who look for drones buy them primarily for getting unique and high-quality HD videos. Skyline X Drone ace this feature with a high quality camera that shoots high-definition photos and quality videos at a rate of 120 frames per second. The ultra-wide-angle of the camera lets you take amazing shots of landscapes and various terrains. The excellent positioning tech of Skyline X Drone lets you take amazing photos and videos at 3000 feet (0.91 km) range. It also comes with easily recognizable gestures for both image capture and video recording. This makes it fun and easy to use. With this amazing feature, you can determine when to capture a shot or when your video starts recording.

Skyline X Drone also comes with another great feature called Smart Follow. This option can be used to engage the camera with a person or any object. Skyline X Drone will follow and record that particular object or person without anyone manually operating it. This is a cool feature that lets you record yourself without asking for anyone’s help or paying someone to record you.

Panoramic Mode

It is one of the best features of Skyline X Drone. With a range of 3000 feet, the drone can take incredible panoramic shots from a unique perspective. The camera can take 360-degree panoramic shots.


At one point, drones were not affordable to individuals. People used to rent it from others or not at all use it. Drones whether mini or big was a luxury at one point that was only available to government entities, photography firms, or very rich people. Recent advancement in science and tech has made this technology more affordable to the common man. Drones like Skyline X Drone have changed the game which is available at a moderate price. Currently, Skyline X Drone is available at around $199 which we don’t think does justice to this technological wonder. If you compare the price with other mini drones in its class, you’ll realize the difference and throw away the price at which it is available right now.

On top of this, there are various limited-time offers where you can use a 50% discount on it and get it for merely $99. That is not all, if you buy two drones for $399, you will get one drone for free.


One of the prime reasons for the success of Skyline X Drone in the market above other drones is its durability. The manufacturers of the Skyline X Drone have paid a great amount of attention to making this product highly durable and for rough use. Unlike many other drones, this one can take a few hits and still be okay. You don’t want a delicate piece of gadget that will break with slight mishandling. The makers of Skyline X Drone have used highly durable plastic material to build the casing of the drone which makes it very sturdy and strong. It is also splash-resistant but not waterproof. So special care must be taken while flying in rain or near water bodies.

With drones, durability is a measure concern because sometimes even professionals mishandle or crash their drones. In Skyline X Drone, no compromise has been made on the durability of the product. It is created to last a long time.

Hard to Lose

Fear of losing the drone is common among owners. People have lost their drones due to a number of reasons such as flying out of range, low battery, or accidents. With Skyline X Drone, you don’t have to worry about any of this. It comes with an inbuilt GPS tracking function that enables it to return to the owner once it is out of range or low battery. This is an amazing feature that will let you enjoy your time with your drone without worrying about losing it. Although indirectly but this feature will make sure that your drone will serve you for a long time.


We have already mentioned this feature above many times. This mini drone is highly portable and lightweight. It weighs around a pound. You can easily carry it in your backpack for various outdoor activities. In some countries, Skyline X Drone even passes as personal electronics that you can carry.

User Friendly

Skyline X Drone has a very short learning curve and you’ll be amazed at your progress and your ability to take stunning photos and videos in no time. Customers have mentioned how easy it is to learn to operate Skyline X Drone. Many customers were shocked with their ability to fly it like a professional in no time. This says a lot about this drone as you don’t have to be a professional to use it and click impressive photos. The controller of Skyline X Drone is very user-friendly and can be learned by almost anyone.

Slow-motion Mode

Skyline X Drone has a very impressive slow-mo mode that is a game-changer. We know everything looks awesome in slow motion. This feature will allow users to capture stunning slow-motion videos of moving objects. This also gives an impression that the video has been shot on a professional camera by a professional photographer.

Speed and Stability

Skyline X Drone comes with some serious speed that is capable of covering any fast-moving activity. The drone is equipped with three-speed modes and can be flown sideways. This feature makes it a great gadget to cover your and your family’s sports activities. Instead of you running around with a camera everywhere, all the hard work will be done by the drone. You can simply sit and give commands via your controller. One interesting thing to note here is that the high speed of the drone doesn’t mean you’ll get blurry images or video. Skyline X Drone comes with a 6-axis stabilization technology that will make sure you get high definition output. This technology also helps the drone to achieve stability for navigation purposes. Skyline X Drone can go through small openings such as windows or the mouths of caves with considerable ease.


Skyline X Drone is fast and takes only seconds to connect with the controller. It also comes with a single button take-off and returns feature. You can take pictures or stream videos in real-time. With this drone, you don’t have to worry about connectivity anymore.

Gravity Sensor

This is an important feature of Skyline X Drone as it helps it in navigation and avoids possible collisions. This also provides extra stabilization on the drone.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Skyline X Drone can be purchased only from its official website for $199 each. However, it is currently on sale and you can even grab it at for a mere $99. There are also many other types of offers available on the official website currently such as buy two, get one free, etc. Each drone comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

It is also important to note that it is not available in stores.

Every package of Skyline X Drone has:

  • Skyline X Quadcopter Drone
  • Controller
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging cable (USB)
  • User Manual

You can use any popular credit card or PayPal to make the purchase.

Once you make the purchase, the drone will be directly delivered to your doorstep.

Due to the high popularity and demand of Skyline X Drone in the market, you may come across several counterfeit products or knock-offs. It is advisable to only make purchases from the official website of Skyline X Drone to avoid any scam plus it will ensure your 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

The primary reason Skyline X Drone is trending appears to be because of the immense support and backing of thousands of satisfied customers. After going through tons of customer reviews, we found that people are most impressed by how easy it is to use Skyline X Drone. Customers have often mentioned how impressive the video quality is.

The colors just pop out in the videos and the shots look amazing. One customer was particularly impressed by the altitude holding feature of the drone. Another interesting thing that stands out in various customer reviews is that many customers have mentioned how their photography skills have improved after using Skyline X Drone.

Final Thoughts

Skyline X Drone is an all-in-one solution for capturing insanely beautiful images and videos. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you’ll love it because it doesn’t require any extra skills to operate. It is an amalgamation of impressive technologies that will make sure it stays relevant for times to come. It has a stylish design along with an impressive HD camera that you won’t find anywhere in this price range. Skyline X Drone is a highly recommended gadget for anyone who loves photography and exploring the world.

When it comes to whether you should buy it or not? The final decision lies on you and as a customer, you should explore the market for a product that best suits your requirements. After doing our part of research in the market, we realized that Skyline X Drone is a very good option in its category.

Its affordable price is one of the most attractive features of it. You will not find the amount of sophistication present in Skyline X Drone in any other device in a similar price range. With so much sophistication, it is still a compact device that is also very durable. All these features in one single product and that too in this price range is hard to come by.

However, if you are used to higher end drones like the DJI Air 2S, then the skyline x drone might dissappoint you, the DJI Air 2s costs around $999, while a skyline drone cost arounds $99, so it’s not feasible for them to have the same functionality or be of the same standards. The skyline X drone is less suited for professional use and more suited for recreational use, you can get them for your kids or yourself to play with knowing that you won’t be breaking bank when doing so.

We wrote this review to deepen your understanding of Skyline X Drone and to make you a well-informed customer. By our understanding, it is a great product that will last you a long time.

It is truly a low-risk investment as the manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Even if you still have doubt about its ability, you can first try your hands on it without losing any of your money. You will be surprised how well it fits with different customers and their requirements.

There is a reason it is trending in the market because, with so much promising hardware and performance, the brand still put customer satisfaction on the top.

So, we suggest first, you try it and then see for yourself. Skyline X Drone has surprised many customers before, we hope it will surprise you too and make you a part of the Skyline X Drone family. If you are interested in buying the skyline X drone from the official website, you can do so with the button below.

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