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sleepnow reviews
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SleepNow Reviews

Have you been lately feeling tired at your morning meetings? Do you keep falling asleep at your desk? Are you having trouble going to the gym because you simply can’t muster up the energy to do so? Well, if you are feeling a general lack of energy, it might due to your sleep deprivation.

Since our childhood, we master sleep as a very important activity. However, as we grow up and responsibilities start to stack up, we don’t sleep as much. Although human beings spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping, we have still not gotten around to realizing how important sleeping actually is. 

Sleep is one of the most essential factors that play a huge part in helping a person maintain optimal physical and mental health. Sleep is involved in repairing and healing your blood vessels.

So, the quality of sleep you get matters a lot. We, humans, have centered our lives around countless things. From mobile phones to laptops and tablets, we are constantly looking at bright screens all the time, which has greatly reduced the quality of sleep we get. 

While you are asleep, several things are happening in your body. Your body starts a repairing process, cleaning up all the mess you have made during the day. All your internal systems are busy flushing out toxins, chemicals, dead cells, repairing damaged tissues, and restoring the supply of energy so that you can go through the next day. Not getting enough sleep leads to developing several critical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and depression. 

As sleep is so important for teenagers, adults, and older people, you need to make sure that you are getting the best sleep possible. This is exactly where SleepNow comes into play. SleepNow’s innovative technology has introduced an adjustable pillow that allows you to get a perfect night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in; you can comfortably use this pillow and get ready for your next day. 

What Is SleepNow?

sleepnow reviews

SleepNow is a luxury people that every person should have as it improves the quality of sleep exponentially. You might not realize it, but your pillow plays a huge part in making sure that you get a good night’s sleep. SleepNow’s innovative technology takes it one step ahead as it is an adjustable pillow that can be perfected to your personal liking. 

Whether you sleep on your side, back, or on your stomach, this pillow is designed to work in every position so that a perfect neck posture is maintained. If you wake up with a knotted neck, you are not sleeping in the right way. SleepNow will help you position your neck atop the pillow perfectly so that when you wake up, you don’t feel any cramps in your neck or other parts of your body. 

Why Use SleepNow?

There is an internal clock inside every person that regulates his sleep cycle. This cycle controls when a person has maximum energy, and when he feels tired and ready for bed. If this cycle is disturbed, it becomes very hard to go through the day. The cycle or circadian rhythm operates in 24 hours. So, when you wake up, you are gradually getting more and more tired. 

As you go through the day and daylight disappears, the body releases melatonin into the body, which makes you drowsy. If you don’t complete 7-9 hours of sleep at night, your circadian rhythm disrupts and begins to harm your body cycle. Moreover, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your body will never be able to recover, which will impact your immune system and make you more vulnerable to diseases. 

SleepNow makes sure that once you are in bed, you don’t have to worry about getting to sleep. I know a lot of people have to go through an endless ordeal of finding the right position to fall asleep in. They constantly keep changing their positions and waste hours doing so. SleepNow makes it very easy as you can adjust the pillow to sleep in any position you like. It uses different pillows that adapt to your sleeping style and make sure that you fall asleep as soon as possible. 

Features Of SleepNow 

A Pillow That Adapts 

The best feature of SleepNow is that you don’t have to adapt to the pillow, but it adapts to your sleeping style. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your stomach, your back, or on your side; you can adjust the pillow so that it is firm and you feel comfortable in any position. 

3 in 1 Pillow 

The pillow comes with two more pillows inside it that are of different sizes. The middle pillow is made of silky fibers that give you the support you need. The out pillow is washable and made of ultra-luxuries material that promotes cooling. And the bottom side pillow is filled with low friction fibers to emulate comfortable sleeping. 

Easily Eliminate Dust

The pillow comes with innovative technology that helps people sleep not only comfortably but also healthily. You might not know it, but your pillow contains a lot of bacteria and viruses that can cause lots of diseases. With SleepNow’s cotton cover, you can easily wash your pillow so that you say bye-bye to dirt. 

Promotes Spine Health 

If you are used to placing a pillow under your neck when sleeping, you need to do it the right way, or else your spin health will slowly deteriorate. If you have woken up with neck cramps, it is mostly due to bad pillow positioning. SleepNow can be adjusted to whichever position you like, allowing sleepers to find their perfect level of support.

Enhances Sleep 

As SleepNow is mainly meant for getting a good night’s sleep, the combination of anti-allergen technology and proper support helps you feel fully rested when you wake up in the morning. As soon as you wake up, you will feel fully energized and ready to work during the day.

How Does It Work?

Basically, SleepNow is like any other pillow, but it does so much more for you. On top of providing you the needed support for your neck, it takes it one step ahead by ensuring that you can sleep in any position you want to. It is an adjustable 3-in-1 pillow, which means that you can take out a pillow if you want to. 

It uses extra-long and soft fibers made of hypoallergenic materials, which create a comfortable and cooling effect. The material makes the pillow soft, fluffy, and comfortable by allowing moisture and vapor to escape, making the sleep feel more energetic and relaxed in the morning. 

It has a 2-inch gusset inside it for better neck alignment so that your neck doesn’t feel cramped in the morning. The gusset provides expansion and relaxation so that its pillow moves according to your neck weight. You will feel as if your head is suspended in clouds so that you can get a good night’s sleep without any trouble. 

What Makes It Special?

If you browse the market, you will find a lot of pillows that claim to give you a better sleep. However, you are not going to find one that uses technology in such an innovative way. Here are the features that make these pillows stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

  • Seamless Design

The first thing that puts SleepNow in a league of its own is its design. You may be wondering that if it is just a pillow, then how great can it be. Its supportive design makes sleep such an easy task that you will be blown away by how supportive it is. It supports your spine so that you can relieve any kind of ache and pain, and it is adjustable, so it fits all sizes.  

  • Innovative Technology 

Another thing that makes SleepNow one of its kind is the type of technology used in it. It is made from special fibers and materials that give the pillow a certain cooling effect that helps you sleep like a baby. The pillow’s hypoallergenic properties make sure that it remains dust-free so that you feel less groggy when you wake up in the morning.

  • Value for Money 

Moreover, this pillow is going to give you an unmatchable value for money. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress as this pillow will fill all your needs. It is totally machine washable and for all types of sleepers so that it stays with you for a lifetime, improving your sleep pattern. 

How To Use It?

The pillow is made for three kinds of sleepers so that they can adjust it accordingly. Here is how different users can benefit from this pillow.

  • Step 1

If you are someone who likes to sleep on his stomach, you can put the pillow under it on its soft side so that it gives you perfect support. The pillow comes with two pillows inside it so that you can adjust them however you like

  • Step 2 

If you would like a medium level of support, you can simply put the pillow under your neck. The pillow is breathable, so it keeps you cool all night and provides perfect support to your spine and neck so that you don’t feel cramped in the morning.

  • Step 3

Moreover, if you like firm support from your pillow and you normally sleep on your back, you can put this pillow at your side so that you get perfect support. You can swap out the pillows inside of it and put one under your neck to get maximum support for your body. 

Pros And Cons [SleepNow Reviews]

Before you go out and buy any product, you must weigh its pros against its cons. Mentioned before are some of the most apparent benefits of buying SleepNow pillows as it will make things easier for you, and you can choose what’s best for you. 


Ultra-Breathable Cooling Fibers: Its special breathable fibers keep the pillow cool and breathable all night so that you don’t feel congested all night. It lets you get 8-9 hours of good sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed. 

Washable: The pillow is also washable, which means that you can use it more than once. As you can wash it, it can also ensure that it stays dust and bacteria-free all the time. 

Allergen Resistant: A lot of people have troubles when it comes to allergies. As pillows come in contact with your face, you need to make sure that they are bacteria and virus free. Its innovative technology ensures that the pillow is free from such things so that you don’t get allergies. 

100 Night Guaranteed: The best thing about SleepNow is that you can test the pillow up to 100 nights. If you don’t feel like the pillow is making any difference, you can return it and get a full refund. 


Online Purchase: As SleepNow works on an E-commerce business model, their products are only available on the internet. There is no physical store where you can try out the product, which can be a downside. 

Shipping Issues: A problem that is common with online shopping is that you might have to face shipping issues from time to time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there might be some shipping troubles. But, rest assured that once the product arrives, you will be totally happy with it, 

Who Should Use It?

Anyone who thinks that he is having trouble when it comes to good sleep can benefit from this product. 

If you feel tired even after waking up, if you feel cramps in your body, or you are having neck troubles, you need to get yourself a SleepNow pillow and change your lifestyle.

As you begin using this product, you will start feeling its magic as it will make nights easier for you and make sure that you feel comfortable in your own skin and body. 

SleepNow Customer Reviews

“Love my sleep now pillow. Feels like your head is on a cloud.”
Love my sleep now pillow. It’s like 3 pillows in one. Feels like your head is on a cloud. You can unzip one part and switch the inserts with 2 different ones so I get exactly the support I need for my knee and hip pain. They’re also completely washable so it stays clean and skin feels clean and fresh every morning. Definitely recommend.Jessica E.

 “I am sleeping better and feeling better than I have in years!”
I bought one of these for everyone in my family and it is by FAR the best pillow I have ever owned. I used to wake up with pain in my ankles or knees almost every day, not anymore. I am sleeping better and feeling better than I have in years! – Mark M.

I have one and I love it! Hadn’t had a bad night’s sleep since I bought it”
I have one and I love it! No tossing and turning all night no lumps pushing on my eyes like my old pillow! I bought this pillow a couple of months ago and hadn’t had a bad night’s sleep since. I highly recommend this brand. You will not be sorry
. – Janice M.

Manufacturer Details

Need some help? Reach out for more information, details, and knowledge to enhance your SleepNow experience!


Call: +1-888-201-0028

Mon-Fri: 12am – 5pm PST  

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Sun: Closed

Address: SleepNow 1607 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14212

Price Of SleepNow

If you order SleepNow right now, you will get an extra discount on the product along with free shipping when ordering two or more pillows. 

You can buy SleepNow from their own website as you get the best discounts from there. 

Save up to 40% when buying 2 SleepNow pillows as they cost only $109.99. 

Save up to 50% when buying 3 SleepNow pillows as they cost only $134.00. 

Moreover, get their most popular deal by saving up to 56% of your money when buying 4 SleepNow pillows as they cost only $159.99, putting their price at $40.00 each. 

Where To Buy It?

Being so popular in the market right now, you can order SleepNow pillows from Amazon. However, it is going to cost you more compared to buying from their official website

 If you go for four pillow deals from both places, buying it from their official website is going to save you $30. So, hover over to the website and get their best deals. 

After you have selected the deal that you want to order, you must fill out your information for the shipping process. You will have to input your personal information so that your order can be placed. 

After you click continue, you will be redirected to another page on which you will have to enter your payment credentials. Rest assured that this page is SSL protected, and the credit card information you put is totally secured. 

In the last step, you will have to put in customer information so that the product gets delivered right to your door. It might take a few days for the shipping process to complete, so sit back and relax as your order arrives. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

After reading all the benefits that the SleepNow pillow provides to its user, I’m sure that none of you will have any doubt about the usefulness of the product. 

However, as you are buying the product on the internet, you might have some questions regarding the quality of the product. SleepNow products are a hallmark of excellence, which is why they have total faith in anything they are sleeping.

On top of getting all the benefits the product gives to its users, it also provides a solid 30-day money-back guarantee so that you have no doubt when spending your hard-earned money.

If there is something about the product that you don’t like or it doesn’t do the things that it claims to do, you can easily return it to the manufacturer and get a full refund or a replacement. 

So, if you are having any second thoughts about the product, you don’t have to worry about anything as you can simply replace it if you don’t like it.


There are so many benefits that SleepNow provides to its user, but it goes without saying that you need to do your comprehensive research before spending a dime on anything. SleepNow pillows are a hallmark of technological excellence, which is why they have put great faith in their products. 

The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you will never regret buying these pillows as you can simply return them if you feel like they are not what you think they were. I’m sure that after weighing in all the pros and cons of this product, you would not doubt in your mind.

However, if you still feel like there isn’t enough evidence to change your mind, let me present a few questions to you.

  • Do you regularly feel tired when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night, even after full-day work?
  • Do you feel cramps in your neck and back even if you get a good sleep?

If you have answered all the above questions with a yes, you need to try out SleepNow pillows. This product will solve all these problems for you so that you can begin a new journey in life. 

It is okay for you to take the gamble as you can simply return the product. However, out of all the reviews I have personally read about it, every customer has good things to say about the product as it has made countless positive changes in their life.

So, browse over to their official website and order your own SleepNow pillows to start getting the sleep you want and deserve.