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*snore strap review*

Too much of a good thing can be, well, a bad thing. Sleep is important to all of us, but at the same time, there’s a marked difference between having a good night’s sleep and having a sleep that leaves you sounding like a wheezing tuba or small jet engine.

Snoring can be a big problem, especially if you sleep or live with someone else. 

That’s why there are a plethora of anti-snoring products out there to help you overcome this nightmare and sleep snore-free.

That said, not all anti-snore devices are created equal. You’ve probably seen your fair share of nasal strips and snore straps and might have even tried a few. Unfortunately, these products too often don’t do enough to set themselves apart.

That is where the SnoreStrap™ shines through. It not only establishes itself as a snore eliminating device but as the leader in that market. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what exactly SnoreStrap is, how it works and some important points to know about this interesting invention.

What Is SnoreStrap

snore strap review

SnoreStrap is an adjustable product that works to keep your lower jaw from falling open as you sleep. Since your muscles relax when sleep sets in, this can cause the tongue and soft tissue to fall backward and block the airway. SnoreTek works to keep the jaw held shut to keep this from happening, thus reducing or, ideally, eliminating the vibrations we perceive as snoring.

How Does It Work?

Like I said earlier, the SnoreStrap works by keeping the lower jaw from falling open when sleeping. This is especially effective for those who sleep with their mouth open. So if you fall into this category, this might just be what you’ve been looking for.

snore strap review

Important Points To Consider (Snore strap review)

1. Device Fit

First and foremost, you need an anti-snoring device that fits perfectly. An anti-snoring device won’t do much good if it is sliding off your nose or chin or is acting like a vice upon them. While a firm fit and pressure on those areas is important, it is nevertheless critical that the device in question be comfortable, which is something that far too many anti-snoring implements overlook.

It is also one reason why many consumers give up on these anti-snore measures altogether. After all, for as much as you want to cut down on your snoring, sleep time is sleep time, and you want to get a good night’s sleep. Snoring can get in the way of that, but so can devices that are too tight, pinch your nose or chin, or are otherwise uncomfortable.

This is where the first highwater point of our Snore Strap review hits home, because the Snore Strap is quite comfortable, giving it a huge advantage over most of the items on the market.

Its comfort comes not just from its soft yet firm materials, but the fact that they are elastic, allowing you to stretch them to a point where they fit your face comfortably.

2. Device Wash-ability

Anything you wear day after day is likely to be something that will need to be washed. Such is the case with anti-snoring devices. Unless you are purchasing something disposal, such as nasal strips, you need to make sure that the guard you are wearing can be washed, lest you trade your snoring problem for a smellier one.

This is another area where the Snore Strap ranks well. You may not want to throw it directly into the wash, but it should be just fine washing it with a damp cloth, which is really about as much as a little strap like this should need.

3. Device Functionality

Now, let’s start getting into the meat of our Snore Strap review, and the factors that can truly make or break an anti-snoring device – how well it actually prevents snoring.

First, why does snoring happen in the first place?

For those not in the know, snoring occurs when you are unable to freely pass air through your throat and nasal pathways while you sleep. While this happens to everyone on occasion, some groups are more prone to this happening than others. Some of the most common “risk factors” for elevated levels of snoring include:

  • Age: The older you get, the more likely you are to snore up a storm. This is due in part to the fact that your muscle tone begins to decrease all over your body, including your throat, which in turn makes it harder to push air through.
  • Weight: As if there weren’t enough social stigmas and health risks to being overweight, it can also increase your chances of snoring. That’s because being overweight can cause fat to build up in areas near the muscles in your throat and neck area, which can cause you to snore.
  • Build: It isn’t just overweight individuals who are predisposed to snoring, however. Even if you are “fit,” your build can contribute to your likelihood of snoring. Men tend to have narrower air passages in their throat than women do, which makes them more likely to have the nasal and throat-connected conditions that cause snoring. What’s more, certain elements of your build, such as a narrow throat, large adenoids, cleft palate, or other features can make snoring more likely. Snoring also tends to be hereditary, so if your parents and grandparents snore up a storm, you may want to invest in an anti-snoring device – chances are you’ll need it sooner or later.
  • Nose and Throat Problems: This should be obvious. Anything from a mild cold to a serious illness that affects your nose and throat can cause you to snore more.
  • “Extras”: Things like alcohol and smoking have an obvious effect on the nose and throat, as do certain medications, which can lead to increased snoring.

Obviously, the Snore Strap cannot stop any of those things.

So, why does it come off so well in this review?

Because it is able to be effective against snoring given any of those conditions.

That’s because it doesn’t treat any one specific condition, but rather where the condition originates. It attaches around your chin and wraps up around your jaw. This creates a tight compress on the throat region, which can provide some of the pressure there which may be lacking in the event of age, sickness, or other factors causing the muscles to weaken. 

It will not stop you from being predisposed to the conditions that cause snoring. To do that, you would likely need a doctor’s visit and over the counter or even prescription medication.

With the Snore Strap, however, you can directly address the physical cause of your snoring, silencing it once and for all.

4. Device Durability

The big question with elastic materials is always if they will snap or wear out. It is still a young product, so we’ll see how it bears out over time, but at present the Snore Strap seems like a durable purchase.

5. Device Shipping and Cost

This is one of the most nagging parts of any purchase. After all, shipping tends to fall into one of two categories – good enough to where no more need be said, and bad enough to where you could spend days ranting about huge costs or shipping catastrophes. Thankfully, the Snore Strap falls into the former category, with inexpensive, fast, safe shipping – and so no more need be said.

The device can be used daily, which is a benefit of its durability. What is more, its wrap-around jaw-centric design can be especially helpful for anyone for whom jaw dislocation or similar issues is the specific cause of their snoring.

The device’s price is also quite good for the nature of the product. At around $50, it is one of the least expensive long-term anti-snoring options on the market. Since you do not have to keep buying units, as with nasal strips, it earns back its money in no time. It is also far less expensive than anti-snoring medications.

Snoring can be a pain, for you and anyone unfortunate enough to be kept up by your nocturnal roar every night. Thankfully, devices like the Snore Strap can help you and loved ones enjoy a refreshing fatigue-and-snore-free night’s sleep once more.