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Isn’t it weird how, when it comes to dating, we rely more and more on our smartphones to do more than half the job for us?

From Tinder to Instagram DM’s, WhatsApp to iMessages, technology has become a major part of the dating ritual in this day and age. More specifically, the art of texting has become a crucial element in every dating process.

Unfortunately, most people are not taught exactly how to perform this art to the fullest, most people plain suck at texting the opposite sex.

And this leads to a lot of frustration, boring text exchanges, the other person leaving your messages on “the blue tick”, you name it.

Luckily one woman is on a mission to change that and help as much women as she can, her name is Amy North and she is tackling this widespread problem, the lack of texting skills in the modern dating environment with her new program “Text Chemistry”.

This article aims to break apart this program and look at it through an analyst’s lens, I am going to go meticulously over every detail you need to know before pulling the trigger on buying this product. (or not)

I will cover;

  • The features and benefits of the program
  • Who exactly the product is for
  • The drawbacks
  • Compilation of other customer’s opinion on the product
  • Price of the product
  • And much more…

So I suggest you sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and read on.

Table of Contents

    Text Chemistry Review: An Insight

    Text Chemistry is an online dating guide created by Amy North. The program focuses on the basics of texting while building rapport ( getting to know someone) and the way to progress from that point onwards.

    It helps you learn the skill of creating engaging communication with your date through text messages that help to arouse their interest in you.

    The book is based on Amy North’s learning and understanding of the dynamics of a romantic relationship between couples. It’s created based on her experience learned about couples and how they communicate with each other in their relationship.

    But who exactly is this Amy North woman and why should you listen to her.

    We will get into exactly just that in a minute but first, you need to know that although the program focuses deeply on the early phases of dating and the immense role that communication plays in it, it also outlines the way communication changes throughout the course of relationships that eventually decided the fate of it.

    It focuses on the initial spike of a new relationship as well as the ongoing maintenance phases of the relationship. More on that later.

    Who is Amy North: About the Author

    Amy North is a professional relationship counselor from Vancouver, Canada. She is a best-selling author and celebrated for her YouTube channel that sees her providing her viewers with exciting tips and advice on dating. As of the time of this writing she has amassed over half a million subscribers.

    You can check out her channel by clicking here.

    She specializes in helping women around the world get the man of their dreams. She has spent a lot of time researching the nature and fundamental elements of attraction and relationships.

    This online dating program is the final result of these findings.

    Who Should Be Interested In This Program

    The program was made for females although males will still find a few sections useful because some core principles shared in this program apply to both males and females.

    I think this program will be really beneficial for you or at least you should be interested in the program if you have been having trouble finding or keeping a partner.

    Or if your dating life has just been really uneventful so far. This program will teach you all you need to know to spice up your dating life.

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