The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2019

Your new car isn’t so new anymore.

It happens to all of us, you slack one day then the next day and the next and suddenly your car is filled with dirt, food crumbs, grass. The next you know your car is a shadow of its former self.

Trust me, you don’t want your car to end up like this.

It is a turn off to a lot of people and says a lot about you to your friends or anyone that enters your car. Luckily it’s really easy to prevent your car from getting this dirty, assuming you’ve got the right tools and a car vacuum cleaner is definitely the most important tool you’ll need

Car vacuum cleaners are quite different from then normal ones you use in your home, for starters car vacuum cleaners tends to be smaller and more portable, they also have higher suctioning power than those used indoors. This is because of the nature of the job it is built for, you need to be able to get that dirt from those hard to reach places.

This buying guide has compiled a comparison of the best car vacuum options on the market, what makes them so great, and the features that they bring to the table.

We’ve got our favorites and those that came in close behind, we also labeled those that are best for folks on a budget. All in all, this an article designed to give you all the value and information you need to make the absolute best choice in buying your new car vacuum.

Let’s dive in.

Here are the best car vacuums of 2019



*Expensive car vacuums aren’t always the most powerful, infact some cheap ones can consistently outperform other expensive brands and that is the case with “Thisworx For TWC-01 Car Vacuum” (funny name, I know).

Priced at around $30 if you buy through amazon, the vacuum cleaner comes with a 106w motor and metal turbine, this allows it to perform just as well as other brands that cost twice the price.

Its size and weight is another plus for me, it weighs only 2.4lbs and measures 13.4 inches long. It’s small, compact and portable and all these translate to less effort when cleaning your car

With its small size and low price range, customers were not expecting this vacuum cleaner to bring such a large of power to the table, they were impressed with how effectively it could suck up dirt from the tightest of corners. 

THISWORX FOR TWC-01 CAR VACUUM is a corded vacuum and comes with a 16ft long power cord so you’ll have more than enough length to reach every corner of your car. 

With its power, you can quickly give your car a quick vacuum in 10 minutes or less, or the neat freaks amongst us could spend a little longer to give it that Rolls Royce level kind of clean.

Clean Rolls Royce interior

A battery option would have been wonderful, that way you its light and compact and you don’t have to worry about the power cord, but for the price it’s understandable that it only offers a corded power supply. 

Thisworx for TWC-01 (seriously, they couldn’t come up with a better name) comes with 3 different attachments for cleaning the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. Attachments include an elastic hose and a brush attachment. 

Also, included in the pack is a backup HEPA filter which usually lasts for years. So you now have two HEPA filters, one that is already in the vacuum and another that comes as a backup. 
You might be wondering what a hepa filter is. Here is a quick snapshot explaining what it is. 

This vacuum can perform both wet and dry cleaning so it’ll be able to clean up just about any mess your car is hiding. 

So if you are looking for something that is compact, powerful yet affordable, I think you’ve found what you are looking for in “Thisworx for” TWC-01 Car Vacuum cleaner. 

Priced at around $30 if you buy through Amazon and 12-month warranty included, you won’t find a better deal. 

This is our number one choice for a car vacuum and we think this would be a purchase worth making 

Power type: Corded
Power: 12v
Size: 2.4lbs
Warranty: 1 year


Battery operated handheld vacuums usually have a lot of benefits for cleaning your car if this sounds like the route you want to take then the HoLife Handheld Vacuum might be your best choice. Read on to find out why. 

It is lightweight at 3.3lbs (a bit heavier than Thisworx) and operates with a power of 14.8v (more powerful than Thisworx). It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which means more money saved in the long run not replacing batteries. 

Insider tip – If you want a vacuum you can easily store in the trunk of your car for an emergency quick clean (say before a date or something) then this is the way to go.

What I like about this vacuum is the fact that it over-delivers ease of use and convenience, from the 30 minutes worth of power you can get from a single charge to the inbuilt LED light that helps you when cleaning in the dark. They thought of it all. 

It’s impressive how much they are able to pack into such a small device, but I guess that’ why they charge a bit higher than Thisworx. But even though its priced higher, it’s still a fantastic value for the money.