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The aim of this review is to provide you a critical look at this great program and what I think about it. But first, let me tell you a story about Sally

You see, Sally and her family decided to treat themselves to a luxury cruise. They all put in overtime at work to be able to afford it, they cut back on eating out, they scrimped and saved to pay it all off and just have a great time.

They get there, take plenty of pictures, have lots of fun eating the cruise food and basically have a good time.

But as Sally started looking at ger photos, she began to notice a trend she did not like. Even when wearing her one-piece suit, She was looking like a hot mess. 

She did not say anything to her family for two reasons: First, she was there to have fun and didn’t want to spoil the mood by being a Debbie Downer, and second, her niece and nephew, aged 8 and 10 were there and did not need to hear another adult talking badly about their body.

Sally had a great time the rest of her trip and reminded herself she’d worked hard for the chance to be here with her family.

But she knew she’d have to work extra hard once she got home. She wanted to get in shape, be healthy and look great in photos the next time they took a cruise!

You see, Sally isn’t coming from a place of self-dislike. She loves her body and what it does for her every day, and you should love your body, too!

One way to honor your amazing body is to treat it to exercise and healthy food. Making it function at optimal capacity at all times.

But where in the world do you start? Keto, veganism, pescetarianism, and other lifestyle choices are superabundant in today’s world. And we all can’t exactly afford a personal trainer and dietician to tell us what to do!

That’s why its highly encouraged that everybody get into The Cinderella Solution. It’s a ridiculously simple diet and exercise program that has helped tons of women-and you’re next. 

Who Will Benefit from The Cinderella Solution? 

If you’ve tried to lose weight the “old-fashioned” way through calorie counting and hours of working out and saw no results or just gained all the weight back, this is going to be a good thing for you.

This lifestyle change has you going international. That is, you follow the dietary habits of the people of countries like Spain, where people mostly eat what they like without any real concern for calories.

It is a lifestyle change you can adjust to quickly, and you won’t have issues that come with a yo-yo or crash diets.

So, What Is It? 

First of all, this is for ladies only – sorry, gentlemen! The principle behind Cinderella Solution is flavor pairing. It is for women of all ages and will work no matter how old you are. 

The flavor pairing is reminiscent of the Shokuiku nutrition program, which is used in Japan to help people lose and maintain weight without rebounding as you find with other diet plans.

You mix and match various foods as a means of burning fat, and you don’t need to count calories. It becomes a lot easier just to enjoy your food and not worry about calories!

It is a totally digital program, which is great for your privacy. (Sometimes, people can be nosy, and when it comes to diets, I know that can be very personal).

You just download it onto your tablet or phone, and away you go. You can read it privately anywhere you are.

The program contains nutrition advice as well as exercise tutorials. You will love how the exercise and nutrition programs work to help you feel young and energetic. 

How Does This Work? 

This program lasts for 28 days total. You do two 14-day halves. They are called “Ignite” and “Launch,” which reminds me of a rocket-but I digress. With “Ignite,” you will eat three meals, and with “launch” you will eat 4 meals a day.

You can repeat this program again and again until you get to the weight you are happy with. 

And, you don’t have to guess about what to eat. Each cycle has meals pre-planned for you, so just make a list and buy what you need at the market. Yes, even your shopping list is all done.

And if you are following a vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, or ovo/Lacto lifestyle, the author has thought of you.

So yeah, you can’t really change up the meals, but man, they are good, and most people don’t care one bit about eating the same meals again and again. They taste good, so it’s easy to look forward to them every day.

The workouts of the program are pretty easy too. You don’t need a lot of time to do them-just 20 minutes a day is all you need to make the workouts count. 

If you don’t like the gym no worries, you can do the simple workouts anywhere.

So, What Do You Eat? 

So not going to lie, the names of the foods are kindy of corny (pun intended), but you’ll quickly get used to them.

  • Prime Proteins
  • Power Carbs
  • Angel Carbs
  • Royal Fats

You can follow the suggestions for the daily meals or you can change them up based on your dietary needs. You can pick one food from each of the food groups, thus making the program exciting and tasty for everybody.

After all, the foods in this program are designed to help females burn fat and rev up their metabolism. 

Trust in the program – after all, it is based upon the Shokuiku program, which the Japanese government endorses and credits the longevity, healthy body weights, and health of the Japanese people to.

It simply takes simple foods and makes them a flavor burst for your taste buds, helping you to feel satisfied and happy without having to eat heaps of food. You are eating wholesome and delicious meals, and they are so high in quality that you won’t want any junk.

And did I mention you can have wine? Yep, it’s true. 

The program uses four out of 11 flavor combinations as per the Shokuiku program. You will also be drinking fat-flush tea that will help you lose weight while you’re doing nothing or sleeping.

What Is Working Out Like? 

I will be the first to say I do not like working out. I prefer walking around and listening to music.

But these workouts were awesome. They are not mandatory, but I felt motivated to work hard, so I did them.

You just need a pair of light dumbbells. I found a pair in my sister’s garage she didn’t need – ask your friends or family members if they have some old ones. Otherwise, you can simply buy them for cheap on Amazon.

The movements can be done by pretty much anybody, I think -remember, this is designed for people aged into their 60’s and beyond! (I’m 33, by the way). 

The movements are mild, and they help boost fat loss, tone you up, and leave you feeling great, but not tired as the workouts designed for elite athletes/men/really young women do.

There is a neat little tutorial library you can access that has 60 different videos ready and waiting for you. You can set up your smartphone or tablet with the workout and do it right in your room, or on the go if you’re traveling. No need to sheepishly go to the gym and pray that nobody’s looking!

Workout time is flexible. You can workout anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes. It’s super mild, so even if you are a little sore from a life activity (like helping a friend move, which I had to do during this program), it’s still doable. No excuses!

The workouts are made for women, by a woman, and they are structured and “flow” easily. You start by doing one exercise every other day if you are a beginner, and then two exercises per day for three days in a row if you are advanced. (You then take a rest day, music to my ears).

There is a total of 15 workouts in this program, and each one has about 7 exercises on average. They are demonstrated so you will know just what to do. They tell you the number of reps and all other necessary info, so just follow along, and you will do fine.

All you have to do is get to the Cinderella Solution Video Library. And then watch the videos about how to do the movements. And, you can save them as mp4 files in case you want to have them for offline viewing.

Who Created Cinderella Solution? 

The mastermind behind The Cinderella Solution is none other than Carly Donovan. You likely have never heard of her, but she knows her stuff. 

After all, she is a nutrition specialist located in Ontario, Canada. She’s been helping others lose weight for the last ten years, and is excellent at helping others, especially women, achieve their weight loss goals.

Carly herself understands the trials and tribulations of weight loss. She used to be overweight herself, and she gets it. It is why she created The Cinderella Solution-to provide a new, fun, and flavorful strategy for weight loss that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

I encourage you to go check Carly out on her Instagram. 

What’s All in the Program? 

This program is all digital. There are a bunch of PDF files and videos that you will download. Bear in mind that you can also pay an additional fee if you would like to have access to Carly and her support team.

Let’s take a look at what you get exactly in this bundle. 

  • Main Manual – This is a 93-page eBook. It gives you up to date info on hormones for weight loss as well as metabolism. There are lists of food and food combinations from other countries that have lower rates of obesity.
  • Quick Start Guide – This is a 52-page book that shows you how to get into the system right away. It is helpful if you don’t feel like reading the entirety of the Main Manual. This is where all the recipes are found.
  • Movement Guide-This is where your workouts are. It is a 30-page manual that shows you the exercises you can do, plus it has links to videos that demonstrate the movements.
  • Food Lover’s Book-This is a recipe booklet that has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. There are 22 pages of desserts. Keep in mind that these recipes are extra; the primary ones are located in the Quick Start Guide.
  • Workout Videos-This library houses all the video tutorials for your workouts. You will know just how to execute the movements for the exercises.
  • Cinderella Solution Accelerator-This is your “testimonial” portion of the program. It is where you can turn for some inspiration. These are the steps that other women followed when using the Cinderella Solution to achieve the results they wanted. The cool thing about this section is that it showcases women who were able to rev up their metabolisms in just the first three weeks of the program. It is more or less your shortcut to success. You can learn ways to prepare meals so that it boosts your metabolism and gets you closer to the body you want to achieve. It is broken down into three subsections: A. The 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide, B. The Accelerator Main Manual, and C. The Accelerator Movement Sequencing eBook. I highly recommend the last book if you plan on using workouts to achieve your goals. Sure, you don’t have to do them, but you will enjoy greater success if you can work them in.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin so that you can make an informed decision about buying.


  • This program is easy to follow and does not require fancy foods, protein shakes, or crazy diet pills.
  • It is written by a woman who knows what it’s like to be overweight – she actually walked the walk.
  • You don’t need to count calories. 
  • It is based upon a real Japanese program for healthy eating.
  • Other women have tried it and left positive reviews. 
  • The workouts are optional-perfect if you are short on time. 
  • It is excellent for women of all ages, even women who are at very mature ages.
  • The program costs only $37. 
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • You have to put in the work. You cannot simply eat like crazy and expect to lose weight-a calorie deficit is always necessary.

Quick Questions About Cinderella Solution

I went ahead and compiled a list of questions people tend to ask about The Cinderella Solution. You might call this a FAQ of sorts. 

  • Is This A Real Program? 

The Cinderella Solution is not a scam. Carly Donovan understands nutrition and has created a program for women. She demonstrates that females can lose weight by following the steps outlined in the PDF files.

  • I Have X Condition. Can I Do the Program? 

We cannot say. Every person is different. You should always talk to a doctor before you start any fitness or diet program to make sure it will be safe for you. 

  • Is It Going to Work for Me? 

We can’t say for sure. I would recommend that you look it up for yourself beyond this article, see other women’s testimonials, and decide if it’s right for you. Personally, I LOVE this program, but everybody’s different. 

  • How Much Is Cinderella Solution? 

The plan costs $37 as of the time of this writing. Go here to buy it. Remember, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so don’t worry about buying it.

My Final Word….

So, I will be the first to tell you that I loved my time with the Cinderella Solution. I finally felt like I was learning how to eat the right way after years of just kind of flying by the seat of my pants. 

I had garnered so much information from friends, magazines, TV shows, and other sources that I just had no idea what was healthy or not anymore!

It was like a reset button on my dietary habits. I felt great eating the wholesome foods that the program recommended. I decided to stick with it for a whole year and ended up losing 40 lb. Yes, I messed up some days. 

And yes, I still indulged on holidays. But as long as you get back on the wagon and stick with it, you will be fine.

But I will say this-my family is headed to Honolulu this year, and I know I am going to look amazing. Looking great is a side effect; it’s really a matter of health. I feel TONS better now that I know how to pair up foods that work together and satiate me. 

And another reason I personally loved it is because it’s scientific in nature. This program focuses on negating the effects of hormonal changes that happen in our female bodies when we go from puberty to adulthood. Our metabolisms slow down during this period, and it becomes harder to drop excess weight.

So, by achieving a balance of these hormones during these times, we can more easily burn fat and achieve a healthy weight easier than we could if we were still at an imbalance with hormones. You can also make your metabolism faster and thus burn more fat with this program. 

I can’t stress how easy it is to follow the program. The hard part is sticking to it. It’s all done in just two steps: Eating well and integrating the optional exercises into your daily routine. 

The exercises are, of course, not required, but they are chosen for their ability to speed up the process of fat burning. The workouts can be done anywhere. Even if you are traveling, you can do them in the privacy of your hotel room, and nobody has to know.

And don’t worry about the food you will be eating. It’s not boring, I promise. You don’t have to count your calories, and you don’t have to make ridiculous fancy foods that sound like something the elites would eat. It’s not all green salads and bland flavors, either.

There are tons of recipes to choose from, and dessert is also part of the program. Literally, everything you need to get started (except dumbbells and a mat) is included, and you can start the same day you buy it.

So, don’t hesitate. Buy your copy of The Cinderella Solution today, because you really have nothing to lose. And don’t just take my word for it-go read some other testimonials. You will find that other women have had great luck and result with it.

I hope this review has been helpful. I wish you good luck and good health!