Backyard Revolution Review [OCTOBER UPDATE]

Backyard Revolution Review

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*Backyard Revolution Review*

Staying in the dark is one thing many of us dread so much. And sometimes our grid system just makes sure to bring that fear. It is no news that the national grid fails sometimes.

At some point, you may have thought about it…..what other way can I power my house?

This read is about to be an eye-opener to you.

Backyard Revolution review

What can you get from that name? To revolutionize or change your backyard. It’s just as it says…..turn your backyard into something much more useful.

Now, the Backyard Revolution is your gateway to an alternate energy source. It will lead you to discover how to depend less and less on energy companies for your electricity.

It is a step by step guide on how to set up your own solar panels. Yes! All by yourself. With the Backyard Revolution, you’d be amazed how easy it is to use solar energy despite the popular opinion of it being hard.

Let’s talk about the author

Backyard Revolution was created by a carpenter named Zack Bennet. Are you surprised it’s a carpenter, not an engineer? He made the decision to look for alternative sources of energy after a near-death experience.

A blackout is usually an invitation for invaders. During a power outage, an invader broke into his house and he got shot while trying to protect his daughter.

This made him think….what if he had his porch light on? Would that invader still have walked in?

And that led to his search for an alternate source of energy which he eventually settled for solar. This is when he came upon an MIT research that made the Backyard Revolution possible.

About Backyard Revolution

The Backyard Revolution is an easy to follow tutorial on how to construct your own solar power set-up. It is based on an MIT study that found zigzag arrangements of 3D solar panels to very effective.

Due to this vertical stacking of solar panels, it takes so little space as compared to the conventional solar panels.

You might be wondering how the sun rays will reach this pack of panels. The guide will show you how to angulate everything to make it work. At the end of the day, each of the panels gets full exposure to sunlight.

The Backyard Revolution gives you a blueprint to build a solar device that is small enough to sit in your yard and yet save you a ton of money on your electric bills.

As for the electric bills, you might start seeing substantial reduction after a few months. But the author claims he saw up to a 50% reduction in his first month. That’s huge.

It gives you some control over your power usage as you don’t have to depend solely on energy companies. This might come in handy during a blackout.

For a backup power source, many people might go for a typical generator. Well, that’s great but listen to this. Backyard Revolution will show you how to build a power source that is silent, requires no maintenance, no gasoline, and yet is super effective.

Your typical generator is also a noise generator. It needs constant maintenance and gasoline. Can you see where this is going?

This guide has helped about 9243 people build their own solar power system. And they love it.

Backyard Revolution is simplicity at its peak. You don’t even need to worry. Because once you start, you’d feel like Zack himself is there with you, directing your every step.

With that being said, you might think it will take months to finish this thing. NO! According to the author, it will only take you about 4 hours.

For clarity, the Backyard Revolution is just a digital guide to help you build the solar power set-up. You would still have to buy the materials. But the author claims you’d spend just a little above $200.

Comparing that to the conventional solar panels that go for $10k and above, I’d say it is a no brainer to get it.

Backyard Revolution

What you get in Backyard Revolution

The basic principle Zack Bennet used in creating the awesome piece is simplicity. It’s so simple to follow that you don’t need to be a tech guy to build one of your own.

To further make it easier, the Backyard Revolution is in both PDF and video format. If you don’t want to read it, you could just watch the video and follow every step.

These are some of the things you expect in Backyard Revolution;

  • A shopping list

Not for food. Included is the list of everything you need to start building. It’s a very comprehensive list and makes the whole process very easy to start. It puts the mind at ease when all the needed equipment for a project are outlined.

  • Where to buy them

It goes as far as pointing out to you where you can purchase each of this equipment. You don’t need to keep going from store to store asking if they have this or that.

  • Guides

This will pull you through the whole process. It’s written in simple English, no jargon or technical language here. It is very elaborate and simple to follow. It also gives you all the dimensions needed for this project. It’s an all in one guide.

  • Videos

If you still could not follow the written guide, there is a video series for you. This comes with a very clear voice-over making it very easy to follow. It breaks down all the technical stuff into a language you can understand.

What can you learn?

The aim of the Backyard Revolution is to teach you how to become independent in terms of energy and cut down on your electric bill at the same time.

  • You learn how to make a new source of power in just a few hours. It is just amazing how easy this guide has made it. You don’t need to have an engineering degree to set up yours. Every tiny detail has been covered and you will be shown how to do it.
  • Also, you will come to learn how to arrange solar panels as the experts do for maximum efficiency.
  • You will learn how to take measurements and cut woods to build this thing. It might turn out to be an interesting adventure for you as you learn new things.

Pros and Cons [Backyard Revolution Reviews]

Being born out of a human mind, the Backyard Revolution does indeed have both pros and cons and I’ll talk about them now.


  • Easy to follow

This guide is so simple to follow that it doesn’t require any tech knowledge to build your solar power set-up. It uses plain English, no jargon or mumbo jumbo. And it’s broken down to step by step, covering every tiny little detail.

It takes things one after the other so you don’t get confused. If this is still too hard for you which I doubt, then there is a video series. It has a very clear voice-over making it easy to follow as well. Here your eyes do most of the understanding for you.

  • Requires no maintenance

Once you’re done building your solar power system, you might as well forget about it while you reap its benefits. It does not require constant attention to function, unlike your typical generator.

  • Takes up minimal space

One of the biggest problems with conventional solar panels is how much space it takes. If your house does not have that much space, then it’s not feasible to install a solar panel. Though Backyard Revolution begs to disagree.

With this guide, you can arrange solar panels to take as little as only 5% of what the conventional solar panel would take. Even if you don’t have a backyard, you could place the solar panels on your balcony. This is to show you the space it requires is very small.

  • Portable

The Backyard Revolution will help you build a solar power set-up that is easy to carry around. It is so portable that you can put it in your car trunk. In this case, you can use it as a power source during your fishing or camping trip. I guess starting a fire would have to take a rest.

  • Cheap

Anything above $10k. Yes, you read right. That’s how much it costs to set up a conventional solar panel. It’s true that in the long run, you’d break even but that’s still too much. Backyard Revolution says NO. You could set up your own solar panel with anything between $200 to $400. Backyard Revolution is offering a cheap yet efficient alternative to you.

  • Environment friendly

Today, global warming has become a very important topic for us. And it is important to always do your best to reduce the amount of emission you release into the atmosphere. Unlike the typical generator, the solar power set-up is environment friendly as it does not emit anything.

  • Email support

The author of the Backyard Revolution is offering 12-month unlimited email support. That means whenever you get stuck while building your solar set-up, you could send an email to be assisted.

  • Takes little time

The construction of this Backyard Revolution solar power set-up takes about 4 hours according to the author. The hardest thing to do is probably cut some woods.


  • You might need both legal and insurance approval before you can connect this to the power system of your home.
  • If building things are a hassle for you, then this project might become difficult for you.
  • The guide suggests you’d spend a little above $200 while constructing this. But it might vary depending on when and where you are building the setup.

What are the major benefits?

  • Reduction in electricity bill

Having some of your power needs provided by the Backyard Revolution solar power set-up….you can shave off up to 60% on your electricity bill.    60%!!

That’s a lot of money going into something else. Yay to savings!

  • Independence from the power grid

Imagine being the only lit house in the neighborhood during a blackout. That’s the kind of independence I’m talking about. Having options and not having to depend solely on the national grid system. So that in times of failure you still have the power to carry on with your normal life.

All this for how much?

As you already know converting to solar power is quite expensive if you use conventional means. So what does that mean for the ordinary person? It simply means you can’t afford it.

The Backyard Revolution is being offered to you at $39! That’s a steal. To be clear, this is just for the guide. You’d still have to buy equipment and materials for the project after you’ve bought the book.

Even with all that, it’s nowhere near what you will spend for a conventional solar panel set-up.

What if you don’t like it?

If for any reason you’re not satisfied and decide to return it within 60 days of buying, you’ll be refunded back your money 100%. No questions asked.

In essence, you are just trying it out for free. Bearing in mind that you can get your money back anytime within 60 days.

No risks here.


Once you purchase the Backyard Revolution, you’ll also have access to some additional bonus. These are ebooks on;

  • Homestead EMP Protection Protocol
  • Energy stockpiling secrets
  • Homestead alternative energy

Do you want a well lit house even in the middle of a blackout?

Do you want to cut down on your electricity bill by up to 60%?

Join Backyard Revolution by ordering now.

Some of the questions you might have in mind

1.How do i keep the system running?

After construction, all you have to do is place it in a spot where it can get sunlight. That’s all. You don’t need to charge it or anything like that.

2. What if I encounter a problem while building

With backyard Revolution comes a 12 months unlimited email support. Once you encounter any problems during the construction process, you can email for support and get assisted.

3. I don’t have a yard, can i still use this?

Of course. The system is so small that it can even fit into your balcony.

4. Can it power my whole house?

This depends on your daily power usage. Even though most people use the Backyard Revolution as a backup method, it can indeed do more. Depending on your daily power usage, you’ll have to scale up the solar set-up by adding more the modules.

5. Can i do it myself? I’m not a tech person

It’s very easy to follow. You don’t need to be into tech to be able to follow the simple installation procedures laid out in this guide.

6. Will it work during the winter?

Yes, even during winter there is the sun. The environment does not need to be hot for it to function. It just needs to get those sun rays and you’re good to go.


This could be just that project you need to take your mind off things. It can as well be a good bonding project with your children.

I don’t think you’ll regret the decision to join the Backyard Revolution. It will change a lot for you.

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