7 Best Archery Gloves [2020 Update]

Best archery gloves

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best archery gloves

It is indeed painful. Having to get hurt while doing what you love. Just yesterday I was trying to bring down my pot from the stove and got burnt…..though I love cooking.

Archery is an ancient art of shooting arrows either for sports or hunting. It is also one where constant practice makes better. You can already imagine putting those fingers through a repeated loop of drawing and releasing…..I weep for them.

But such things have never stopped us from doing what we are passionate about. Some people even go as far as believing they will get used to it. Well, some do but what happens to the others?

Archery hurts our fingers in two ways; when you pull the string against tension and when you release it. After a very short time of doing this without protection, you would start seeing blisters and bumps on your fingers. Well, that isn’t a big deal, I guess. But it doesn’t end there.

In the long term, it might lead to nerve damage and cause you total loss of sensation in those fingers. That means you stop feeling with it. Since you constantly bend and release your joints, count joint problems as one of the long term effects too.

Wow, it seems I’m here just to scare you. That’d be nice though but no. I’m here to tell you the best archery gloves you can get. It’s all about protection.

Do you need an archery glove?

Of course, you need one. You need to protect your fingers against the string tension of the bow when drawing and releasing. Today there are so many variants that it’s becoming difficult to pick one but that’s why I’ll be your hero today. I’m here to save you all that stress by bringing you the 7 best archery gloves.

The 7 best archery gloves in 2020

What I am going to review here is the best archery gloves there is. My decision was made based on several qualities such as;

  • Protection
  • Sensitivity
  • Dexterity
  • Comfort

Let’s get right to it then. My picks on the best archery gloves are as follows;

1. Damascus doeskin shooting glove

best archery gloves

It is a popular and common glove. From the name, it is made from doeskin which is leather. It is a three-finger glove as it only covers the first three fingers. It is suitable for both right and left hand….so lefties we good?

It is thick enough to protect your fingers but also thin enough to let you feel the string. It has a Velcro lining that helps you stabilize the glove just above the wrist joint. It’s annoying to keep adjusting your glove after every shot. Especially if you are flunking it(you will get better. keep at it!

It is very soft and supple. It has reinforced fingertips to improve on its comfort and durability as well. It is also quite sensitive as you would feel the string while shooting.

The Velcro lining is connected to the finger pad by leather both on the front and back. So if you are sweaty in the palm, this might not be a good fit for you. Watch out for the next one. The Damascus shooting glove is ideal for shooting anything less than a 50-pound string.

2. Neet Suede leather glove

best archery gloves

Neet is a well-known manufacturer of archery gloves and this one is a classic. The Veet suede leather glove is made of suede which is leather but softer.

It has a Velcro strap that makes it easily adjusted and stable. An elastic material covers the back of the hand and joins it to the finder pads. The fingers are covered by suede material which runs all the way to the middle of the inner finger.

It is very comfortable to wear and since it’s quite thin the sensitivity is very much high. As we will continue to see the gloves can be divided into those that cover the palm and those that don’t. The neet Suede glove does not cover the palm so it is good for those who sweat in the palm.

It is quite strong so it can withstand a much-tensed string up to 60 pounds. It tends to be pretty stiff when new but softens as you use it more. It fits both the right and left hand. Removing it when done is a piece of cake.

3. Archery Max handmade Brown leather

best archery gloves

It is a high-quality archery glove made out of cow leather to give you maximum performance and shooting comfort. This glove provides you with a natural feel of your finger against the string so it will make you shoot a lot better.

Anyone can wear this glove as it has a Velcro strap that you can adjust. Both the front and back of the hand is covered with leather. It is originally designed to be left-handed so it might not fit very well on the right……sorry my fellow righties, we’ll get the next one.

The fingertip is reinforced to further improve on the protection to your fingers. It can be used for heavier strings as well. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes so it can certainly fit you.

4. JKER TECH archery glove

best archery gloves

Even though most of its parts are made of elastic polyester fibres, the tips are reinforced with leather made from cow. This non-slip pad at the tips eliminates any pinching or discomfort. It is a three-finger glove and probably the most lightweight in that category.

The JKER TECH glove material is breathable and even though it’s not leather, it is durable. It has a Velcro strap to make adjusting and fitting easier. It is made for both right and left hands…yay!

The finger pad tends to be thick on arrival but breaks in after several usages. It is thick enough to protect your fingers but also gives you a natural feel of the string without distorting your aim.

It comes in four different sizes, so that gives you lots of choices. Measure your hand to know where you fall in before you order.

5. Mountain man leather shooting glove

best archery gloves

This is a hand-crafted three-finger glove made from premium cowhide. After a few usages, it literally becomes your hand because you can’t feel it anymore. It feels thick at first, but later breaks in.

This traditional archery glove is very comfortable as it takes the pressure off your fingers. The leather is thin so you get full-time sensitivity here. With this, you can control your shots more accurately.

One customer had the following to say concerning the Mountain man leather shooting glove;

…..it became so comfortable that I started wearing it for other things too.

It has a Velcro strap for adjustment and to keep the glove from falling out. The Velcro strap is connected to the fingers by leather both in the front and the back. The tips are reinforced to provide better protection.

Though it serves better for strings lesser than 50 pounds. It comes in different sizes and works for both left and right hands.

6. FITST4 Archery protective glove

best archery gloves

This is another polyester fiber glove. It is of high quality and made of lightweight and breathable material. It is a three-finger glove with leather paddings at the fingertips which are made from cowhide.

The leather will protect your fingers while the polyester allows you to move freely. It improves flexibility and reduces friction. It has an adjustable Velcro strap to keep it in place at the wrist. It gives you a proper feel of the string and great wearing experience.

It suits both left and right hand. The glove comes in four sizes, so measure your hand before your order. It’s a good glove for youths and beginners as well.

7. KRATARC archery glove

best archery glove

If you’re a parent trying to get your child an archery glove, this is for you. It is well suited for youths and children.

It is made of polyester fiber that is very soft and durable. The non-slippery finger pad design contributes to its grip, cushioning, and reduces discomfort. It’s easy to use as it has a quality fastener to help put it on and off.

It also has an elastic strap that helps adjust the tightness on your wrist so that it will fit. It is lightweight. It suits both right and left hand. It also comes in different sizes.

We’ve been talking about the drawing hand for a while what about the other hand used to hold the bow? Well, honestly speaking it doesn’t have a high chance of getting injured as the drawing hand. But it won’t be a waste trying to protect it too. There are also handguard gloves for them.

TOPARCHERY handguard protector

best archery gloves

This is a different kind of glove as it is not designed for the fingers. It is more concerned with the hand holding the bow. It is made of high-quality cow leather so it’s comfortable. It has an adjustable wrist strap for proper wearing.

Unfortunately, it is only made for one hand. And the left is more popular.

Best Archery Gloves – Conclusion

At this point, I’m sure you’ve already settled for one. As each glove has unique properties. These are the best archery gloves you can find at the moment. You can use them to carry heavy shopping bags as well.

Always remember to protect your hands.

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