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Millions of people have been fascinated by the concept of using a hoverboard for decades. The love for the idea of hoverboards originally stems from the popularity of the Back to the Future franchise. In 2019, you can now experience riding on your very own hoverboard. These don’t work exactly the same way as they do in the movies but they’re truly a lot of fun.

Today, you’re going to be able to take a look at the top ten hoverboards on the market.

They’re going to be categorized for your convenience as well.

You’ll see what our overall best hoverboard is, as well as what the best hoverboard for kids is, the best hoverboards for those on a budget and lots more.

If you’ve been interested in hoverboards for quite some time but have hesitated to jump in, then this ultimate guide should give you the necessary information to buy your first hoverboard.

Read on so that you can determine which hoverboards are the best. You’ll be able to feel confident when buying one of these when you know everything that they have to offer.

Just read to the end so that you can make an informed decision. All of the options below are good in their own ways so each of them is worth your time.

Important Considerations

It’s important to know a few crucial pieces of information before getting started. Hoverboards that were made several years ago have gone through many recalls. These weren’t tested as strictly as the options that are on the market now. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled all hoverboards.

For this reason, it’s very important to buy hoverboards that are being held to the strictest safety standards. The boards that are back on the market now should have been tested very thoroughly. You’ll find a lot of information about the safety features of each of these boards below. It should guide you when you’re making your purchasing decision.

These modern hoverboards are going to be very safe to use and you can buy them without hesitation. The recalls do not apply to the hoverboard models being listed below.

Now that you know this, let’s jump into the article.

Here are the ten best hoverboards that you can buy today. They’re all a lot of fun but they each have unique things that set them apart from one another.

1. Lamborghini Hoverboard, 8.5” Off-Road Hoverboard: The Best Overall Hoverboard

In all likelihood, you’re going to be at least somewhat familiar with the Lamborghini brand. They are famous for making some of the most sought-after and expensive sports cars in the world. Interestingly, they also make what is perhaps the best hoverboard on the market. This has earned the number-one spot on this list due to how excellently it performs.

This is a hoverboard that has been designed for the ultimate drive. What this means is that it is larger than most hoverboards on the market and is also significantly more powerful. This hoverboard is approximately 33% larger than most of the hoverboards that are being showcased in this guide. It is also twice as powerful as the other leading hoverboards on the market.

An extreme increase in power such as this means that this hoverboard is capable of a lot more. It is really fast as well and you can enjoy a maximum speed of around 9.32 mph. This has even been made to be a pretty heavy-duty unit and can hold riders who are up to 264 pounds. The power of this hoverboard even allows it to enjoy maximum climbing of up 15 degrees.

This unit makes use of a powerful 36V lithium-ion battery. It’s really convenient and it will only take around two and a half hours to get this hoverboard up to a full charge. It makes it easier to focus on simply having fun with your new hoverboard. It also has some other interesting features for you to play around with.

There is a built-in Bluetooth speaker that sounds absolutely fantastic. You’ll be able to enjoy music while you’re riding on your hoverboard. It is decidedly simple to connect to the speaker using Bluetooth and it gives you access to true audiophile-quality sound. The hoverboard also has built-in LED lights to light up the rider’s path (night rides anyone?).

Turning with this hoverboard feels very natural too. It makes use of smart technology that allows for effortless turning. The intelligent ride sensors that are being used here almost make it feel as if you’re skiing.

You can also feel confident that this hoverboard will stand up to regular use. This is completely UL2272-approved and every model goes through thousands of tests before being shipped out to customers. Lamborghini has a true commitment to excellence and this product showcases that.

If you’re in the market for a top-tier hoverboard, then you’ll be very pleased with this unit.

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2. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard for Kids: The Best Hoverboard for Kids

If you’re looking for a high-quality hoverboard for your kids to enjoy, then this offering from TOMOLOO is going to fit the bill nicely. The reason why this is one of the best hoverboards for kids is that it has been designed with children in mind. Adults can use this board as well but it’s going to be a perfect fit for the young ones in your family. It has been designed to be as safe as it can be and it even meets the highest international safety standards.

You will also be happy to hear that this hoverboard has very high temperature resistance. It is even fire-retardant, making it even safer to use than usual. This is a very strong hoverboard that can withstand some punishment without being broken. It’s tough enough to stand up to rough play and you’re going to be able to get a lot of use out of it.

Another interesting aspect of this hoverboard is that it can play music. This has been designed to work with a really good stereo speaker. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you’re going to be able to enjoy great stereo sound. It also has a really neat RGB LED design so that there will be colorful lights while your kids are riding around listening to music.

These included LED lights can change their color and twinkle as the beat of the music changes. This is something that can provide endless entertainment for your kids. They’re really going to think that it’s a lot of fun and you might be able to make use of it too. This hoverboard has been designed to cruise at 12 kilometers per hour for riders who are up to 220 pounds.

This hoverboard even comes with a convenient 12-month warranty so that you can buy it with full confidence. Overall, this is an excellent hoverboard option for kids. It has some fun features that make it a very playful hoverboard to own. It’s even tough enough to stand the test of time, making it a worthy purchase.

When you go to buy this, you’ll be able to choose from a few different colors. It’s available in black or pink. It should make a good gift for any child who is old enough and responsible enough to use a hoverboard. Consider this one if you’re looking for hoverboards for kids.

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3. CBD 6.5” Hoverboard with Bluetooth: Best Hoverboard for Those on a Budget

If you want to be able to buy a hoverboard but don’t have a lot of money to spend, then you might be intrigued by this offering from CBD. CBD has created a very full-featured hoverboard that is available at a budget price. This model that is being showcased here is significantly less expensive than other leading models. It gives people a chance to get into the idea of using a hoverboard without having to invest too much cash.

Of course, you don’t want to buy a hoverboard simply because it’s affordable. It needs to be a good hoverboard that will work well for having fun. Thankfully, this hoverboard has been made very well despite the low price. This has many of the same features that you have come to expect from the most sought-after hoverboards on the market.

This hoverboard has a very good built-in Bluetooth speaker. It makes it very easy to connect your portable devices so that you can enjoy some music while you’re riding around. You can also set up sound effects to play while you’re riding around, making your hoverboard experience that much more entertaining. It’s very easy to use the speaker and it’s certainly a nice feature.

It’s also important to talk about the tire quality. You see, you might expect that the tires wouldn’t be great due to the low price of this unit. Actually, these are fantastic tires that will help to provide a smooth riding experience. You’ll also find the foot pedals to be very comfortable and they have been designed using comfortable non-slip materials.

These foot pedals are shock-absorbing and you shouldn’t have any problems maintaining balance using this unit. It’s a very good hoverboard to learn to use, making it an ideal option for beginners. This hoverboard also has some really neat sidelights and headlights for you to make use of. It can help to light your path or it can simply enhance the experience to make things more fun.

The performance of this hoverboard is indeed impressive when you consider the budget price. This unit is equipped with a 36V/4.0Ah battery. It has 300-watt dual motors and it even charges very quickly. When it comes to hoverboard chargers, this one is nice due to the quick charging feature. It is also capable of going quite fast with a top speed of up to 9 mph.

As expected, this hoverboard has been designed to meet the proper safety standards. This is UL2272-certified and every unit goes through a thorough testing process. This hoverboard has been approved to hold riders who weigh between 44 pounds and 260 pounds. It should make a great first hoverboard for anyone who is looking for a cost-effective option.

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4. Spadger Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speakers: Best Hoverboard for Easy Balancing

Many people who are nervous about trying out a hoverboard are worried about whether or not they will be able to balance. It can be a bit tricky to learn how to balance yourself on certain hoverboards. Most people will take to it after getting in a bit of practice but you might want to find a board that is very easy to balance on to help yourself out. This hoverboard from the people over at Spadger is going to work well for your needs.

This hoverboard is incredibly easy to balance and you’re going to love how smooth everything feels. This was made using a special automatic self-balancing technology. This helps most kids and adults to get used to using a hoverboard within five or ten minutes. You can cut down the learning curve into something that is much more manageable when you choose to buy this board.

You’ll also enjoy the fact that this is an exceptionally powerful board. This actually has a top speed of 9.5 mph, which is ever-so-slightly higher than the majority of the hoverboards being featured in this guide. This is possible due to the 350-watt dual motor design. It should offer you the powerful performance that you’re looking for while still being quite easy to use.

You’re also going to enjoy the professionally calibrated gyro sensors that are used in this hoverboard. It allows for a certain level of precision and control that might not be present in some lesser hoverboards. This also uses a non-slip footpad for your convenience. Overall, you should feel very comfortable and confident when riding this hoverboard.

As you’d expect, this hoverboard also comes with a Bluetooth speaker. This is going to allow you to use your smart devices to connect to the hoverboard. Playing music while you’re riding around will be very simple and intuitive. You can also change the included lights in order to customize things to your liking.

This hoverboard is even available in quite a few different colors. You can buy it in red, pink, black, blue, and silver. This unit comes with a six-month warranty from the day of purchase as well. It’s a great choice to make when you want a board that is easy to balance on.

Buy it at Amazon.

5. HYPER GOGO Hoverboard: The Best Hoverboard for All-Terrain Use

Some people like to have the option to use their hoverboards on different types of terrain. Not all hoverboard wheels are going to be able to handle being used on a variety of different surfaces. If you like to take your hoverboard out to unique locations, then you might be best off considering this offering from HYPER GOGO. They have created a really nice hoverboard that makes use of high-quality all-terrain wheels.

The all-terrain wheels that are being used here make this hoverboard a bit more practical to use in different locations. You’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of your hoverboard and you can take it with you on your adventures quite easily. The performance of this hoverboard is really solid and you’re going to find that is incredibly simple to use too. It feels very natural to ride on this hoverboard due to some special design features.

This is another hoverboard that makes things very easy for new riders. If you’re afraid of falling off of your hoverboard, then this one might be a good buy for you. It also has auto-balance technology and is designed to make it so that you will not fall. It has sophisticated gyro sensors that allow you to balance more easily and it also helps to make using this hoverboard feel very precise.

You can count on this hoverboard to align itself evenly every time. You don’t have to do this yourself and it makes it much simpler to remain balanced on the board. Equilibrium is important when riding a hoverboard and you should be able to maintain your sense of balance without encountering issues. This is an intelligent design that many people are going to appreciate.

Safety is also very important and this unit has been designed to keep you as safe as possible. You’re going to be able to enjoy increased visibility from all angles when you’re using this board. The lights make it easier to see what you’re doing and even make it possible to use this board in low-light conditions. This board is also completely approved and UL2272-tested.

This also has a very unique look to it due to the 3D wormhole wheel and frame lights. If you want to buy a hoverboard that is visually stunning, then this is going to be among the best options. It looks neat and you can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can listen to your favorite songs while enjoying the cool lights that are coming from the wheels, making it a really fun experience.

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6. Magic Hover 6.5” All-Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard: The Best Off-Road Hoverboard for Kids and Adults

Those who want to look into more off-road hoverboard options will really like this product. Magic Hover has created an off-road hoverboard that is going to be practical for both adults and children. They have put a lot of thought into the design of this board to make it easy for riders of different skill levels to use it. In fact, they used some very unique ideas to make this possible.

You can actually operate this hoverboard in two different modes. There is a special child mode that makes it easier for children to ride on this board. This is good for any rider who is making use of a hoverboard for the first time. If you want to feel more comfortable while riding, then setting the board to child mode is going to be a solid idea.

There is also an expert rider mode which makes it possible to perform all sorts of tricks. This is going to appeal to the more experienced riders who have been using hoverboards for quite some time. Switching between the two modes is very simple and you’ll get a lot of use out of each mode. It makes it a more practical purchase for those who want to learn but still would like to have the option to use the board in more advanced ways later on.

The strength of this hoverboard should not be underestimated either. As mentioned earlier, this is another all-terrain type of hoverboard. This is being powered by 700-watt motors and it has the right amount of power to work on many types of terrain. The overall adaptability of this board is impressive and it’s going to be a great choice for anyone who likes to take his or her hoverboard out to different locations.

You should be able to feel very safe while using this hoverboard no matter what type of road you’re using it on. This even has a smart self-balancing mode to help you out. It makes it so that the board will balance itself out and this really limits the potential for you to fall off of the board. You should feel natural riding the board and it’s going to work superbly on many types of terrain.

This hoverboard also has the usual features such as Bluetooth connectivity and included lights. The lights help the board to be as safe to use as possible during low-light situations. This hoverboard has been 100% ride-tested and it is UL-certified. You’ll be able to buy this one with full confidence that it is going to work well for you.

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7. EPCTEK 6.5” Hoverboard: The Best Hoverboard for Amateurs to Have Fun

You might want to buy a hoverboard just to have a bit of fun. Maybe you aren’t taking things very seriously and you don’t feel as if you’re going to use the hoverboard all the time. In this case, it makes sense to buy a hoverboard that is fairly simple to use while also not costing a lot of money. This hoverboard from EPCTEK is going to be one of the most affordable options in this guide.

Buying this hoverboard will allow you to get a very fun board that is easy and safe for beginners to use. Even if you aren’t incredibly confident in your balance, you should be able to use this hoverboard to its full potential. You see, this makes use of a special self-balancing technology that helps you stay on the board. This means that you’ll have fewer falls and you’ll just be able to enjoy your time using the board.

Having good tires allows this board to perform very well in many situations. The tires have great grip and have been made using high-quality rubber. You’re also going to find that the footpads are very user-friendly. They have been made using a non-slip material that further helps to keep you safe.

This board has been completely safety-certified and it has gone through a strict examination process. The hoverboard battery, electrical, and charger systems have all gone through tests in order to be certified. This is a board that adheres to the UL2272 safety standards so you can buy it with complete confidence. It’s a stable hoverboard that is a good fit for riders who lack experience.

Other important features of this board include the Bluetooth connectivity and the included LED lights. The LED lights are there for fun and in order to light your way. They can make it safer to operate this hoverboard when it starts to get a bit dark outside. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing and where you’re going so that you do not have to worry so much.

The Bluetooth functionality works very well too. Connecting your favorite portable electronic device to this hoverboard is not going to be difficult at all. This will allow you to listen to the music that you love while you’re out having fun on the board. You’ll be able to easily enjoy what this board has to offer and it doesn’t even cost all that much money.

Buy it at Amazon.

8. CITY CRUISER Hoverboard: The Best Hoverboard for Durability

Anyone who wants to buy a hoverboard that is going to be as durable as it can be will like this one. CITY CRUISER has made a hoverboard that is not going to scratch easily. Many other hoverboards are prone to being damaged during use and might suffer cosmetic scars from brushing up against rocks or other objects. This one is a lot more rugged and it is resistant to scratches.

They used high-grade materials when creating this hoverboard. This allows it to be scratch-resistant and it also doesn’t fade. You’ll be able to use this board with increased confidence knowing that it can stand up to a bit of punishment. It should be possible to enjoy this hoverboard for a long time due to its overall rugged design.

This isn’t the only reason to consider buying this hoverboard, though. It’s also just a very good unit that has great performance. This is another hoverboard that has self-balancing technology for your convenience. This keeps you safe while making it easier to learn how to use a hoverboard to its full potential.

The non-slip pedal design is another aspect of this board that helps to keep you safe. The designers of this hoverboard have been very good about adhering to all of the safety standards that are in place. This board has earned UL2272 certification and has undergone thousands of safety tests in the factory. You can count on the durability of this board as well as its safety features.

You’re also going to get a very good Bluetooth speaker that will add to the fun of your hoverboard experience. Hooking it up to your smartphone is quick and you’ll be able to play your favorite songs in no time. This also has bright headlights that will help to light your path if it gets dark outside. You can use this hoverboard safely even if the sunlight starts to fade.

This is also a hoverboard that will work well for both children and adults. Most adults are going to be able to use this hoverboard very comfortably. It also has the right safety features in order to be a good option for the kids. If you’re looking for one of the best and most durable hoverboards with Bluetooth, then consider buying this one.

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9. UNI-SUN Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter: The Best Hoverboard with Bluetooth for Kids

As you can tell, the most popular hoverboards on the market now feature Bluetooth connectivity. Hoverboards with Bluetooth are more common than hoverboards that don’t have it. Even so, this board from the people over at UNI-SUN is definitely one of the best Bluetooth options. It’s also a great board for kids, making it the best hoverboard with Bluetooth for kids.

If you have a kid who wants a hoverboard, then this is going to be one of the premier options. Children who really love music or sound effects will quite enjoy receiving this hoverboard as a gift. The built-in wireless speaker is easy to use with your favorite electronic devices. Even kids should be able to get this working in a very short amount of time.

It will allow everyone to listen to songs while enjoying the hoverboard. Many people also choose to use the built-in speaker to produce sound effects instead. If you’d like to make the hoverboard produce futuristic or fun sci-fi sounds while you’re riding it, then that will be possible. This is a board that could provide endless entertainment for a child.

The design also does an excellent job of incorporating LED lights. There is a colorful flashing wheel as well as side lights. The high-illumination front headlights will be perfect for lighting your path if you’re using this hoverboard during dusk. It just makes things that much safer.

Speaking of safety, this board has been designed with durability in mind. It has a very strong shell and a sturdy structure. This should help it to stand up to everything that your child can throw at it. If you need a hoverboard that can keep up with a rowdy child, then this one is a great candidate for you to consider.

As you might expect, this board has been thoroughly tested and is UL2272-certified. It has been tested for electrical, charger system, and fire safety. It is among the best hoverboards when it comes to the safety of your children. You can buy this for your children and feel as though it is going to be safe for them to use.

They’ll be able to use it fairly easily due to the smart balancing system too. This has been designed to be convenient to use and it makes use of 36V/2.0Ah lithium-ion batteries. It also uses 300-watt hub motors. You’ll even be able to charge this hoverboard up quickly so that your kid can start having fun as soon as possible.

Another thing to know about this hoverboard is that it is available in several different fun designs. There are many appealing color combinations that your kids are going to fall in love with. This is definitely one of the prettiest-looking hoverboard options that has been made to appeal to children. They’ll love the way that it looks and it will always perform up to your expectations.

Buy it at Amazon.

10. VEVELINE Hoverboard: The Best Hoverboard for the Whole Family

Finally, it’s time to take a look at this hoverboard offering from VEVELINE. This is being marketed as a hoverboard that is a good option for both kids and adults. After spending some time with it, it’s easy to say that this is the best hoverboard for the whole family. If you’re looking for a hoverboard that everyone in the family can use, then this is going to be perfect.

One of the reasons why this is such a good hoverboard for the entire family is that it’s easy to use. The kids will be able to figure out how to use this comfortably and so will mothers and fathers. This makes use of a quick-learning system and a powerful self-balancing feature. It makes it less likely for people to fall when they’re getting used to using a hoverboard.

It won’t be difficult to learn how to use this hoverboard even if you’re a total beginner. This is also safe enough so that families can feel confident that their children will be able to use it safely. The hoverboard has been made using durable 6.5” tires. These tires are made from high-quality rubber and they ensure that you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride every time.

Also, this hoverboard has been put through the strictest tests possible in order to meet the safety standards that have been required for certification. This is another UL2272-certified board and it has passed all electrical tests. VEVELINE takes consumer safety very seriously and has placed a big emphasis on quality control to prevent problems from popping up.

Aside from the safety of the unit, you can expect it to be durable enough to last while offering powerful performance. This uses a powerful 36V/2.0Ah lithium-ion battery, dual 300-watt hub motors, and a quick-charging system. The charging system is especially nice since it makes it easier to get this unit to a full charge quickly. You won’t have to worry about the kids getting impatient when they want to go out and have some fun riding the hoverboard.

As a special bonus, you’ll receive a free carrying bag when you decide to purchase this board. It’s a pretty nice bag and it helps to make this purchase seem even more worthwhile. This is one of the top three most affordable hoverboards on this list too. If you’re looking for a quality hoverboard for the whole family, then you won’t even have to spend a lot of cash to get this one here.

Buy it at Amazon.

In Conclusion

Now that you have taken a look at the best hoverboards on the market, it’s going to be time to make a final decision. There are several options for you to consider and deciding which one is right for you might take some time. Truthfully, all of the hoverboards that are listed above are great in their own ways. These boards have been designed to be safe for you to use and they offer many unique helpful features.

If you want to buy a hoverboard that is great for beginners, then you’ll certainly have options. It’s also possible to find a fantastic hoverboard that will work on all different types of terrain. You can even find hoverboards that are meant to be used by the whole family. As long as you take the time to go over the options above, you’re going to be able to find what you need.

Which hoverboards are the best? That’s up to you to decide. You need to think about what you’re looking for in a hoverboard and then determine the best options to suit your needs. Have fun with the process of selecting a hoverboard and don’t be afraid to jump in if you’ve been wary.

The self-balancing features that many of these hoverboards make use of will allow you to maintain your equilibrium. You don’t have to worry about being incredibly skilled or agile. These hoverboards have been designed with average people in mind and they’re a ton of fun. Buy yours today if you’re fascinated by this idea and want to tap into your inner Marty McFly.

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