Star Belly Dream Lites Reviews 2021

Star Belly Dream Lites Customer Reviews

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Star Belly Dream Lites Reviews

Parents with sleep duty relate when I say that putting your kids to sleep can be a nightmare. Kids can be the most troublesome at sleep time and absolutely refuse to sleep sometimes.

Kids often need something to cuddle to, and a gentle light source to put them to a peaceful sleep at night. Some kids also prefer colorful and glowing nightlights or patterns that they can look at as they try to fall asleep to calm their minds.

Additionally, many kids are scared of the dark and hence have trouble sleeping in a dark room. In order to cater to this, many parents opt for nightlights and place them in their kids’ bedrooms to provide a warm and gentle light source.

However, not only are nightlights outdated, but they also can go on for a longer period of time (and obviously have no system to auto switch off) and this can, in turn, hinder your child’s sleep pattern.

To put their child to ease, parents also buy them cuddly teddy bears as hugging a soft toy soothes kids at nighttime and also put them at ease in a dark room. Parents often wonder whether all these multiple solutions can be combined in one product that can act as an all stop solution to help your kids sleep.

For all the troubled parents out there, Star Belly Dream Lites is the newest solution to help them put their kids to sleep and bring ease and peace into their nighttime routines.

The products in the Star Belly Dream Lites range help parents with their children’s nighttime routine and enable them to fall asleep peacefully. They also double up as great plush toys for your children outside the bedroom too.

What Is Star Belly Dream Lites? 

Star Belly Dream Lites Customer Reviews

Star Belly Dream Lites is a range of plush toys that come in five options and designs for your kids to choose from. When the stomach area or tummy of your kids’ favorite plush toy is activated, the tummy area acts as a nightlight and projects a display in the room to provide a warm and glowing light source to help your child who is scared from the dark and put them to ease.

Children can often continuously pester their parents to look under the bed or look behind the curtain to check and confirm that no boogeyman or monster is lurking anywhere in their room. Star Belly Dream Lites helps your children overcome this fear of the dark by soothing them with a beautiful projection while giving them something to cuddle with.

Not only does Star Belly Dream Lite’s range of products have a soft and huggable texture, but they also emit a soothing and glowing light from their tummy. The light acts as a nightlight and helps put your children to ease in a dark room. Children who have trouble sleeping, often find themselves mesmerized by the light emitted from Star Belly, and fall asleep just admiring the beautiful patterns in awe.

Why Should You Choose Star Belly Dream Lites? 

Star Belly Review

Parents should choose products from the Star Belly Dream Lites range for several reasons including:

  • Cute designs: The different designs that are a part of the Star Belly Dream Lites range are super cute and adorable. They come in fun colors and adorable designs that are sure to be loved by your kid and become a great aesthetic in their bedroom too.
  • Help in Putting Kids To Sleep: The products from Star Belly Dream Lites, in addition to being cute, are also very helpful for putting your kids to sleep. Their soft texture is cuddle-worthy and soothes kids. In addition to that, the nightlight emitted from the plush toy’s belly also helps eliminate their fear of the dark.
  • Great Alternative to a Nightlight: nightlights can look very outdated in your child’s bedroom and also hinder their sleep pattern due to the absence of an auto-off switch.
  • Doubles as a soft toy: Not only does the product help your child sleep, it also doubles as a soft toy and can be used by your child all the time during the day. Kids also love to carry around their favorite soft toy, and Star Belly Dream Lites allows them to do that with its products.

Features Of Star Belly Dream Lites 

Star Belly Dream Lites Customer Review

Star Belly Dream Lites’ range of products has a number of features that add value to the product including:

1. Range of designs: There are five particular designs in the Star Belly Dream Lites range and they include the Pink Kitty, Dreamy Dino, Magical Unicorn, Rainbow Unicorn, and Cuddly Puppy.

2. Range of colors: The fie designs all come in a different color to please children’s aesthetics and give them more options to choose from including the Pink Kitty in deep pinkish-red; the Dreamy Dino in bright green; the Magical Unicorn in baby pink; the Rainbow Unicorn in pastel colors and the Cuddly Puppy in bright blue.

3. Auto switch-off function: After 20 minutes of activating the light in the plush toy’s tummy, the nightlight automatically switches off because the child is likely to have slept within a span of 20 minutes and any more light could disturb their sleep. This saves the product’s battery and is also environment friendly.

4. Child-friendly: The products in the Star Belly Dream Lites range are child friendly and are for children from the age of 3 and upwards. They are made from 100% polyester and don’t harm your child’s skin or body in any capacity whatsoever.

5. 2-in-1: Not only do products from the Star Belly Dream Lites range act as a nightlight for your child, but they also act as a plush toy that can be carried around anywhere by your child.

6. Different speeds: You can also choose the speed of the light cycle and its rotation depending upon whether your child likes a faster rotation or a slower one.

7. Different color lights and patterns: The product has six different colored lights including White, Pink, Green, Amber, Blue, and Light Blue, and has three different star motion settings for your child to choose from.

8. Lightweight and small: The product weighs around 1.29 lbs and is in a size suitable for your child to carry around with them with its dimensions at 4.5″ L x 9.25″ W x 14″ H

9. Battery operated: The products from the Star Belly Dream Lites range are battery operated and you’d require AAA batteries to make the product work.

How Does Star Belly Dream Lites Work?

Star Belly Dream Lites works in a very simple way: When your child cuddles with his/her favorite plush toy from the range of Star Belly Dream Lites plush toys, the light in the toy’s tummy gets activated when it is pressed.

Upon activation, you can choose from any of the six different colors it has including White, Pink, Green, Amber, Blue, and Light Blue. You can also choose any of the three motion settings for the projection and light emitting from your child’s plush toy.

20 minutes after it is activated, the nightlight from the plush toy’s tummy automatically switches off as it takes approximately 15-20 minutes for your child to sleep as well. 

The plush toys in the Star Belly Dream Lites range are all very engaging and fun to play within themselves, even when you don’t consider their nightlight features. They can be an ideal plush toy for your child that they can carry around with them anywhere they go.

What Makes Star Belly Dream Lites Special?

Star Belly Dream Lites Customer Reviews

Star Belly Dream Lites is a very special product due to a number of reasons: 

Firstly, because the five different designs are absolutely adorable that is loved by kids and adults alike.

Secondly, because it combines functionality and aesthetics – not only does it help your kid sleep and give you peace of mind, it is also pretty cute.

Thirdly, because it really helps parents connect with their child at night. Parents often get annoyed and complain about how their kids trouble them during sleep time.

But with the Star Belly Dream Lite, you can be sure that not only would you get to see your child peacefully drift off to a good night’s sleep, but also really connect with your child as you watch them in the quiet hours. 

Pros And Cons [Star Belly Reviews]

Star Belly Dream Lites has several advantages or pros and the main advantage of these plush toys is the comfort they bring to your child. Their plushy and soft texture makes them an ideal toy for your child and lets them enjoy it to their fullest by cuddling and being with them.

In addition to that, it also acts as a glowing light source or nightlight in the nighttime for your child and helps them sleep by looking at glowing stars that soothe their eyes. 

Another advantage that these plush toys have in addition to soothing your child, is bringing peace to you as a parent. Parents often complain that they get little sleep at night because they spend most of their time at night putting their child to sleep who refuses to go to sleep at all. By getting this for your child, you can rest assured that your peace at night will not be disturbed at all.

A major disadvantage of Star Belly Dream Lites plus toys is that they cannot be machine washed. Soft toys often get dirty and need to be washed regularly considering the time your child spends with them.

Since these are battery operated, plush toys by Star Belly Dream Lites cannot be machine washed or submerged into soapy water. Instead, parents are recommended to spot wash them with their hands taking extra care that no water goes near the battery area of the plush toy.

Who Is Star Belly Dream Lites  Suitable For?

Star Belly Dream Lites Customer Review

Star Belly Dream Lites is highly suitable for the following individuals:

  • Children who are afraid of the dark: If you are a parent whose children are afraid of the dark, you’d understand the importance of Star Belly Dream Lites and the ease that it can bring to such children. By projecting a glowing light in various colors, not only it eases the fear of the dark in the child’s mind, but it also helps put them to sleep.
  • Children who have trouble sleeping: If you are a parent whose children have trouble sleeping at night, Star Belly Dream Lites’ products are for your child as the glowing night light combined with the softness of the plush toy brings added comfort and calm for your child and help them get better sleep at night.
  • Children who love plush toys: Star Belly Dream Lites are suitable for any and every child because all children love plush toys. No child would ever say no to a cute and adorable plush toy.
  • Adults who enjoy plush toys: Even adults who enjoy plush toys and use a nightlight can use the range of Star Belly Dream Lites products. It’s always a good choice to feed the kid in you and these plush toys are pretty cute for adults to say no to them.

Who Is Star Belly Dream Lites Not Suitable For?

Star Belly Dream Lites is not suitable for children who are below the of three. This is because, these plush toys also contain batteries and hence could be harmful for children who might consume or lick the batteries.

Hence, parents should ensure that while putting in or changing batteries, they close the battery casing carefully and tightly, so that the child doesn’t have access to the batteries at all. They could also be a choking hazard for small children.

Also, parents should be careful that children do not submerge their plush toy from Star Belly Dream Lites into the water. This is because since it is battery operated, it could be ruined if water goes into its system and become faulty or does not work at all.

Additionally, since it is battery operated and cannot be washed completely, children who have a high irritation or allergy from dust aren’t suitable for this product. This is because the dust which is likely to get accumulated in the plush toy over a period of time could probably annoy them and provoke their allergies even more.

Star Belly Dream Lites Customer Reviews

We have compiled customer reviews for Star Belly Dream Lites from all over the internet including, and the reviews are as follows:

Review #1 by Krysta (4/5)

Okay, so I was skeptical to buy this until I saw it on amazon. It took about 1 week to deliver and it was on time with the est. delivery date. The product is very cute, so far seems like good quality ( we will see, I just received today) . My child (3 yo) is in love with it she first fell in love after seeing it on the tv commercial and was thrilled to finally get one. However be careful the projection is very bright and can injure the eyes. Knowing this now I probably would have waited a few years for something like this. Probably a better toy for like 5 years and up first thing my child did was try to look in the projection if the problem continues we will have to regift this to somebody else.

Review #2 by justcruzn (4/5)

My son is 3.5 and he was THRILLED to get this light up puppy. He loves, loves, loves his stuffed animal “friends” but this one is extra cool.
I was a little wary to let him sleep with it at first after seeing how bright the projector light is and reading the warnings about eye damage and all. But my kid is an extreme rule-follower. He has had life-threatening food allergies his whole life, so he has grown up with a very healthy understanding of following rules meant to keep him safe. So that’s how I framed it. I explained that the light was very, very bright and could hurt his eyes if he looked right at it. I showed him how to lay it down in his bed, turn it on and switch modes. I reinforced the idea that, while the light is on, it’s not a snuggle friend. It has to just lay there. Because he can only see the lights projected on his ceiling when the pup is laying flat on his bed, especially, he didn’t question this at all.
The compartment that houses the electrical workings is accessible by velcro on the bottom of the puppy. It fits securely, and although my son could pull it open, he can’t get into any trouble in there. The batteries are behind a screwed on lid, and the component box is securely fastened in there so it can’t be pulled out at all.
The light show is really neat! And watching the lights across his ceiling really helped my son settle down to sleep much faster than usual, so that was awesome.
Overall, this puppy is a great addition to our family. My son loves it. And I’m comfortable that the risk to him from the lights is low because I know he’s very good at following directions and rules meant to keep him safe.

Price Of Star Belly Dream Lites

As detailed earlier, Star Belly Dream Lites comes in five different huggable and adorable designs, and each design is priced the same at USD 59.90 only. However, currently on their website, they have a flat 50% offer ongoing in which you can purchase any from their five-star bellies at only USD 29.95.

Additionally, if you choose 2 or more Star Belly products, you get in an added 20% discount which totals up to a 60% discount.

The manufacturers of Start Belly Dream Lites also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee because they are very focused on customer satisfaction. If a customer isn’t satisfied with their purchase, or feel that the product doesn’t perform as promised, they can always return it and get their money back within 60 days of their purchase.

If any customer wishes to get a refund and return their product, they only have to contact Star Belly’s customer service team that gets back to all queries at record speed. The customer service team handles their request from then on and makes sure that they get a full refund.

Where To Buy Star Belly Dream Lites?

An individual who wants to buy a product from the Star Belly Dream Lites range can buy it from its official website.

Star Belly also has a number of resellers and verified distributors such as Ontel Products who is their official distributor. Their address is 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004 and the Star Belly team can be contacted at 888-963-9867 or at [email protected]

They have multiple payment options on their website including PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.

Other than their official website, Star Belly Dreamy Lights is also readily available in a number of retail stores including Target and Walmart


In conclusion, Star Belly Dream Lites and its product range is an excellent tool for parents to help put their and their children’s nighttime routines at ease. Not only does the product help children fall to sleep, but it also allows them to cuddle and play with their favorite plush toy.

Also, given the auto switch-off feature included in the product’s tummy nightlight, you don’t have to worry about the nightlight being on an entire night as it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.

The products in the Star Belly Dream Lites range can be an excellent addition for your child in his/her nighttime routine. The products not only look adorable they also work very well and deliver as promised.

They make the nighttime routine of you and your child more smooth, fun, and functional all at the same time. If you think about it, it really is the best of both worlds in parenting. Click the button below to get yours.

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